iSwimband Personal Drowning Detection System for iOS

iSwimband Personal Drowning Detection System for iOS If you have a child who is new to swimming, the iSwimband Personal Drowning Detection System for iOS can give you peace of mind while she is learning. This is a sensor that can warn you of a possible danger with the water.

This system consists of a headband that your swimmer can wear (or, a wristband if you want it to go on their arm and alert you to them falling into a pool, such as with a baby or toddler).

It’s bright yellow and made from comfortable silicone. When your child wears it in the water, you’ll be alerted if she is under the water for a dangerous amount of time. Even when wearing the headband, your child will still be able to wear a swim cap and goggles if needed.

iSwimband Personal Drowning Detection System for iOS
You can set the time yourself based on what’s appropriate for your child. The device connects to your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth or Wifi so that you can get notifications easily.

The alarm is a loud noise so that you don’t have to stare at your phone during the entire swimming session. And if you have more than one child in the water, you’ll be pleased to know that you can add up to 8 bands to the same app.

If you have a little one that shouldn’t be in the water at all unsupervised, and you use the band as a wristband, you can set it to alert you when your child gets it wet at all. This makes it easier to keep up with a little one when you’re in a large group at the pool.

This band doesn’t replace your own ability and need to monitor and be very vigilant with your children, but it can provide you with some extra peace of mind – particularly if you have a new swimmer in your household.

In fact, it’s important to note that most drownings occur when people are supervising water activities. So this adds an extra level of monitoring that you can’t get from just having a visual on the pool.

Drowning is a tragedy that can be prevented if you have the right tools to do prevent it. It can happen so fast that even watchful eyes can miss the signs. If you spend a lot of time with your kids in the water, this is an essential lifesaving device to have.

You don’t have to risk losing a child due to a drowning accident. With the iSwimband Personal Drowning Detection System for iOS you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a monitoring system that saves lives.

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