Best Lacrosse Goalie Gear Ever | What You Need?

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Best Lacrosse Goalie Gear: Lacrosse is a game that is most popular in North America, which is the oldest organized Sport. The basic and essential requirement to play this game is to have a stick and a ball.

The stick is specially made and is known as a Lacrosse stick. A player has to use only this stick to throw to collect and to even goal the ball.

These are different versions of the game for both men and women. As it involves a lot of running; hence, it is the best exercise and athletics game.

Lacrosse Gear is a product that is reliable and cheaper at cost, and it provides the best products to help the goalie achieve its goal without any injuries.

The products can be found on Amazon as Lacrosse Rebounder. It has been designed for laxer for the use of laxer. The market price is much lower than 100$. What else could be better than this? They save from 90 MPH shots.

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Our Savings For Best Lacrosse Goalie Gear Ever [DEALS]

Bestseller No. 1
STX Lacrosse Shield 200 Chest Protector, Medium,...
40 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Shield 200 Chest Protector, Medium,...
  • Entry level chest protector for lacrosse goalies
  • Meets NOCSAE standard for chest protection
  • Hard plastic throughout chest plate and shoulder caps for increased...
Save NowBestseller No. 2
STX Lacrosse Shield 400 Chest Protector, Small ,...
38 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Shield 400 Chest Protector, Small ,...
  • Lacrosse goalie chest protector for advanced players
  • Meets NOCSAE standard for chest protection
  • Floating chest plate offers flexibility and mobility
Bestseller No. 3
STX Lacrosse Goalie Valor Shin Guards, S/M, Pair
163 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Goalie Valor Shin Guards, S/M, Pair
  • High Def Polymer, multi-surface backing for ultra-lightweight, low-profile...
  • Flexible rib design allows for air flow and a great fit
  • Removable and adjustable straps
Save NowBestseller No. 4
Reusch Soccer mens Alex Pant Goalkeeper Short,...
812 Reviews
Reusch Soccer mens Alex Pant Goalkeeper Short,...
  • 100% polyester knit goalkeeper pant.
  • Features a strap/stirrup on the foot to stop the pant riding up the leg...
  • This padded goalkeeper soccer goalie pant has extensive padding on the hips...
Save NowBestseller No. 5
STX Lacrosse Shield 100 Goalie Complete Stick...
97 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Shield 100 Goalie Complete Stick...
  • The perfect stick for rec-level goalies
  • Strung with 12-diamond semi-hard mesh
  • Includes STX 6000 30 inch handle

Being a Lacrosse Goalie is a simple definition of being strict, brave, physically strong, and who is mentally healthy and can stand in front of a tight ball.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Gear Ever

To be strong requires to be away from injuries, for that you need to wear goalie gear products. And choosing the right product is the first thing to do.

  • Common Injuries
  • Ankle sprain
  • Head and face
  • Knee sprain
  • Wrist fracture
  • Hip Fleenor Strain
  • Low Back Pain.
  • Lacrosse’s injury depends on the position of the players.

Goalies are most throne to the injuries. Hence it is required that they must be protected entirely, but at the same time, their protection gear should be light that does not restrict their movement.

  • Mandatory Lacrosse Equipment for Goalies
  • These are the following list of the equipment that helps the goalies for complete protection.
  • Lacrosse Helmet
  • Mouth Piece
  • Throat Protector
  • Chest Protector
  • Lacrosse Gloves
  • Stick
  • Thigh Protector
  • Skin Guards
  • Other optional equipment includes
  • Lexi shield
  • Arm Pads
  • Lacrosse Goalie Pants
  • Knee Pads
  • Protective Shirts and Shield

What Gear Do I Need to Play Lacrosse?

It is too significant and easy to purchase lacrosse gear, but in today’s era, it is entangled.

There is lacrosse equipment for apprentices, middle-of-the-road level players, and trained or advanced players. There are few brands to browse and several ranges in cost.

What Equipment Do I Need to Play Lacrosse?

Men’s lacrosse gear: protective helmet, stick, gloves, mouthpiece, arm pads, shoulder pads, ball, cup, goal, cleats, and rib pads (optional).

When looking to purchase quality lacrosse gear, ensure durability, quality, and expenses. Quality gear in Lacrosse is durable, lightweight, and offers you a level of control.

The three most significant sort of gear required is a helmet, a stick, and gloves. Men’s helmet is made out of aluminum, titanium, or chrome.

