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Omega NC800 HDS Nutrition Center Review

Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer, Silver:

PROS:Omega NC800 HDS

  • Oval-shaped feed chute measuring 2″ x 1.5″ is much larger than the round feed chute of the J8000 series (1.5″ diameter). So larger fruits & veggies can be feed through whole.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • High yield – The pulp comes out really dry, thanks to the increased screen area.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • Versatile – For juicing fruits & vegetables, you can also make all-natural nut butters, baby food, soy milk, almond milk and a variety of healthy snacks. No separate attachments needed to purchase. Continue reading Omega NC800 HDS Nutrition Center Review

Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Review

Omega J8005The Omega J8005 Nutrition Center is Omega’s second generation horizontal masticating juicer. This model has a smaller body design than the older first generation models, with fewer parts to assemble and wash. It also produces drier pulp.

Please note: Another Omega masticating juicer model, designated J8003, is exactly the same machine as J8005 with similar features & functions. The only difference is the color —J8003 has a white body whereas J8005 is chrome and black, sold at a slightly higher price.
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Juicer Buying Guide

Juicer Buying GuidePractically every health & fitness authority recommends you consume at least five servings of both fruits and vegetables per day because they provide good sources of nutrients that are absolutely essential for good health. Yet, most people find it so difficult to satisfy this need by consuming sufficient quantities!

Now, there’s a really simple solution to this problem. It not only can help you get the nutrients in fruits and veggies you need, but it can also make life more enjoyable… Continue reading Juicer Buying Guide