Juicing with Omega Juicers

Here, we’ve 2 videos of juicing demo with Omega juicers to share with you.

The first juicing demonstration video compares the various styles of juicers manufactured by Omega Products. The first juicer featured is the Juicer 1000, a centrifugal style juicer which is the most efficient juicer on the market and is used in this video to create a juicer containing apples, ginger, lime and carrots.

The next juicer demonstrated is the Omega Mega Mouth juicer which is also known as a pulp ejector style juicer due to its ability to dispense pulp out the back into a separate collection bin, this feature allows for continuous juicing without interruption. For this demonstration we use the Mega Mouth juicer to mix a blend of fruit and vegetables containing apples, kale, lemon, carrots, and celery.

The second juicing demonstration video features the Juicer J8004 which is a horizontal masticating juicer and is used in this video to create a juice blend of pineapple, wheat grass, and parsley.

The next demonstration features the all new Omega Vert Juicer which is a vertical masticating juicer and creates a juice cocktail containing grapes, pomegranate seeds, strawberries, and apples.