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Best Women And Girl Lacrosse Sticks – The modern game of women’s lacrosse was introduced in the year 1980. And since then it has gained popularity among women.

Not only the rules of the woman’s game are different from men but also the gear which is used in the game is different.

Top 3 For Women And Girl Lacrosse Sticks

Bestseller No. 1
STX Lacrosse Exult 400 Girls Complete Stick with...
40 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Exult 400 Girls Complete Stick with...
  • Inspired by the Exult 600, built for the competitive level midfielder
  • Redesigned face shape, scoop, and sidewalls allow for full field,...
  • Reinforced corner ledges introduce improved control on the draw
Bestseller No. 2
STX Lacrosse Fortress 100 Complete Stick with Crux...
29 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Fortress 100 Complete Stick with Crux...
  • The Fortress 100 girl's complete stick improves performance for the...
  • Mesh pocket allows for soft, easy feel when throwing and catching.
  • Simplified pocket structure requires minimal maintenance and improved...
Bestseller No. 3
adidas Performance Fierce Lacrosse Head Black Size...
11 Reviews
adidas Performance Fierce Lacrosse Head Black Size...
  • Be a difference maker anywhere on the field. This women's lacrosse head...

They have been designed keeping in mind the body structure of women one of the essential gears that are designed especially for the woman is the stick, Lacrosse sticks, sometimes known as lax sticks.

Best Women And Girl Lacrosse Sticks

There are differences between a women’s lacrosse stick and a men’s lacrosse stick; this is due to the difference in the rules of the games.

For example, there is no cross-checking allowed in women’s neither a woman can use the lacrosse stick to hold or block the opponent.

Therefore, for girls lacrosse sticks should be small in length and have small pockets as compared to men’s lacrosse sticks.

The advanced technology like difference angle and degree technology that is now being used in the lacrosse stick has helped various players, especially the youth who are in middle or high school to take the game to the next level by improving their passes and having more top power shots in superior control.

Today in the market, there are various options available that sometimes can be very confusing for the new buyer or even export to select the best option available.

Therefore, it is recommended that one should make a checklist for the same. Here in this article, we have tried to help you with this decision-making process. 

Having the Right Lacrosse Stick is Crucial to Your Success on the Field.

It does not matter if you are the attacker or a goalkeeper, or a defender. Finding the best lacrosse stick is very crucial for your game.

You can either choose from a premade model, or you can build or design one by yourself.

Building a customize lacrosse stick depends upon the level; however, for a beginner, it is always recommended to go for the premade options.

Women’s Lacrosse Stick for an Advance Player

An advanced player is one who has 4+ years of experience and for such a player selecting a particular lacrosse stick will be a combination of his personal experience, preferences, and the position in which she plays in the team.

Suppose you are a woman lacrosse player, and are looking for a suitable lacrosse stick for improving your game, and are confused about the various options that are available in the market. In that case, you don’t have to worry as we have the list of the different best options available that you can select from.

1. STX Crux 500 women’s lacrosse stick

STX Lacrosse Women's CRUX 500 Complete Stick White...
67 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Women's CRUX 500 Complete Stick White...
  • 10 Degree technology drives the ball to the sweet spot for the quickest...
  • Patented Elastomer Overmold reduces ball rattle
  • Launch Pocket (patent pending) is a tapered runner system that provides...

The crux 500 is the most significant product launch in women’s lacrosse’s history.

It has the best head which makes it suitable for the attacker and the midfielder for precision shooting.

As an elite attacker should always be ready for quick release. It has the following best feature

  • 10° technology
  • The slanted bottom rail
  • Launch pocket that pushes the ball.

In the women’s lacrosse stick, the pockets are small as compared to the men’s stick which means a player has to be fit to have proper control of the ball.

The use of 10° technology has made the control smooth and natural, and the player has not had to worry about the ball. Using the STX crux, 500 feels like an extension of one’s hand.

The sidewall of the crux 500 is small, which deepens the pocket for better control of the ball. This also provides the fastest release. Peached throat allows maximum hold on the ball.

The STX 500 reduces the ball rattle. However, despite all these advantages, this stick is not suitable for a person who is having difficulties catching it.

This stick is a must for the professional player if she is playing in the position of the attacker.

