V.ALRT VSN400 Personal Emergency Response Device

V.ALRT VSN400 Personal Emergency Response DeviceThe V.ALRT VSN400 is an emergency device for individuals that is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to send an urgent text or message to someone. Whether you’re a woman who loves to jog in the park, but worries about her personal safety or a senior citizen living alone who fears having a bad fall, this device is a great choice.

This is a very small gadget that can be worn on your wrist the same way that you wear a watch. In fact, it looks a lot like a watch. But the device can also be worn as a pendant or a belt clip if you prefer.

It uses Bluetooth technology to send messages from your smartphone. That means you don’t need any type of extra subscription service, but you do have to have a smartphone that operates with iOS or Android technology.

Once you’ve set up the device, you’ll be able to text up to three different contacts. You can also initiate phone calls so that you make sure the person on the other end notices it – and you can do all of this with the touch of one button.

Not only will the person on the other end receive a text message, but it will also provide your location to the emergency contacts. That means if you’re feeling unsafe far from home, your location won’t remain a mystery.

If you’re concerned about falls, you’ll love the automatic Fall Detection feature. When you turn on the Fall Detection, the phone will automatically send the alert when there is a fall after a 60 second countdown.

If you don’t want the message to be sent, you’ll have the chance to cancel it. But if you’re injured, you can rest assured that you won’t be left alone without communication.

It’s important that you keep your cell phone within 75 feet when you’re indoors. Otherwise, the signal may not make it. This utilizes Bluetooth technology, which has a large range, but does have its limits.

If you get out of range, the device will alert you so that you can quickly correct the problem. You can also use the device as a silent alarm by switching it to Silent Mode.

This is perfect for someone who is out jogging or walking and wants some extra assurance of safety. With the V.ALRT VSN400 Personal Emergency Response Device, you can feel safe and secure in any location and know that you’re never alone.

Product Highlights:

  • Summon help with click of a button.
  • Automatically notify friends and family – send urgent text messages and/or calls to up to 3 contacts.
  • No monthly fee.
  • Smartphone enabled.
  • No charging.
  • Range: Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows for a range of up to 75 feet indoors and up to 300 feet outdoors between the V.ALRT and smartphone.
  • Smartphone Platforms: Apple iOS and Google Android.
  • Accessories: Wristband and pendant/key chain included in box (Neck strap is not included).
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