For some indoor associations, with five-player Lacrosse, this is all they require. To give you a visual picture, equipment, or gear insightful, men’s Lacrosse is practically identical to ice hockey, and ladies’ Lacrosse is similar to field hockey.

Brine, STX, and Warrior are a portion of the leading manufacturers of quality lacrosse products. The various kinds of lacrosse gear they offer give you a wide choice of items to browse. Women’s lacrosse Gear requires: 

  • Goggles,
  • lightweight gloves,
  • sticks,
  • Goalball,
  • goalie in full pads,

People need various sorts of women’s lacrosse sticks or other gear. Both men and women need their kind of stick, gloves, and head protection.

Ladies wear goggles and men wear helmet equipment. Women’s lacrosse sticks have shallower pockets and are littler. Men’s sticks are longer and with deep pockets.

Buying Guide: The Best Lacrosse Goalie Gear 2022

Best Lacrosse Goalies never take a step back; they are the most athletic players with harsh, brave, and robust physical strength.

Types of equipment are the essential requirement for athleticism, which keeps you away from injuries and keeps you healthy on the ground. Lacrosse equipment is capturing the advanced market from day to day.

Don’t stop yourself, just protect yourself, which helps the goalies score more with the protection.

Lacrosse Goalies go by the rules in which wearing gear is also a part of the goalie’s position.

Helmets, throat guards, gloves, and chest protectors are essential lacrosse gear, and sometimes some players even opt to wear cups.

Every player whether youth goalies or female goalies are ordered to wear thigh pads and shin protectors while playing.

Some of the essential types of equipment that are worn by the goalies may be male or female are throat guards, gloves, chest protectors, and sticks.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Glove

Goalie gloves are gloves shaped to protect all the fingers and even the thumb. They are adequately padded on the knuckles and the thumb area with the proper grip so that you don’t miss the shot.

Whenever a ball comes with force, it can hit any part of the hand, so the gloves are designed with the thumb, unlike other fielder’s gloves.

These are considered to be vital pieces of equipment as they prevent your thumbs and hands from the risk of devastation injury.

Goalie glove’s flexibility allows the comfort that most comfortable is your hand will make it easy to grip your shaft.

While buying gloves, one should keep in mind that the gloves should be properly fit, as the fitness of goalie gloves give the tension free from falling off of gloves while playing.

How is it different from players’ Gloves?

One of the differences between lacrosse goalie gloves and player gloves is the additional protection goalie gloves have on the thumbs.

Goalie gloves go with an additional layer of padding to hold hard shots and shield the thumb from breaking.

#1. Maverick M3 Lax Goalie Gloves

Maverik Lacrosse M3 Goalie Glove, White, Medium
7 Reviews
Maverik Lacrosse M3 Goalie Glove, White, Medium
  • Built on a more traditional fit profile with some additional volume in the...
  • The 37.5 Technology liner allows for faster evaporation of heat and sweat...
  • Ax Suede provides a durable soft and natural feel & the INHALER mesh palm...

Maverick M3 gloves are love! These gloves have great flexibility, durability, comfort, and protection, and are the best in design.

They give a proper grip to the ball without any kind of injuries. They have a three-piece cuff that is adjustable. They are adjustable.

They have Xfoam, which is super light and has maximum breathability. It provides the best and most comfortable grip. Has flow cooling ventilation for the best breathability.

#2. Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Goalie Glove,...
3 Reviews
Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Goalie Glove,...
  • TruVents increase ventilation to the backhand, keeping you cool when the...
  • Textured Nash palm provides improved feel of the stick for the control you...
  • Floating Cuff around the wrist gives you a protective advantage during face...

Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Goalie Glove is designed for the youth players who are progressing toward the goalie. It has got an excellent grip and is water-resistant, which doesn’t let you stop playing in the rain.

It contains new faux leather, which makes it soft and won’t get dirty quickly.

Its flexible and super light nature makes it more worthy as it helps to save the goals, and it’s very good for the young players as it makes it easy for them to handle it; this is the reason why it is called the king of goalie gloves.

#3. Warrior Regulator 2 Lacrosse Goalie Glove

Warrior Regulator 2 Goalie Glove, Black/White,...
1 Reviews
Warrior Regulator 2 Goalie Glove, Black/White,...
  • NEW Lock Thumb Ultra, built with high impact absorption foam to withstand...
  • Bone Protection backhand and finger protection layer
  • Ax Suede palm - thin, single layer of incredible touch

It is one of the trusted sources for lacrosse players. Warrior Regulator, a name itself, says war with ease or play with ease. It has New lock thumb ultra, which gives flexibility to the thumb and easy to play.