2. STX Crux 300 women’s lacrosse sticks

STX Lacrosse Women's CRUX 300 Complete Stick...
98 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Women's CRUX 300 Complete Stick...
  • Inspired by the Crux 500 girl's complete stick, the Crux 300 complete stick...
  • The Crux 300 pointed scoop allows for accuracy on shots and passes.
  • The Crux 300 features a minimum sidewall height for deepest legal pocket.

The STX Crux 300 can be used by an entry-level player to learn various skills of the game as it has some unique features.

But it is recommended that you should buy this stick as your second choice this stick is for the player who takes the game seriously.

The head of the rod is one of its kind and has been designed specially to boost the confidence level of the High school level player.

Some of the unique features of Crux 300 are as under:

  • Crux 300 has a scoop angle that provides it with an extra snap.
  • it has a unique design of runaway pockets
  • It also has a minimal sidewall that increases the pocket deepness
  • It has a 7075 handle and comes in 10 different colors that one can choose from.

However, the company recommends these products for either a beginner or an average player but various professional players also use these products.

The appearance of the stick is very attractive making it suitable for women. The shaft of the stick has a special kind of texture that gives a comfortable grip to the player.

One of the significant drawbacks of the products is their price.

3. STX Exult 100 women’s lacrosse stick

STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Complete Stick with Crux...
45 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Complete Stick with Crux...
  • The Crux 100 girl's complete stick improves performance for the beginner...
  • Mesh pocket allows for soft, easy feel when throwing and catching which...
  • Simplified pocket structure requires minimal maintenance and improved...

The STX Exult 100 women’s lacrosse stick is newer to the standard lineup, yet girl’s lacrosse players are loving these recently designed STX lacrosse sticks.

STX highly endures the life span of bats, making top strings and substantial pocket development to keep going for a long time.

The inner channel provides a bond between the ball and the stick which helps to hold the ball when it is inside the sticks.

This allows the midfielder and attacker to feel the ball while avoiding and pulling it back to shoot, by knowing the ball is in the correct position where they need to be each time.

The shaft has a delicate, rubbered completion and an octagon handle profile for an exact grip and is more prominent during ball handling.

The head is intended for security and control with stiff sidewalls to help with this. The scoop is adaptable to assist you with scooping ground balls, and the scoop edge allows the two whips as well as accuracy to your shots.

This stick is known for its fantastic quality, with extraordinary segments and a great deal of solidness. With that comes increasingly powerful all-around play, from passing to shooting, to catching.

The one drawback of this is since the EXULT 300 is a bit updated from the standard stick, it is likewise more costly. That being stated, it is still really moderated and affordable.

4. STX Fortress 300 Women Lacrosse Stick

It is a lockable lacrosse stick specially designed for women. The head of the stick has been intentionally designed hard as it helps during a lockdown pass.

The broadened head allows the surface zone to check and the stretched stick face permits the protector to get more force on outlet passes. This is a perfect stick when you are playing in a protector position.

It is exact and well-prepared to provide smooth control and ball-handling, which gives you an edge with its C-Channel technology. On the match, if it gets intense, it will have the option to confront the challenge.

The head is especially great, which prevents the ball from shaking around in it when you move on the field.

This specially designed feature stick implies the ball control and defense are simpler and permit you to hold it for a smoother match and dominating result.

It has a lengthened head and a ball stop which allows quiet passing and is made with a composite material and rubbered completion.

The pocket is intended for the ball transporter to have the option to both carries as well as clear the ball, making a remarkable flex point in the inner strings so the ball can be felt while supported.

5. Maverik Vertigo Women Lacrosse Stick

Maverik Lacrosse Female's Vertigo Complete Stick,...
3 Reviews
Maverik Lacrosse Female's Vertigo Complete Stick,...
  • Reinforced nylon with high durability fibers that prevent the traditional...
  • Flat Nylon Splice Lace that provides ultimate forgiveness in the pocket...
  • Strategic grip points to guide and hold ball in sweet spot

An interesting decision for the elite girl’s lacrosse player that needs a life span out of a stick that does everything.  It has a widened head that allows a channel for down passes and defense.

And if it is also suitable for playing both in a defensive and offensive mode for the midfielder. This stick is a one-stop solution for beginner and seasoned players.

It is ultradurable with high thickness net fiber and a unique stick design that offers vital grip points and extreme pocket formation.

The pocket configuration which holds the ball in the stick helps in the fast release of the ball or passes and shots. This is suitable for the midfielder who is looking for some other best option than the average stick.

