Bodum Bistro Electric Handheld Immersion Stick Blender

Bodum Bistro Electric Handheld Immersion Stick BlenderWhen you’re inside the kitchen preparing foods for meals or whipping up drinks to sip outside in the balmy weather, you want to get the appliance that can take care of a multitude of different jobs.

You want a stick blender that can chop or dice, that can whip up frothy foods or drinks or that can blend ingredients well. You can have that and more with the purchase of a Bodum Bistro Electric Handheld Immersion Stick Blender.

The benefits of using the Bodum bistro immersion blender stick, three things immediately come to mind: it’s easy and fun to work with, it helps make nutritious foods, and it’s easy to clean.


  • Model number: K11179-01US (Black)
  • Powerful motor rotates at 18,000 RPM on high speed for easy blending
  • Push button power control for easy, one-handed blending
  • Includes 3 stainless steel attachments to mix, blend and puree
  • Includes mixing beaker with silicone lid
  • Ergonomically designed handle for comfort and control
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This handy immersion stick blender is well liked by users, doesn’t cost a whole lot and looks pretty snazzy in the kitchen, thanks to the perky colors of red, green or orange that you can choose for your model.

While it might be called a stick blender and look petite, there’s nothing small about the way the motor can accomplish whatever you want it to do. For starters, it’s no slouch in the power department at 180 watts. That’s plenty of RPM power for any task.

It’s a two speed stick blender and the handle is non-skid and easy to grip. Whipping up creations is easy, thanks to the design of the handle that allows you to use only one hand to mix or blend with.

It has a push button start and stop that makes it easy to control. It has easy maneuverability – whether you’re using it for hot or cold foods, shallow or deep dishes or pots.

When you get the Bodum Immersion Stick Blender, you’ll receive a set of attachments. These are the blades you’ll use to do the food preparation and they’re made of stainless steel.

You’ll get a total of three different blades and each one is designed to do a specific job like the mixing or the pureeing or the chopping. You can prepare your foods in whatever dish you want to use, but the blender does come with a beaker.

What’s so handy about this beaker is that while you can use it to mix stuff in, you can also use it as a food storage container for whatever you’ve mixed up. It has a silicone lid and the bottom of the beaker prevents skidding.

The blender is compact, so you won’t have to scramble to find room for it – and you can store the blades in the beaker with the lid on for handy access and organization. Taking care of the blender is simple. When you’re ready to clean it, all you have to use is hot water and it comes sparkling clean.