LeapFrog Leap Band

LeapFrog Leap BandLeapFrog Leap Band–The only Activity Tracker just for kids.

It seems like activity trackers are all the rage for adults, but now your little one can get in on the action with the LeapFrog Leap Band. This tracker is designed for kids ages 4-7 years old and comes in three colors.

You can choose from blue, green, or pink – whatever color your little one will love the most. It’s worn on the wrist and looks like a large watch with a colorful screen.

LeapFrog Leap Band

Not only will this track activity, but it will also encourage your child to move more. The tracker has over 50 challenges that help your little one move more. There’s even a little pet pal they can take care of and that will complete challenges with them.

Every time your child is active or cares for her pet pal, she’ll earn points that help her earn rewards. This tracker works a lot like the ones that are designed for adults.

It will measure all of your child’s movement – from walking to jumping to dancing. Every time your child has fun moving, he’ll earn points. Not only does this encourage movement, but the activities also encourage kids to eat healthy food and it teaches them about nutrition.

There are also built in experiences that help kids learn how to tell time – and kids can use the tracker as a watch, too. If you’re tired of your child being sedentary while playing video games, you’ll love adding this tracker to your life.

The tracker will give your child the best of both worlds as he gets to play games while moving at the same time. This is definitely designed for wear and tear and has extra protection to prevent the screen from breaking or shattering.

And the battery life is about three or four days – depending on how much your child uses it. Charging is easy with the included USB cord. If you love that your child uses the tracker but want to put some limits on it, you can schedule a school mode and night mode that disables it.

This makes it impossible to use if your little one happens to sneak it into his backpack at school or tries to stay up past his bedtime. You can also put the tracker on silent if you want your child to be able to play with it, but you don’t want to hear any of the sounds. The LeapFrog Leap Band is a great way to track your kids’ activity levels and encourage them to move!

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