6. STX Shield Girls Goalie Lacrosse Head

STX Lacrosse Shield 100 Goalie Unstrung Head,...
3 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Shield 100 Goalie Unstrung Head,...
  • Solid, dependable design for the entry-level player
  • Closed sidewall design for superior rigidity
  • The perfect head for rec level players

The lacrosse goalie head is the piece of the goalie stick that holds the netting. You can customize the goalie stick by changing the style of the lacrosse goalie head that you’re using.

You should check the stiffness of the head if you are looking for a lacrosse goalie head. A stiff goalie head will assist you in withholding the ball without having the head twist under pressure.

With adaptable lacrosse goalie heads, the top segment of the stick may twist that making the ball jump out of the net under pressure and fall into the goal.

This women’s lacrosse goalie headsets out to be moderate to the cutting edge laxers. The design of the STX shield has been improved as to how they are lighter and one of the best goal master goalie heads.

This is the most suitable lacrosse goalie head for a girl who is playing the game at secondary school or division I level.

Girls Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners & Intermediate

Although the name of the game is the same for men and women, there are no other similarities between them. Starting from the game’s rules to the equipment used all are very different.

A major difference between the men’s and women’s games is that of physical health contact. While in the men’s game physical contact is very common but in the women’s game, this is not at all common.

Due to this, some changes have to be made in the gear for men and women.

The sticks of the men and women are also very different for example the length of the stick for a women’s lacrosse can vary from 35.5 inches to 43.25 inches for defender and attacker and for the goalie it can be up to 48 inches.

This measurement has been done from the highest point of the head to the shaft. Due to this length change the pocket size of the stick also changes.

For a Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners, the pocket size is very shallow as compared to that of the men.

1. STX Crux 100 Review

STX Lacrosse Women's Crux 100 Complete Stick with...
70 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Women's Crux 100 Complete Stick with...
  • Sidewall design reduces weight without sacrificing strength
  • Flexible scoop for easy ground ball pickup
  • Raised ball-stop

The crux model is the first stick that comes for the beginner.

The models get updated and developed so that the Crux 100 is an excellent spot to begin for a starter who is advancing into the game from an endless amount of time after years.

The Unique Design of a V-shaped Mold

It has a unique design of a V-shaped mold, and it also has a narrow channel, which makes it more useful for the midfielder and the attackers as this design helps them to have better control over the ball while running or passing.

Design For Beginners And Experts

The STX sticks are specially designed for beginners and expert players. The STX has a separate design team for the girls.

Designed Especially For Beginners

The main feature of this STX lacrosse stick for girls is the head, which has been designed especially for beginners.

Has An Extraordinary Side

Another important design feature is that it has an extraordinary side wall which reduces the heaviness of the head and thereby provides better control of the stick as well as the ball.

Using this stick sometimes feels like you are using your hand to handle the ball. The pockets of the stick are also designed properly. The stick is also available with STX’s 6000 shafts.

2. Brine Dynasty Rise Lax Stick

STX Lacrosse Exult 200 Girls Complete Stick with...
26 Reviews
STX Lacrosse Exult 200 Girls Complete Stick with...
  • The Exult 200 girl's complete stick improves performance for the beginner...
  • Mesh pocket allows for soft, easy feel when throwing and catching
  • Simplified pocket structure requires minimal maintenance and improved...

The shaft of the stick is manufactured from 6000 series aluminum which provides it a robust design as well as helps them stick to remain lightly weighted which is very important in the case of women.

The overall length of the stick is about 42.5 inches, with about 12.5 inches in the head while the shaft is 30 inches long which makes it suitable for beginners.

The important features of the stick are the design of the shaft and the head. The head is designed to be the wider face, this increases the surface area of the pocket.

The depth of the pocket is also expanded which helps in holding the ball. As the stick has a wider head thus it is suitable for practicing throwing, collecting, and giving passes.

Thus, this feature makes it suitable for a beginner or for an intermediate player.

The sticks come in three colors Another important feature that cannot be missed is the stiffness of the sidewall which also makes this stick suitable to pick up the ground ball.

With so many features on the list, this stick is a must for a beginner. As it can help them to master the skills of throwing, catching, passing, and even lifting the ground ball.

Thus, making them suitable for any position. This also helps in improving the confidence level.

  • Best for beginners
  • Suitable for players having one or two years of experience.
  • It helps in providing a good grip which makes holding the stick easy
  • The stick has a wider cross-section area
  • They have stiff sidewall
  • They are suitable for ground ball pickup
  • The stick is light weighted.

