Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor with LEVANA Powered by Snuza Oma Portable Baby Movement Monitor System

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is every parent’s worst nightmare – and the Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor can help give you peace of mind that if anything is wrong, you’ll be notified immediately.

This combines audiovisual monitoring with a sensor that actually stays abreast of what’s happening with your baby. When you open the box, you’ll find the Oma baby monitor that detects movement, which attaches directly to your baby’s diaper and stays up against her abdomen.

The monitor will measure your baby’s movement and breathing so that it can alert you if your baby stops breathing or gets too still. If your baby doesn’t move for 15 seconds, you’ll be alerted.

Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor

You’ll also find a video monitor that allows you to both see and hear your baby. You’ll be able to see your baby as long as you’re within 500 feet of the actual camera. And at night, the camera automatically switches to night vision so that the nursery stays dark, but you can still see the baby.

Some of these items plug into the wall, but the sensor that attaches to the baby is wireless – as is the receiver. The battery power lasts up to 72 hours before needing to be recharged.

With this system, you can sleep a little more soundly knowing that your baby is being constantly monitored. Instead of waking every few minutes to check on your baby who seems to be sleeping too quietly, this monitor will do all of the work for you.

This will give you so much peace of mind knowing that if anything should go wrong with your baby’s health, you’ll be able to come to her side quickly. And if you start to hear your baby begin to fuss, you can check the monitor to see if she’s really waking up or just moving around in her sleep.

The entire system is completely portable and can be used whether you’re at home or traveling. Because the system is wireless, it’s safe to use in any bed – including bassinets, Moses baskets, and playpens.

This system provides great value when you consider the peace of mind that it provides. Parents who have purchased this system credit it for their peaceful sleep. With the Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor that is powered by LEVANA, you can make sure your baby is sleeping safely and soundly.

Product Highlights:

  • Portable, battery-powered Oma movement monitor with no wires or cords; use anywhere baby sleeps.
  • Alerts you after just 15 seconds of no abdominal movement by staying in direct contact with baby’s tummy.
  • Watch and listen to baby using the Lila video monitor’s private, secure Clear Vu digital signal with 500ft range.
  • Use the Lila video monitor for up to 72 hours in power-saving PEEP mode and reduce how often you need to recharge your battery.
  • 12 ft. automatic night vision with invisible LEDs keep the nursery dark so baby can sleep more soundly.
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