Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender

Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand BlenderBlending ingredients can be the beginning process of some delicious food creations, but no one wants to drag out a full sized blender every time one is needed. That’s why the Cuisinart CSB-76 SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender is so helpful.

This lightweight stick blender can mix up ingredients in whatever pot or dish that you’re working in. If you’re at the stove and need to blend right into the pot while the food is cooking, you can use this stick blender – but you couldn’t do that with a regular blender.


  • 200 Watts of Power
  • One Touch On/Off Button
  • Comfort Handle
  • Detachable Shaft
  • Blending Attachment with Stainless Steel Blade and Blade Guard
  • 2 Microwave-safe and Dishwasher-safe Mixing Beakers
  • Three-year Warranty
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The Cuisinart is good to use in any size or shape mixing bowl or you can even whip up drinks in a tall pitcher using the blender. It’s super easy to use without a lot of different buttons or settings to figure out.

All users have to do is press one button to blend in order to start the blender and let go of the button to get the motor to stop. The blender has a comfortable handle that’s easy to hold, so users can mix ingredients using only one hand, while freeing up the other hand.

And while this gadget might look small, it actually delivers plenty of power with the 200-watt motor. Cleaning is a cinch with this model, too – because when you’re all finished mixing and it’s time to clean up, you can remove the shaft and pop it right into the dishwasher. The machine itself is just a simple wipe down job to keep it clean and ready to use.

One of the great features with the Cuisinart CSB-76BC blender is the blending attachment that simply snaps into place. The blade is stainless steel for sturdy, long lasting use – and the cover protects users against food and drink splash back. So you can blend sauces or soups or make drinks without making a mess. The blender is also handy to use when you want to emulsify.

The mixer comes with a plastic beaker than can hold two cups of whatever you’re making. The beaker is multi purpose and has a nice convenient pour spout for easy transferring of ingredients.

At 14 –1/8 inches, the blender is the perfect size for any blending job and the design of this kitchen tool will enable you to fit it easily into whatever container you’re using it with.

Along with the brushed chrome, the blender comes in bright, eye-popping colors that will look great in any kitchen. The Cuisinart has a lengthy three-year warranty.