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How to Choose the Best String Trimmer

string trimmerWhenever a weed pops up, you don’t want to have to pull out your heavy lawn mower just to trim it down. A string trimmer makes a much simpler solution. It’s far more portable, and you can whip it out for any number of small jobs without breaking a sweat. Some string trimmers can also be used as edgers; when you’ve finished mowing your lawn, a string trimmer can conveniently help to finish your task by clearing up areas where mowers are unable to reach, such as in and around shrubs, corners, walkways, fences and more Continue reading How to Choose the Best String Trimmer

Window Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Window Air ConditionerWhen summer temperature rises, people use air conditioners to lower the air temperature of their home. The simplest and most economical way to cool your home is with a window air conditioner. As the name suggests, a window air conditioner is a room air conditioner that sits in a window or wall opening, with interior controls. Interior air is cooled as a fan blows it over the evaporator. On the exterior the air is heated as a second fan blows it over the condenser.
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Juicer Buying Guide

Juicer Buying GuidePractically every health & fitness authority recommends you consume at least five servings of both fruits and vegetables per day because they provide good sources of nutrients that are absolutely essential for good health. Yet, most people find it so difficult to satisfy this need by consuming sufficient quantities!

Now, there’s a really simple solution to this problem. It not only can help you get the nutrients in fruits and veggies you need, but it can also make life more enjoyable… Continue reading Juicer Buying Guide

How to Choose the Right Family Camping Tent

Will a lousy or poor quality tent ruin your camping trip? But shopping for the right tent can be very confusing and frustrating as there are dozens of styles, designs, sizes, and features to consider. This article aims to help you avoid that frustration…

A few questions you should ask yourself before you go shopping:

1. How many persons the tent must accommodate? Your answer will help you to determine the appropriate style and size of the tent you’ll be looking for.

2. How much tent interior space do you need? You should take sleeping space, storage and comfort into consideration.
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How to Select & Buy the Right Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand MixersStand mixers are essentially mixing bowls mounted underneath an electric beater. The bowl fits snugly against a steel arm, which interfaces with a steel moveable arm that resides over the bowl. The arm houses the beater, which can be easily lifted up out of the bowl and levered down into the bowl.

Since a stand-up mixer is one machine, a chef simply combines the ingredients in the bowl, and sets their desired mixing speed. Hands are kept free to cut other food or continually stir a Cajun roux.
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What to Consider Before Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Shopping for a vacuum cleaner can be overwhelming as there are so many different types on the market. Some vacuum models look very similar yet prices vary considerably. This guide should help you decide which vacuum is best for you.

Things to consider

1. Suction Power

This is without a doubt the first thing you will want to know about the vacuum. Most vacuums have multiple fans (2 or 3) working in series that will improve suction power.
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Steam Cleaner Buying Tips

McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner
McCulloch MC-1275 — A very popular budget steam cleaner.
Steam cleaners (also known as vapor cleaners) are cleaning devices that make use of steam to clean, dry, and sanitize floors/surfaces. Cited as an example of green cleaning since these appliances do not require the use of harsh chemical cleaning solutions.

Steam cleaners are becoming more popular because of their effectiveness and the steam’s ability to kill bacteria. In some cases they even disinfect without the use of chemical disinfectants!
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How to Pick the Right Carpet Cleaner

You can either pay a professional carpet cleaning service for your carpets or purchase a carpet cleaning machine (carpet cleaner) and do the job yourself.

If diy (do it yourself) is your preference, here are some of the essential factors to keep in mind when shopping for a new carpet cleaner:

1. How well can it clean the carpets?

This may seem a very obvious one (and it really is), but the only reason people would buy a carpet cleaner will be the machine’s ability to remove different kinds of stains and dirt from their carpets. Continue reading How to Pick the Right Carpet Cleaner