Best Lacrosse Sticks 2022 | Who’s Worth The Hype?

Best Lacrosse Sticks 2022 / Whos Worth The Hype

Best Lacrosse Sticks: With an ever-expanding line of new lacrosse sticks every season, choosing a Lacrosse stick can be overwhelming.

Each company tries to bombard you with “lax specs” and the “newest best feature” that will improve your game which ultimately does nothing more than cloud your ability to make a decision.

Here I will outline some qualities that may help you choose a great wand.

One of the first points you will want to examine is the lacrosse head specifications.

On January 1st, 2010, the NCAA instituted a new rule that affects lacrosse head dimensions in men’s games officiated under National Collegiate Athletic Association and Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association rules.

After this new rule, lacrosse companies have created a few heads that are only legal for NCAA play.

Are You Looking for a Lacrosse Stick? here are tips on how to choose lacrosse sticks. This is something that you must be aware of when purchasing a Lacrosse stick because this will affect whether you are allowed to use it in the game.

Everyone has watched it, been amazed by it, and thought it looked like fun. Lacrosse is a team sport that requires a fast pace and quick judgment.

Savings For Best Lacrosse Sticks 2022 [DEALS]

Bestseller No. 1
Franklin Sports Boys + Mens Lacrosse Sticks -...
51 Reviews
Franklin Sports Boys + Mens Lacrosse Sticks -...
  • MIDFIELD/ATTACK LACROSSE STICK: Constructed with a 30" shaft this stick is...
  • NEO-GRIP SURFACE TEXTURE: The shaft is designed with our Neo-Grip surface...
  • ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: The lightweight aluminum construction helps players...
Bestseller No. 2
STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with...
1,056 Reviews
STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with...
  • Two pack of FiddleSTX for fun mini lacrosse play any time
  • Perfect for kids and young players
  • 30" miniature stick 2-pack with mesh pocket and safe plastic handle
Bestseller No. 3
Franklin Sports 32in Youth Practice Lacrosse Stick...
211 Reviews
Franklin Sports 32in Youth Practice Lacrosse Stick...
  • LEARN TO PLAY: The Franklin Future Champs kids lacrosse 2 stick and ball...
  • FEATURES A FULL COLOR, VIBRANT GRAPHIC WRAP applied to each shaft, bringing...
Bestseller No. 4
STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Boys Complete Stick...
945 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Boys Complete Stick...
  • The STX Stallion 200 boys complete stick is specifically designed to...
  • Inspired by the elite STX men’s Stallion U550 head and includes soft mesh...
  • Complete stick only - includes new STX 6000 series alloy handle featuring...
Bestseller No. 5
STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete...
899 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete...
  • Inspired by the elite Stallion 550 head
  • Head is molded with softer material to provide a forgiving response. Not...
  • Includes shorter and thinner handle for easier handling Designed to help...

Each team consists of 10-12 players (10 men or 12 women) who use netted sticks to control a rubber ball. The object of Lacrosse is to score by guiding the rubber ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Full List of Best Complete Lacrosse Sticks in 2022

There are many types of Women’s lacrosse sticks from which to choose at different levels.

Depending on where you are in your level of play or league, you must have a lacrosse stick. Ensure that you know the specifications for your sticks by checking with the league you play in.

Best Youth Lacrosse Sticks for Kids

You can customize your sticks to match any design or style. Depending on the position you play there is a certain type of lacrosse stick available that fits that position perfectly.

When buying sticks, think about the flex points, too. Flex points, like in golf, is the ability of the shaft to bend.

A stronger flex point means a player has less ability to hit an accurate pass, while a softer flex point allows players to pass it further, shoot it faster, or make it more accurate.

The one who determines the comfort level of the flex point is the player.

#1. STX Stallion 50 Junior Complete Stick

STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete...
899 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete...
  • Inspired by the elite Stallion 550 head
  • Head is molded with softer material to provide a forgiving response. Not...
  • Includes shorter and thinner handle for easier handling Designed to help...

