Coleman 9949-750 RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill

Coleman 9949-750 RoadTrip LXE Propane GrillThe Coleman 9949-750 RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill gets rave reviews from outdoor enthusiasts as well as people who just want a portable compact gas grill due to space constraints.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect propane grill for home or for travel, the Coleman 9949-750 RoadTrip LXE will give you the best of both worlds. It’s a full size grill that you can use in the backyard, but it also collapses so that you can pop it in the car on a trip.

Coleman 9949-750 RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill

This 36-inch grill features 285 square inches of cooking space, so unlike many other portable grills you’ll have a full size cooking surface. When you’re ready to put it away or you need to cook on a countertop, the scissor legs can be collapsed.

You’ll love the ease of setup. The grill comes almost completely assembled. You’ll just have a few components to put together, and then you’ll be ready to head to your favorite camping site, tailgating destination, or even just your backyard.

With the attached wheels and handle, you’ll be able to move the grill easily from place to place. Whereas many portable grills require that you buy an extra kit in order to have the same portability that comes with this model.

The grill affixes to a standard 16.4-ounce disposable propane cylinder, or can be hooked up to a 20-pound tank with an additional accessory purchase.

The RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill has two 10,000 BTU burners to make sure that heat is evenly distributed across the entire cooking surface. That also means you can use a smaller amount of propane if you’re planning to make just a small meal.

There are also two pop up tables that will allow you to set down a plate or barbecue tools while you’re grilling. You’ll find that even though this grill is portable, it has many of the features you’ve come to expect from a larger, more expensive grill.

What’s the worst part about grilling? It’s usually the cleanup later that night – or even the next day. But with the Coleman 9949-750 RoadTrip LXE Grill cleanup is a cinch. A little soapy water and soft brush will clean up the grease and burners.

Because the grill has porcelain burners, there’s no need to season the grill before use. It’s ready to go right out of the box. If it’s portability and ease of use you’re looking for, this grill is a great buy.

Some consumers have complained that you can’t use the grill cover while cooking on this model – information that is given on the grill itself. However, the grill makes up for this by cooking at such high heat. You don’t actually need to lower the cover to increase the speed of cooking.

For its size, quality and convenience, the Coleman 9949-750 RoadTrip LXE Grill is an economical grill that will be a great tool for grilling at a campsite, tailgating, or even just grilling on the patio. You’ll love the ease of use and portability this model provides.


  • Portable propane grill sets up in seconds.
  • Authentic grilling taste, open-flame drip-through grilling.
  • Large cooking surface, 285 sq. in.
  • Fold-up stand with wheels that collapses down to a convenient pack-away size.
  • Two 10,000 BTU burners.
  • Two warp-resistant cast-iron grill grates, coated in porcelain.
  • Fully-adjustable cooking power up to 10,000 BTU on each burner.
  • InstaStart electronic ignition offers matchless lighting.
  • PerfectFlow control system provides pressure regulation for consistent output.
  • Tool holders and side tables built in for easy use.
  • Removable grease management tray.
  • Versatile mix & match surfaces… has grill, griddle and stove capability.
  • Set up dimensions: 46 x 18 x 35 inches.
  • Collapsed, the grill measures 36 by 22 by 13 inches.
  • Weighs approximately 45 pounds.
  • Limited five-year warranty.