It also has high-impact absorption foam to redirect the force from your hand, so that a goalie does not feel uncomfortable playing and catching the ball. It comes in multiple colors at an affordable cost.

#4. [Beginner] STX Shield Goalie Gloves

As a Goalie, one must know the thumb is more vulnerable to shot, so to protect the thumb STX Shield gives a thumb guard.

It provides leading protection and an excellent grip and increases the performance of the players without any worry. It can be found in multiple colors. Get your team identity with these gloves.

The Best Lacrosse Goalie Stick

Previously the sticks were of wooden material or fiberglass, but now the heads are of synthetic material, and shafts contain aluminum material.

Goalie Lacrosse heads are usually more significant to catch shots, and the Lacrosse shaft is a little longer.

#1. STX Lacrosse Eclipse Goalie Complete Stick

STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie Stick,...
55 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie Stick,...
  • Updated sidewall geometry provides increased stiffness without adding...
  • New scoop design for enhanced ground ball performance
  • Ergonomic throat design provides a secure grip

Any level of player can use the STX stick, and the eclipse goalie stick comes with the STX 6000 shaft.

Sidewall geometry provides stiffness being light weighted.

Its new structure improves ground ball performance. The head is supplied with Dura Monster Mesh so that the ball passes very finely.

The stick is lightweight, so it is not recommended for young players, but adults can use it.

#2. Brine Eraser 2 Lacrosse Goalie Stick

Brine Eraser 2 Lacrosse Goalie Unstrung Head
4 Reviews
Brine Eraser 2 Lacrosse Goalie Unstrung Head
  • Strategic Core-Tech sidewall provides the additional stiffness and strength...
  • Offset sidewall improves accuracy and control for outlet passes
  • Available in 4 color ways

The light weighted stick is recommended both by men and women goalies. The core tech sidewall gives extra solidness and quality that is required by goalies.

It improves accuracy and improves clearing abilities. It offers a beautiful design, depending on the shaft on the stick, having four different colors. It is being used for years by men and women goalies for better performance.

#3. Warrior Nemesis 2 Lax Goalie Head

Warrior Nemesis Goalie Unstrung Lacrosse Head
16 Reviews
Warrior Nemesis Goalie Unstrung Lacrosse Head
  • Warrior's best selling goalie head of all time
  • Flared face design pushes shots into the center of the pocket
  • Ultra-rugged sidewall design provides durability against the fastest shots

The Warrior Nemesis is very light-weighted. It is a bowl in shape, a little more prominent on the broadest point, and is triangular, and its eclipse has a larger surface area.

It has excellent stiffness, which prevents the shot from being missed and helps the goalie get a goal. It is quite durable, and it is best for extreme weather as it is stiff.

There are stringing holes in the sidewalls, which makes it light weighted.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protectors

Chest protectors help the goalie to protect their chest from the balls that come with extreme force. Some of the chest protectors have shoulders and arm protection pad, which helps the arm and shoulder to be protected and safe.

It is essential for young players to have an arm protector and shoulder protector as they are learners.

Modern days, chest protector has inbuilt chest plates which protect the heart. The chest protectors are designed in such a way that it solves two purposes.

The first is to give protection as well as give mobility to the Goalies.

#1. Brine King Superlight Chest Protector

Brine King Superlight Chest Pad, Black, X-Small
10 Reviews
Brine King Superlight Chest Pad, Black, X-Small
  • Dual Density construction with ICS sternum provides improved impact...
  • Multiple break construction keep it form fitting and flexible, which comes...
  • Dual Velcro strap system keeps you in place

The Brine King Superlight Chest Protector is simple and dependable to utilize. This new design provides full pad protection to your body and keeps the body flexed.

During low saves, the body sometimes gets intact to the floor, helping to save the organization from specific injuries.

It has lovely padding and perfectly fits the body, and of course, it is budget-friendly with the multiple break Construction that makes it fit and flexible. It has double-intensity foam, which absorbs the high-intensity shot.


  • Perfectly fits
  • Extra protection with solid padding
  • Is budget-friendly


  • No back protection

#2. Warriors Nemesis Chest Pad

Another chest pad is specially designed for male goaltenders. It is designed and loaded with lots of protection by offering more protection to the front area of the goalie in a comfortable way.

The shoulder pads with the warrior’s new bone system, which is reinforced with plastic on top of a soft leather material that makes it smooth on the skin, but also hard enough to protect you.

