Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive GPS Pet TrackerWhen you get home from work, you see that the utility workers left the gate open and your beloved dog has escaped. But instead of panicking, you feel peace – because you know you have the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker.

This device will allow you to find your pet wherever he is and allow you to calmly find and retrieve him. You simply attach the tracking device to your pet’s collar and then download the app to your Android or iOS phone.

Then you’ll be able to track your dog in real time when he isn’t where he should be. The tracker is also waterproof and swim proof, so it will continue working even if your dog has found a pond to play in.

You can create a virtual fence that designates a safe space for your dog to roam. Once he gets outside of that space you’ll be given an alert that tells you he’s outside of it.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Then you can pinpoint exactly where he is when you’re able to go retrieve him. And this is light enough that it can be used for smaller pets such as cats and very small breeds of dogs – but it’s also capable of being used for larger dogs and even horses that you need to monitor.

The system uses GPS technology and communicates with you using cell service. This technology requires a monthly subscription fee, but the service for this device is one of the lowest on the market and a great value when you consider the peace of mind that it brings.

The tracker will tell you where your pet is at regular timed intervals. But if you’re looking for a lost pet, you can switch it to the “Live” mode, which will allow you to find him in real time.

Other trackers can only give you information at time intervals.The battery is rechargeable so that you don’t have to continuously spend money purchasing new batteries.

You can take the tracker off to recharge it when you know your pet is in for the rest of the day or night. Customers who have purchased this tracker are extremely pleased that they can have peace of mind when their pets are outdoors.

Many people report that they’ve been able to retrieve a pet quickly after being alerted that it got out of the safe zone. If you have a pet that spends time outdoors, the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker will ensure that you never have to worry about him becoming lost.

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