Miallegro 9090 Mitutto 550-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, Professional-style

Miallegro 9090 Mitutto 550-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, Professional-styleThis remarkably compact Miallegro 9090 Mitutto stick blender features a powerful 550-watt DC motor with 5-speed control and turbo boost along with four blade attachments that make it equally at ease with frozen fruits, icy drinks, or steaming soups. When you’re in the kitchen to prepare a healthy snack or to whip up a dish or a drink, this is the kind of blender that’s going to do the chore fast and efficiently.


  • 550-watt DC motor with 5 variable speeds and turbo button for additional boost of power
  • Durable stainless steel shaft, whisk, and blade construction
  • BPA free chopper bowl and measuring/mixing cup
  • Ergonomic silicone wrapped handle for secure grip
  • Plastic wall mount bracket for space saving storage
  • Dishwasher-safe attachments
  • 5-foot long power cord
  • 15-month warranty
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It comes packed with plenty of features, too. The features for this blender include five different levels of speed so you can make drinks or foods effortlessly, without leaving any unmixed pieces in the mixture.

The Miallegro 9090 is user friendly and easy on the hand. It’s tough enough for any mixing job, but light enough to be used with just one hand – and it can handle a multitude of different tasks. This blender can mix or froth, but it can also chop, whisk and more.

Several different attachments come with the hand blender. You’ll get a whisk and a chopping piece that’s actually four different kinds of cutting blades. It’s these blades that do the chopping, dicing, etc.

They’re sharp enough to slice garlic into mince pieces or to finely cut a tomato. You can also cut an onion without it causing your eyes to tear up by using the enclosed part. The blades that come with the hand blender are also strong enough to chop up coffee beans – plus, it also has a turbo button that makes quick cutting a snap. When you want to change the blades, it’s easy to switch them out.

Operating noise isn’t a problem with the Miallegro. It’s a quiet running kitchen accessory, even when it’s handling the thickest of mixes. Whenever you’re using a hand blender while you’re cooking where you’re actually whisking or mixing within the pot, you want a gadget that won’t harm your pots and pans – and the Miallegro is safe enough to use because it won’t scratch your cookware.

Because the attachment pieces are made of stainless steel, they’re durable enough to handle both hot and cold temperatures – and they’re safe enough to stick in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

This kitchen tool is attractive, has a long lasting warranty and comes with a handy cord that’s five feet long – so you’re not stuck in one spot in the kitchen while you use it.