Also, have cut wide at the neck area to allow the helmet without interfering with your chin guard.


  • Inbuilt chest plate for all-round protection
  • Straps and shoulder caps are adjustable
  • It was a floating belly pad to keep the chest protector in place.


  • Priced on the higher side
  • A bit heavy

#3. STX Shield Pro Chest Protector

It perfectly fits in the neck and provides the utmost protection to the chest, especially the heart. It offers full plate protection around the chest with the neck straps, which offers full mobility.

It also provides the proper movement of the body. It contains extra chest padding for complete protection, and it is light weighted, it also has the feature to remove shoulder caps as per convenience.

Its lightweight feature lets the player breathe correctly and gives extreme support. Its padding makes it the preferred choice for goalies.


  • Lightweight
  • Extra chest padding for maximum protection


  • Priced on the higher side

#4. STX Sultra Girls Lax Goalie Protector

STX Lacrosse Women's Sultra Goalie Chest Protector
34 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Women's Sultra Goalie Chest Protector
  • The first chest protector made for a female fit
  • Stretch zones in the chest, shoulders and stomach area and women's specific...
  • Removable belly pad for customizable protection

The STX Sultra Girls Lax Goalie Protector, as the name says, is designed for females.

It helps you to play for hours without any discomfort; sweat and heat don’t let you keep yourself away from becoming a great goalie. Its microbe shield prevents the odor and bacteria from building up.

It has removable belly pads and shoulder caps with the fitting design and is budget-friendly.

It ranks best for females as a chest protector. It can be stretched on the chest, shoulders, and stomach to provide better sizing for women.


  • Removable belly pads and shoulder caps
  • Snug fit with a contoured design
  • Budget-friendly


  • Nothing that we can think of

#5. Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Rome RX3 Goalie Chest Pad

Maverik Lacrosse Men's Rome RX3 Goalie Chest Pad,...
2 Reviews
Maverik Lacrosse Men's Rome RX3 Goalie Chest Pad,...
  • Segmented design creates the perfect 'drape' and the 'split' chest panel...
  • The triple density foams
  • ANAFORM chest plates are designed to manage impact forces while maximizing...

It has excellent protection, and more extended durability, and its comfort are out of this world. With the segmented

design that allows us perfect shapes on the other side, the spilled chest panel helps in the movement without bunching.

The ANAFORM chest plates help in managing the impact forces and allow free movement, and its 4- way stretch mesh back straps and COMFORT FIT arch allows to feel personalized fit to every player.

This maverick chest protector has a 37.5 liner that keeps you fresh while sweating by allowing the evaporation of sweat.


  • Lightweight
  • Offers maximum comfort and protection


  • A bit pricey

#6. STX Shield 300 Goalie Chest Protector

STX Shield 300 Goalie Chest Protector is budget-friendly. This Protector covers the chest with proper movement on the ground and is suitable for all level players with very little weight.

It is best for beginners, and it is covered with high-quality plastic with the best chest plate and shoulder plate. It fits almost all sizes, with protective equipment.

#7. Brine King Goalie Chest Pad

Brine King Superlight Chest Pad, Black, X-Small
10 Reviews
Brine King Superlight Chest Pad, Black, X-Small
  • Dual Density construction with ICS sternum provides improved impact...
  • Multiple break construction keep it form fitting and flexible, which comes...
  • Dual Velcro strap system keeps you in place

It is non-restrictive, with a wide range of motion having minimal weight. The chest pad is made up of materials that are light weighted and provides all-around freedom for movement.

The pad is made up of an aero-shield foam chest plate having a skylight cap inside that to provide higher impact absorption.

Its multiple breaks provide easy fitting, while it’s the adjustable fitting system that allows to customize the chest protector and also to keep the pad in place.


  • Padding is comfortable
  • Extra protection with sternum
  • Higher ventilation


  • Priced on the higher side

#8. Shock Doctor Lacrosse Fit Compact Short

Shock Doctor Impact Shorts with Carbon Cup...
5 Reviews
Shock Doctor Impact Shorts with Carbon Cup...
  • SHOCKSKIN integrated fabric and vented foam pads, secured by high frequency...
  • X-FIT BRIEF CUP RETENTION SYSTEM integrates a wraparound internal mesh...
  • RELAXED FIT exclusive pattern developed for ideal anatomical fit without...

Body parts are considered essential and should be safe. The ball can come with force and hit any part of the body and can cause significant injuries.