The stringer is considered one of the best STX lacrosse sticks for kids that one can buy from the other collection of awesome lacrosse sticks.

Its shorter length makes it easy for a young player to play. The stock has a thinner shaft which improves the grip on the stick and makes passing and catching the ball easy for the player.

For easy catching, the lacrosse head comes with a soft net. It is not recommended for the student studying in NCAA or high school play.

The Stallion 50 is a good lacrosse stick for kids and short people. The Head of the Stallion 50 is inspired by the Stallion 500’s head. STX Stallion 50 is made for attackers.

It is a fantastic beginner stick for male kids. Stallion 50 comes with a thin handle that makes a huge difference in handling the stick for kids. Boys of age 7-10 will love this lacrosse stick.

Other sticks in this range have a pretty wide handle, making it difficult for the hands of a kid to handle. Surprisingly, Stallion 50 evades this problem.

The Head of the Stallion 50 is made of high-quality plastic. The sidewall and scoop are well designed. Since this is made for attackers, the sidewall is flexible and the pocket is shallow.

Head of the Stallion 50 is made of high-quality plastic. The sidewall and scoop are well designed. Since this is made for attackers, the sidewall is flexible and the pocket is shallow.

#2. Warrior Mako Junior Stick

Warrior Mako Jr. - Youth Lacrosse Stick (Small...
50 Reviews
Warrior Mako Jr. - Youth Lacrosse Stick (Small...
  • Downsized version of a lacrosse stick for youth play.
  • Shorter stick length at 37 1/2"
  • Smaller diameter handle to fit younger players.

The Warrior Jr. Mako lacrosse stick is important for the young boy lacrosse player. Most of the youth players were used to learning with a full-sized boy’s lacrosse stick but since this newly designed Mako Jr.

The stock has decreased the length of the shaft, as well as the diameter of the shaft handle.

The changes allow young men, and youth players to get familiar with the aptitudes important to play the game, while not fighting to utilize a stick that was not intended for them making it easy to upgrade. It is to the full-sized lacrosse sticks when the player has grown.

Best Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners & Intermediate

The sport of lacrosse requires some unique skills and techniques of its players because of the nature of the equipment used to play.

Therefore, practices must cover a wide variety of lacrosse drills and skills to allow players a chance at mastering throwing, catching, shooting, dodging, and cradling.

These lacrosse drills and skills should be presented clearly, breaking them down and demonstrating them fully before allowing players a chance to try.

It is also up to the coach to give each drill or skill a context within a game situation so that players know where to apply this new knowledge.

#1. STX Stallion 200 U Beginner

Overall, STX Stallion 200 U is the best lacrosse for kids aged 10-12 years. It is a well-designed product for beginners. The only thing I feel odd about this stick is its higher whip.

Many people love to higher “Whip” levels. But for a beginner’s lacrosse stick, too much whip can ruin the chances to learn the proper game.

Surprisingly, any local shop technician can adjust the whip in minutes. Overall, STX Stallion 200 U is one of the best sticks for starters playing in the midfield.

The STX stallion 200 has all the design features of the Stallion 500 lacrosse stick but at an affordable price. The STX stallion 200 is the best buy for beginners and also for intermediate players.

As these players are still in the learning phases hence it is not at all a good decision to go for the original lacrosse sticks as they are very costly.

Since STX 200 has all the design features of the STX 500 which makes it is game-ready at a reduced price.

The STX 200 is a great option for learning as its features allow a player to have great control of the stick and help a new player to learn the game skills like throwing, catching, and also passing.

This helps them to boost their confidence.

#2. Warrior Rabil NXT 2 Beginner Stick

Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick, Black, 40.5'
20 Reviews
Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick, Black, 40.5"
  • The next generation of complete sticks
  • The head features ez-scoop design for easy ground ball pickups
  • New graphics Straight from the mind of mll all-star paul rabil

This stick is suitable for the intermediate player. As the low sidewalls and the widened scoop increase, the area for picking ground balls and the stick graphic and design also make it a pleasant look for the boy’s player.

