Waring SB10 Professional Immersion Blender

Waring SB10 Professional Immersion BlenderProfessional kitchen appliances always stand out and grab your attention. They do that because professional grade appliances have a reputation for being long on performance and short on downtime or repairs.

They last longer so you can count on them. That’s why the Waring SB10 Professional Immersion Blender is a good choice if you’re looking to buy an immersion blender. Known for making the tough and long lasting blenders used in popular restaurants, Waring brings you that same great durability and reputation in this handheld version.

You’ll get craftsmanship you know you can count on. It can do everything that you want an immersion blender to do. It can puree thick soup in a matter of seconds. Using it to whip through any kind of thick batter is a job that the Waring is certainly up to the task of handling.

But it can also create great tasting smoothies, creamy milkshakes, iced drinks and more. It’s hardy enough to use if you’re into canning foods and gentle enough to use for something like making eggs.

The Waring has some really great features to it. This model has two different speeds for optimal usage when mixing or blending on high or low speed. The immersion blender is lightweight, with the grip conformed for the hand so it makes for comfortable usage.

The high quality stainless steel blade can tackle a variety of steps, making this a useful multitasking tool. It can even save you time, because it saves you steps in the kitchen. You can mix right in the pot or pan, which eliminates the need for further blending.

So you won’t have to drag out a blender and you won’t end up creating more dirty dishes or appliances to clean. The sharp blade of the blender fits into the shaft, which fits straight into the motor.

What that means for the user is that you get better stability and control when the appliance is in use. The blade guard helps protect your fingers. A long cord comes with the blender, making it convenient for you to be able to move around the kitchen when you’re using the appliance.

The appearance of the blender – with the black and steel – make it an attractive appliance, and cleaning up this immersion blender is easy because the shaft is removable. The material is both stain and odor resistant. The blender has a long lasting, powerful motor that runs quietly and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

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