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LassoTag iBeaconIf you’re constantly losing your phone, your purse, your keys, or other important items, then you need the LassoTag iBeacon. You can actually track up to 6 devices with individual tags and the LassoTag app.

All you have to do is attach the LassoTag to the item you want to track and then set up the app to connect with it. It will automatically connect to the app when you place the tag next to your iPhone.

You can create an alarm so that when the tag gets more than 50 feet away from you, it sets off an alert. You can get an alert through text message, a phone call, or just a phone notification on your screen.

You can even create custom ringtones for your alerts so that you always know when you need to pay attention to your items. If you leave your purse somewhere and get more than 50 feet away from it, you’ll get a quick notification so that you can retrieve it before you get further away.

This is a great device for keeping track of keys, backpacks, purses, and other items that have a tendency to seemingly walk away on their own. You can even attach it to a child’s coat to make sure that she doesn’t leave it at school or that another child doesn’t accidentally walk away with it.

For right now, this is only available for iOS devices, but the company reports that an Android version is coming soon. Those who have purchased this item rave about how much peace of mind they get from knowing that they won’t lose their items.

If you’re not sure where you’ve placed the tagged item, you can simply open the app and it will show you in real time where your item is. And the map on the app will actually drop a pin in the spot where you became separated.

Once you have one of these tags you’ll want to have more of them. You can purchase up to 6 for different devices. And the tags come in 7 different colors if you have a favorite color or want to use different colors for each item.

This is perfect for you if you find you’re always losing things – and it makes a great gift for someone who seems to always misplace their keys or other items. With the LassoTag iBeacon, you’ll never have to worry about losing your most important possessions again.

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