#3. Warrior Evo Next Complete Lax Stick

Evo Warp Next Stick
7 Reviews
Evo Warp Next Stick
  • Universal Head Meets all League Rules, 30" Alloy Shaft. 40" Total Length...

This is the best-recommended stick for women who is still an intermediate player.

However, saying so does not mean that an advanced player cannot use this stick. The features like low offset sidewalls that allow deeper pocket is perfectly designed for the women’s game.

As the rules for the women’s game do not allow for physical contact hence it is required a deeper pocket.

The stick also provides a comfortable grip on the shaft that gives the player good control of the stick.

#4. Maverik Charger Intermediate Lacrosse Stick

Maverik Lacrosse Charger Complete Stick
18 Reviews
Maverik Lacrosse Charger Complete Stick
  • Level 3 Bottom Rail for the perfect blend of power & accuracy
  • Increased catching surface at the top & narrow throat for added ball...
  • Complete with a 6000 series aluminum shaft with GRIP ZONE technology

Many beginners like the Maverick Charger which is a full-sized, entry-level lacrosse stick.

This is a full-sized lacrosse stick and can be used by an intermediate player who wants to improve his skills but at the same time does not want to spend a huge sum on purchasing the stick.

It has a low sidewall which helps the player to master the skill of ground ball and cradling.

#5. STX Stallion 200 U Defense Length Stick

STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 Defense Complete Stick
179 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 Defense Complete Stick
  • Inspired by the Elite stallion U 550 head and includes soft mesh stringing
  • Complete stick only - includes new STX 6000 series alloy handle featuring...
  • Designed to help players develop proper fundamentals

The Stallion 200 U Stick defensive length version is a unique option for lacrosse defense sticks.

This is suitable for the beginner and intermediate player who plays in the defender position.

The important design feature it has is its head, as it is slightly offset which makes catching and passing the ball easier.

Its reinforced open sidewall provides a wider head making it suitable for catching and handling ground balls.

The Best Complete Girls Lacrosse Sticks

The Girl’s game requires soft hands and a lot of finesse with your stick.

The proper way to catch is a given catch. This involves contacting the ball in the air, about 2 feet above and in front of the shoulder.

At this point, the stick needs to be moving with the linear trajectory of the path of the ball. It needs to be moving more slowly than the ball at contact, but not by much.

As the stick’s web slows the ball, the elbow bends, and the stick head moves back towards the shoulder.

This is the give. The stick’s backward movement should stop between the ear and the shoulder, and then the cradle should be started. That brings us to the next thing.

#1. STX Crux 100 Girls Lacrosse Stick

It has a unique design of a V-shaped mold, and it also has a narrow channel, which makes it more useful for the midfielder and the attackers as this design helps them to have better control over the ball while running or passing.

The STX sticks are specially designed for beginners and expert players.

The STX has a separate design team for the girls. The main feature of this STX lacrosse stick for girls is the head, which has been designed especially for beginners.

Another important design feature is that it has an extraordinary side wall which reduces the heaviness of the head and thereby provides better control of the stick as well as the ball.

Using this stick sometimes feels like you are using your hand to handle the ball. The pockets of the stick are also designed properly. The stick is also available with STX’s 6000 shafts.

#2. Brine Dynasty Rise Lax Stick

Brine Women's Dynasty Rise Complete Stick, Neon...
18 Reviews
Brine Women's Dynasty Rise Complete Stick, Neon...
  • This head is just shy of maximum TruOffset to help increase the pocket...
  • Wider face for increased surface area when learning to catch
  • Updated sidewall bars for increased stiffness in areas needed most on...

 As the stick has a wider head thus it is suitable for practicing throwing, collecting, and giving passes. Thus, this feature makes it suitable for a beginner or an intermediate player.