SHOCKSKIN fabric and foam pads let the body in comfort and proper movement. X- FIT CUP gives adequate protection to the cup with comfort and fit.

The fit is not compressed and provides freedom of movement. It also absorbs the shock in critical areas; it is worn by professionals and offers more strength in the form of plating and durability to the athletes.

It gives proper shape to the hips and the thigh region.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Helmet

A helmet is also an essential gear for a goalie. It provides throat protection, protection from head injuries, and face injuries, and can play well and smoothly.

#1. Cascade CPX- R Lacrosse Goalie Helmet

CPX-R has a Seven Technology liner system designed to manage high energy impacts effectively, and it has a hardtail custom SPRFit system to protect from head injuries and fit the helmet properly and efficiently.

Due to such excellent features, it is expensive but the best choice for the players with better durability. It also offers customizability according to your needs and is quite safe.

#2. Cascade CS Youth Lacrosse Goalie Helmet

This is a specially designed helmet for youngsters and players under 12. It has an ultra-light monocoque shell that protects the young players and the other players with proper fit and durability, and it is also light in weight.

Its sides are made with polypropylene foam cushions, which makes it easy to wear without creating any harm to the face. It has Cascade Protection with magnificent looks and ultimate quality.

It also does not hamper the player’s visibility. It comes in one size fits for everyone.

Lacrosse Goalie Cleats, Shoes, and Pants

These are meant to keep your lower half protected depending on players deciding on having cleats or not. These are as important as helmets, chest guards, and gloves.

#1. New Balance Freeze Men’s Lacrosse Cleats

New Balance Men's Freeze Lx V3 Lacrosse Shoe
47 Reviews
New Balance Men's Freeze Lx V3 Lacrosse Shoe
  • Lightweight fitweave upper with hybrid tongue offers exceptional...
  • Synthetic/mesh material
  • Upgraded outsole plate offers skid resistance for added traction on the...

It is made up of 100% synthetic material having a synthetic sole. The cleat is built up with Quixrail Technology, which is used to strengthen the X pattern on your sole and makes natural movements for the players with proper grip.

It also provides flexibility and friction to the floor with maintenance as it has dual-density TPU Plate. It comes in colors such as red, blue, black, and white.

#2. Under Armour Highlight women’s Lacrosse Cleats

Save Now
Under Armour Women's Highlight MC Lacrosse Shoe,...
479 Reviews
Under Armour Women's Highlight MC Lacrosse Shoe,...
  • Under Armour’s mission is to make all athletes better through passion,...
  • Where we started? It all started with an idea to build a superior T-shirt
  • The technology behind Under Armour's diverse product assortment for men,...

Under Armour Highlight Women’s Lacrosse Cleats are designed for women, which provides comfort and shape to the shoes. They are light in weight and give extreme support to the ankles.

Under Armour Highlight women’s Lacrosse Cleats are having UA Clutch fit upper wraps, which provides space for foot, so the cleat moves accordingly.

There is a loss of comfort in women’s lacrosse cleats as it has molded 4D Foam sheets to maintain the tightness in the foot.

#3. [Youth] STX Lacrosse Goalie Pants

STX Lacrosse Breaker Goalie Pants
81 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Breaker Goalie Pants
  • Made of form-fitting, low-profile spandex and shock-stopping, low rebound...
  • Features an elastic waistband for comfort and flexibility
  • Offers better fit and more breathability

Youth STX Lacrosse Goalie Pants are one of the most beautiful designs for youths or entry-level players. It gives protection to the upper leg.

It provides complete protection to the quads area, hamstrings area, and jock area. They are again very light weighted and save you during the game from significant injuries.

Sweats are also a big No with these pants, It comes in various sizes, and these lacrosse goalie pants are the primary goals to buy and save yourself from getting hit by a ball.

It fits everyone and gives comfort to the players with flexible movement during the play. Go for the pants without any second thought in mind.

#4. Warrior Burn Lacrosse Leg Pants

Warrior burn leg pants provide flexibility and comfort to the players and additional protection to certain areas. It comes with a cover for the cup and gives padding to the hips, thighs, quads, and outer leg area.

These are designed with light-weighted VPS foam, which offers the utmost protection from the shots. The movement is very feasible as the foam is not there in the inner thighs. It comes in various sizes and fits very well.

Warrior Universal Goalie Throat Guard

Warrior also produces a throat protector that works for lacrosse goalies with more colors than the Cascade model. One can find it in red, blue, clear, yellow, and green. The Warrior Goalie Throat Kit is made to fit in every helmet and is attached to your helmet with string or zip ties.

