PEAR Pro Training Intelligence System

PEAR Pro Training Intelligence SystemWhether your goal is to run your first 5K, complete a marathon or race your fastest time, the PEAR Pro Training Intelligence System will help you improve your workouts and it uses your heart rate to figure out your optimal training level. If you’ve struggled with improving your fitness or you need to carefully monitor your heart while you exercise, then this tool will help you do that.

If you’re already an avid runner, this system will work well for you. But even if you’re a beginner, you can use this coach to help you begin walking or running workouts that advance your fitness.

When you open the package, you’ll find a Square One device, earphones, a heart rate monitor that straps to your chest, a foot pod, a USB cable, and a nylon storage bag.

PEAR Pro Training Intelligence System

You can quickly connect the Square One device to your computer and install the software. Once you’ve done this, you can strap on the heart monitor and the foot pod, turn on your Square One device and get moving.

You can also add an iPod shuffle to the device so that you can enjoy your favorite music as well as coaching. The device will monitor your heart rate to help you stay in the right zone as you exercise for the optimal cardio training.

You’ll enjoy the variety of workout programs the PEAR will give provide. If you get tired of doing the same workout over and over again, this device will help you keep your exercise varied and interesting.

Not only does that make it more fun, but it also helps your body get the best training possible. When you follow the coaching from this system you’ll find that you burn more fat, improve your endurance, and feel more energetic.

You can use this training plan to prepare for your first fun run or to train for a marathon race. You can customize it to meet whatever need you have at the time.

Customers who have purchased this system report that it’s easy to set up and get started. They love having the opportunity to listen to motivating music while hearing the coaching overlap it.

This device will help you enjoy exercise more than you have in the past and you’ll begin to see results. If you struggle with motivation to keep running or challenge yourself, you’ll find that the coaching feature is helpful in this area.

With the PEAR Pro Training Intelligence System you’ll find that you look forward to completing each session and you’ll feel great about your training progress over time.

Product Highlights:

  • Optimizes your workouts, utilizing training biofeedback in an ultra comfortable, easy-to-use way.
  • Provides everything you need to train smarter.
  • Uses a wireless heart rate monitor and foot pod to measure your body’s response during a workout.
  • Delivers real-time coaching to keep you on track towards meeting your goals.
  • Earphones that feature the exclusive Earlock™ Retention System that uses seven contact points to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for even your longest workouts.
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