The sticks come in three colors Another important feature that cannot be missed is the stiffness of the sidewall which also makes this stick suitable to pick up the ground ball.

With so many features on the list, this stick is a must for a beginner.

As it can help them to master the skills of throwing, catching, passing, and even lifting the ground ball.

Thus, making them suitable for any position. This also helps in improving the confidence level.

  • Best for beginners
  • Suitable for players having one or two years of experience.
  • It helps in providing a good grip which makes holding the stick easy
  • The stick has a wider cross-section area
  • They have stiff sidewall

#3. STX Exult 300 Girls Lacrosse Stick

STX Lacrosse Women's EXULT 300 Complete Stick...
53 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Women's EXULT 300 Complete Stick...
  • Scoop angle provides whip and accuracy on a straight head
  • Runway Pocket is a unique, overlapping center string system allowing the...
  • Flexible scoop for easy ground ball pick up

The shaft has a delicate, rubbered completion and an octagon handle profile for an exact grip and is more prominent during ball handling.

The head is intended for security and control with stiff sidewalls to help with this. The scoop is adaptable to assist you with scooping ground balls, and the scoop edge allows the two whips as well as accuracy to your shots.

This stick is known for its fantastic quality, with extraordinary segments and a great deal of solidness. With that comes increasingly powerful all-around play, from passing to shooting, to catching.

The one drawback of this is since the EXULT 300 is a bit updated from of standard stick, it is likewise more costly. That being stated, it is still really moderated and affordable.

The Best Lacrosse Goalie Sticks

Lacrosse players use a stick to pass and carry a rubber ball that is around the size of a standard baseball. On one end of the stick is the head with nylon cording strung to create a pocket for the ball.

Each player carries a stick and uses it to throw and catch the ball, carry the ball while running, and displace the ball from an opponent. Cradling is the practice of keeping the ball in the pocket while running.

Just like soccer, each lacrosse team has a netted goal. The goalie uses a stick with an oversized head used to stop opposing scores. Each team is trying to score goals against the other during a set time divided into quarters.

The overall length of the game depends on the age of the players.

Men’s lacrosse players wear protective padding. The shoulders, ribs, and arms are covered and they wear padded gloves.

Physical contact is permitted in men’s games with some blocking, tackling, and shoulder checks though not as hardcore as American football. Women’s lacrosse does not allow physical contact so no padding is required.

Many female players choose to wear nose guards, eye protection, and nonpadded gloves. Men wear helmets but women do not. A lacrosse game begins with a face-off as in ice hockey.

A team consists of a goalie, defensemen, attackmen, and midfielders. The numbers allowed for each differ for men and women. Women play on a larger field than men and require more players.

#1. STX Eclipse Goalie Lacrosse Stick

STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie Stick,...
53 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie Stick,...
  • Updated sidewall geometry provides increased stiffness without adding...
  • New scoop design for enhanced ground ball performance
  • Ergonomic throat design provides a secure grip

The STX Eclipse goalie stick is the ideal choice for both boy’s and girl’s lacrosse goalies.

The length of the lacrosse stick shaft may be longer for a girl goal maker, but can easily be deducted and is customized to a length that works.

The head itself is made up of the optimal strength and closed sidewalls which keep the head from bending and flexing under the pressure.

#2. Warrior Nemesis 2 Lax Goalie Head

Warrior Nemesis Goalie Unstrung Lacrosse Head
15 Reviews
Warrior Nemesis Goalie Unstrung Lacrosse Head
  • Warrior's best selling goalie head of all time
  • Flared face design pushes shots into the center of the pocket
  • Ultra-rugged sidewall design provides durability against the fastest shots

The Warrior Nemesis is very light-weighted. It is a bowl in shape, a little more prominent on the broadest point, and triangular, and its eclipse has a larger surface area.

It has excellent stiffness, which prevents the shot from being missed and helps the goalie get a goal. It is quite durable, and it is best for extreme weather as it is stiff.

There are stringing holes in the sidewalls, which makes it light weighted.