Therefore, In comparison to the Cascade throat protector, this is difficult to find.

#1. Cascade Lacrosse Goalie Throat Guard

Cascade Throat Guard TPC2 11
23 Reviews
Cascade Throat Guard TPC2 11
  • The Lexan Throat Piece by Cascade.
  • Orders shipping outside the US are subject to customs fees.

One of the best guards in the market, specifically for the players at any level. It gets attached to the helmet through nuts and bolts.

It is the safest neck guard till now as it does not trap your neck with any discomfort; it is long-lasting and durable.

#2. Brine Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards

Brine Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guard
35 Reviews
Brine Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guard
  • Flex-point hard-shell plates provide maximum protection and improved...
  • No-slip grip holds the guard in place during play
  • Velcro strap system provides maximum venting

Shin Pads are mostly worn by youth or female players. It has a fixed size that fits all and easily wraps around and easily gets detached. It is sweat-free and does not create skin itchiness. It comes at an affordable price and weighs very lightly.

#3. Soccer Shin Guards

Franklin Sports Soccer Shin Guards for Youth +...
3,286 Reviews
Franklin Sports Soccer Shin Guards for Youth +...
  • Medium: up to 5' 3", Ages 6-12 years
  • Lightweight construction with distinctive chrome accented design
  • High density abrasion resistant shield, Symmetrical design provides...

They are the lightest, offering the least amount of protection. Soccer shin guards don’t cover the knee and also depending on the style of soccer shin guards one can use, sometimes they may not cover the ankle parts.

But they always cover from taking a hard shot directly to the shin bone.

Lacrosse Goalie Elbow Pads:

Elbow pants provide protection to the elbow area, which is more important for youth players.

They are not expensive and bulky in weight, They can be easily carried and flexible, and you can move your elbow in a more excellent way.

#1. Shock Doctor Lacrosse Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Max Airflow 2.0 Lip Guard / Mouth...
4,751 Reviews
Shock Doctor Max Airflow 2.0 Lip Guard / Mouth...
  • PROTECTION – Meets national and state regulation. Reinforced outer frame...
  • COMFORT - The updated design and platform relax the jaw and prevent teeth...
  • BREATHABILITY - The Max Airflow is the Oxygen King of all the lipguards....

Mouth Guard keeps your teeth and mouth safe, and it absorbs the shock that comes from a hit ball.

They are very comfortable and can easily be molded. The exoskeletal shock frame protects the mouth from the blows, and it is safe for the mouth.

This equipment is essential for a goalie because self-protection is more important than anything else and never restrict yourself from playing the game due to fear of injuries.

These goalie gears give you full protection with proper flexibility and performance.  

#2. Goalie Goal Cup and supporter Jack

Vaughn VGC SLR Pro Hockey Goalie Cup (Junior)
4 Reviews
Vaughn VGC SLR Pro Hockey Goalie Cup (Junior)
  • HD foam top waist for more impact resistance
  • Side leg bumpers to add comfort
  • Light weight Aero-spacer mesh body for ventilation and quick drying

These are reinforced goalie jack that provides the utmost protection as the goalie cups have protective waistbands to protect the groin area above the cup but still below your chest pad.

Goalie Shaft

To make the stick light and user-friendly, the lacrosse stick shaft should be made up of light material.

At the same time, it should be strong enough to withstand all the pressure during the game.

The String king metal tools are one of the best shaft options available it is light strong and durable with 142 g weight.

What to Search for in Lacrosse Goalie Gloves?

At the point when one has to purchase another (or utilized) pair of goalie gloves, here are the variables that you ought to consider:

Protection :

goalie gloves offer extra security from hand wounds. As various kinds of gloves offer various degrees of security.


The life span depends on the care they have been taken.


Lacrosse goalie gloves always need to be appropriately fit against your hands and fingers.


Lacrosse gloves are the ones an offer high protection and comfort.


Price is a genuine factor need to consider when choosing a couple of gloves.

The main five reasons behind the development of the game its existence are:

  • Summer Lacrosse
  • Youth Lacrosse
  • Ladies’ Lacrosse
  • Global Lacrosse
  • Lacrosse Tradition

Final Words

For many Goalies, flexibility and free movement matter the most. Lacrosse Goalies’ equipment may feel restricted when used for the first time, but it is imperative to wear this protection here while playing these games.

To protect themselves. The best equipment is one that serves the truly essential functions. It should be cost-effective and should be light enough and provide flexibility to the Goalies. 

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