12 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Waffle Maker

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A typical waffle maker
So you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you want something with real nutritional value and flavor…

Waffles, especially when made with whole-grain flour, are an extremely easy way to start the day on the right foot. All that you need is a good waffle maker, often known as waffle baker or waffle iron.

Here’s a list of 12 things that you want to know in order to pick and buy your perfect waffle maker:

1. How many waffles can it make at a time?

Modern waffle makers offer a large variety of choices. Most models on the market will make one waffle (with 2 or 4 slices) at a time, but there are some advanced models with rotators that can make two at a time. Being able to make two at once will cut the total time people spend, so it’s definitely a good thing.

2. How do the waffles taste?

What’s most important is the taste. Are the waffles delicious? Is the outside crispy and the inside fluffy? Don’t overlook some minor problems if the waffles are really tasty. (Hints: Read up some user reviews to find out more)

3. How long does it take to bake one waffle?

This is a very important as well. Most waffle makers take only 3-4 minutes to make one waffle. If it takes more than that (and if you have a family of 3 or 4), it would take too long to prepare enough waffles for the whole family! Most models on the market will not have a problem in this regard, but double check the specification sheet for a confirmation.

4. Are there any ready-to-bake and ready-to-eat indicator lights?

Some models have one or two indicators (one for ready-to-bake and one for ready-to-eat). These are neat features that offer great convenience. Is it a big deal to you if it only has a ready-to-bake indicator but without a ready-to-eat indicator?

5. Are there adjustable browning settings?

Some waffle makers have dedicated browning settings that offer perfect browning tailored to the user’s preference. Not all models will have this feature and it’s not essential for the overall performance of the machine. It would be good to have this feature.

6. Is there a temperature setting?

Temperature settings allow the users to bake the waffle to their liking: Light and fluffy or crisp and fluffy, etc.

7. Are the baking plates really non-stick?

While almost every manufacturer claims to use non-stick plates, some fail to deliver on the promise. If the one you are looking at has real non-stick plates, great. If it’s not, no big deal IF the plates were easy to clean.

8. Is the lid weighted?

This is a small but somewhat important detail. When the waffle starts to bake, it will expand and if the lid is not weighted, it can lift the lid a bit and negatively affect the cooking performance of the machine.

9. Is the rotation feature well designed for even cooking?

This one applies to models that can make 2 waffles at one. They use a rotator to flip the waffles for even cooking. Find out how good is the rotation feature of the model you’re looking at. (Hint: Read up some customer/user reviews)

10. Is it compact and easy to store?

If the model you are looking at is a compact and nice looking model users may choose to leave it on the counter to use it frequently.

However, if it’s a big model, you will want to store it away somewhere in the kitchen when it’s not used. Some models can be stored vertically, which helps users save a lot of space.

11. Is there a recipe book included?

Some models may have a detailed recipe book that comes with the waffle maker. Users will love the opportunity to readily access delicious recipes. Not a big deal but it’s always nice to have some extras.

12. Is it easy to clean?

And last but not least — Is the waffle maker easy to clean? If the plates are really non-stick, the machine will be very easy to clean.

If there are multiple complaints about this as you read through some of the customer/user reviews, you may want to look another model.

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