Omega VRT350 Vertical Single Auger Juicer Review

Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer:

PROS:Omega VRT350

  • High yields & efficient juicing – The Omega VRT-350 HD yields more juice than centrifugal models.
  • Superior freshness and flavor of juice without frothing or foaming, and none of the separation that occurs with many other juicers.
  • Self cleaning – This is a very handy feature that saves time. All you’ve to do is pouring water through to self clean the juicer when changing ingredients.
  • Compact with small footprint means less space requirement in the kitchen.
  • Clears excess pulp from the juicing screen automatically as it juices means higher yield and easier screen cleaning.
  • Easy to clean – Each piece comes out and cleans easily with detergent and water.
  • Quiet operation. I don’t mean silent. Yes, you’ll know that someone is making juice!
  • Long warranty period of 10 years.


  • Small oval-shaped feed chute (about 1.25″ x 2.5″) means you have to cut larger fruits in half or quarters.
  • Does not make nut butters.
  • Pricey – Costs about $400, which is $100 more than Omega J8006!


Overall Rating : 4.3 out of 5

Well, Omega VRT350 HD is a great masticating juicer with a beautiful vertical design. Omega VRT models are the world’s first patented juicer utilizing the Low Speed Technology System (LSTS) that allows the juicer to extract the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, flavor, and juice from a minimum amount of foods. VRT 350 HD is also the first juicer that automatically clears excess pulp from the juicing screen as it juices, offering higher yield and easier screen cleaning.

The Omega VRT350 HD Vertical Juicer is versatile too — It can juice a lot of fruit & veggie types such as apples, pears, grapes, oranges, kiwi, melons, pomegranates, spinach, parsley, kale, carrots, celery, broccoli, wheatgrass, and more. You can even use this machine to press soybeans to make soy milk!

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Omega VRT350 Product Overview

The Omega VRT350 is a masticating style juicer with a vertical design. This machine has the convenience of a centrifugal juicer, as well as the efficiency and quality juice of a single auger masticating juicer. With a compact design, the VRT350 take up very little space on your countertop.

This revolutionary juicer utilizes dual stage juice processing system to extract the maximum amount of juice from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and even wheatgrass. First, juice is extracted by crushing the fruit or vegetable. Then, before the pulp is ejected, the pulp is squeezed during the second pressed stage. This results in a higher yield of juice and a very dry pulp. The slow juicing speed of 80rpm also protects and maintains healthy enzymes, prevents oxidation and allows juice to be stored up to 72 hours without degradation.

The VRT350 Vertical Masticating Juicer comes with a pusher to push ingredients into the juicer. The hopper is conveniently located at the top of the juicer. Easy to assemble, the hopper attaches to the bowl, which then attaches to the base. The VRT350 also features two spouts and two 64-ounce containers — one for fresh juice and one for pulp ejection. You can also pour water through the chute to self clean the juicer when changing ingredients. This versatile juicer is also easy to clean.


  • Electrical: 150W, 120V, 60Hz.
  • Processing Speed: 80 RPM.
  • Warranty: 10 Years.
  • Dimensions: 15-1/2″ Hight; 7″ Width; 8-1/2″ Depth.
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • UL and cUL approved.
  • Includes: Ultem strainer/screen, two pulp ejection plugs, auto-cleaning brush, two 60 oz. juicing cups with handles, pusher, cleaning brush, and instruction manual.


    Omega VRT350 Controls
    Easy to use controls

  • Low speed, vertical (upright) single auger, dual stage masticating style juicing system.
  • Compact vertical footprint takes up less counter space in your kitchen.
  • Auger made of patented GE’s ULTEM material, which is 8 times stronger than augers on most other single auger juicers.
  • Fine hole strainer/screen made of ULTEM material.
  • Auto cleaning system.
  • Three settings – On, Off and Reverse. Reverse is an option to use when something is stuck or you need to unclog.
  • Two spouts and two 64-ounce containers.

Is Omega VRT350 HD the right juicer for you? Do you feel $400 (estimated only) is too high a price to pay?

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