Lacrosse Sticks Buying Guide

Lacrosse is played on a competition field made of grass or artificial turf. Both men’s and women’s Lacrosse competitions are much the same with the main difference being the required protective gear.

Women competitors are only required to wear protective eye gear whereas gentlemen athletes are required to wear protective headgear, shoulder equipment, and protective handwear.

The sport of Lacrosse was originally invented by North Americans.

Originally designed as a very intense, physical sport, players used their netted sticks to make contact with their opponents and then cleared the way for them to score a goal.

In their earliest days, Lacrosse games often lasted for several days. Because the sport was so physical and encouraged contact between players, some competitors were seriously injured during the early years.

However, contact is no longer permitted in Lacrosse as we know it today. The object of the game is to direct and guide the rubber ball to victory without harming, or inflicting pain upon, any players on the opposing team.

4 Things You Need to Know When Buying a New Lacrosse Stick

Considering whether you need girls’ lacrosse sticks, custom lacrosse sticks, or possibly wooden lacrosse sticks for sale are all elements to keep in mind.

Boys Vs Girls

The youth lacrosse stick is suitable for kids aged 4-8 years.

This can be used as their first stick. But as their age increases it is preferred that they have different lacrosse sticks which are designed specifically for men and women, because of the difference in the rules of the game.

The kind of lacrosse stick you will buy can rely upon your aptitude and capacity. In case you’re an intermediate or beginner, you surely don’t have to buy the best and most costly lacrosse stick available on the market.

Also, when you’re an experienced player looking forward to stepping up your game, you will need to avoid intermediate and beginner sticks.

The Position You Play

Lacrosse Stick inclination relies upon the position you are playing.

A goaltender will require a goalie lax stick, a girl’s lacrosse player will require a girl’s lacrosse stick, and a boy’s lacrosse player will require a boy’s lacrosse stick.

The playing position of the player decides the choice of the stick. Attacker’s sticks can vary from defender’s sticks in boy’s lacrosse in that the defender’s sticks are longer and more inflexible to cut down passes and scoop ground balls from a distance.

You can choose the best stick depending on your position.

Right when you are buying a lacrosse stick, the things that remember are the length and width you need.

Complete Sticks Are Best for Beginners

If you have just started to learn lacrosse, then it is highly recommended to buy or go for the Complete Lacrosse sets. The sets usually have multiple sticks which can be used by defenders, midfielders, and attackers.

They also have separate sticks for the goalie. Not only this some of these set also comes with the goal post which is made up of PVC. The sets usually come with a mini lacrosse ball which is made up of special rubber material.

Which makes it suitable for people of all ages. You can use this set to play lacrosse either indoors like in the basement or outdoors like on the lawn.

How Much You Should Pay?

Purchasing sticks in higher quantities, purchasing lacrosse complete sticks is more practical than purchasing separate lacrosse sticks and heads. Buying a complete lacrosse stick is a very good option for not only the children but also for the youth.

Even the intermediate players are also using these sets to improve their game. The best part is that the cost of the lacrosse set is very cheap as compared to the original lacrosse sticks which are very costly.


The game of lacrosse is all about throwing and collecting the ball with the help of a stick. Therefore, one cannot ignore the importance of the stick in the game.

The stick should be such that It solves the dual functionality first. It should be easy for the player to handle the stick and the ball; secondly, it should be suitable as per the position of the player in the team.

The lacrosse stick is different for males and females due to the changes in the rules and regulations of the game for both, so this point should always be kept in mind before purchasing the stick.

There are also various complete sets available in the market. These sets are suitable for both male and female beginner players who have just started their carrier.

These sets usually have three to four sticks for the player and one stick for the goalie, and also, they have mini goal posts with a net made of PVC. They also come with a softball.

With the advancement of technology, the manufacturing and designing process of sticks has also changed a lot.

Now the sticks are precise, and one can also customize the sticks according to him or herself which will help them to improve their game.

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