3. DeBeer Impulse Girls Lacrosse Stick

deBeer Lacrosse Impulse Pro Full Stick Gripper...
3 Reviews
deBeer Lacrosse Impulse Pro Full Stick Gripper...
  • Top stick choice of 2013 Team USA members
  • Responsive head shape with less travel for quicker release
  • Recessed scoop lace channels for string durability

This is quite an old model, but Debeer impulse girls lacrosse sticks is still an excellent option for an intermediate and sometimes even for an experienced player.

The stick is light weighted; other essential design features are its low sidewalls that help one to have reasonable control of the ball. While shooting, the sidewalls make sure the ball remains in the center.

The string has the gripper focus channel, keeping the heaviness of the ball in the middle point of your stick, for a pass, shot, or support in a moment.

It includes a 6.5-degree angled stop and comes in at the highest height. This is the reason intermediate players prefer it which comes in different styles and colors.

4. STX Lilly Girls Lacrosse Stick

The STX Lilly girl’s lacrosse stick is a stick that is suitable for a girl who is still a learner, as it helps them in passing and catching. It has a structured scoop which makes it ideal for the Ground balls.

It has a channel in the center, which helps in the cradling skills and it also helps in making passes. It’s the stick with which one can learn the basics.

The STX Lilly is designed to be an adaptable stick for little youngsters who are simply beginning with lacrosse and have practically zero involvement in the game.

It helps those youngsters to feel the game. The stick has a total length of about 36 inches.

The most attractive feature of the stick is that it has a wider face, which is suitable for ground pickup and also suitable for throwing or catching the ball.

They are also suitable for giving passes. The stock has a lower sidewall which provides better control of the ball even while you are running.

5. Maverik Twist Girls Lacrosse Stick

Maverik Lacrosse Twist Complete Stick - Purple
4 Reviews
Maverik Lacrosse Twist Complete Stick - Purple
  • Designated Cut Line
  • Reinforced Nylonwith High Durability Fiber
  • Flat Nylon Splice Lace

The Maverik Twist girl’s lacrosse stick is suitable for a beginner player as it has a pocket that helps the player to feel the ball. It has a pocket ideal for the player who wants to improve her shooting skills.

The pocket has a nylon roper that often has more control over the ball when it is inside the pocket.

This type of control is very important when you are still learning the skill of shooting the ball.

6. STX Exult Girls Lacrosse Starter Pack

STX Exult 200 Youth Lacrosse Starter Stick
43 Reviews
STX Exult 200 Youth Lacrosse Starter Stick
  • Wide catching area plus a soft scoop make for easy catching, throwing, and...
  • Mesh pocket allows for soft, easy feel when throwing and catching - Crux...
  • Simplified pocket structure requires minimal maintenance and improved...

The STX Exult starter pack is the best-suited option for beginners. The starter pack includes Exult lacrosse Stick suitable for youth Sight Google.

This starter pack also comes in handy with the intermediate players who have experience of 1 year.

The exult 200 is the past lacrosse stick for the beginner as it has a widened surface area that helps for ground ball pickups and it also has 4 sight Googles. Accessible in a few colors.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Girls Lacrosse Sticks

As per the recent report published in the world history General, the game of lacrosse has grown in popularity among the youth, especially the woman.

There has been a 65% increase in the number of various new programs that have been started for women.

The game is played across multiple levels like in school colleges, and there are multiple women’s teams like North Western, Stanford, and Florida.

This popularity has led to the use of advanced technology manufacturing of the lacrosse stick specially for women which has helped the player to improve their performance.

Various factors drive the manufacturing of lacrosse sticks for women.

For example, lacrosse’s latest Gears and sticks for the beginner are designed keeping in mind that they have to learn the basics of the game, like Throwing and scooping while lacrosse sticks developed for the advanced player are designed keeping in mind their positions. Some of the best companies are STX, DeBeer, Warriors, etc.

The following factors should be kept in mind while choosing the best lacrosse stick for girls or women Ability, Cost, Position


you should select the lacrosse stick as per your game ability. If you’re a beginner, you should use a lacrosse stick with lightweights that are flat on the top scoop.

This will help you in picking up the ball from the ground, which otherwise can be very frustrating to learn.

For an intermediate, as they have played the game for two or more seasons, their selection should be based on their playing position.

For example, the midfielder, and the defensive players should use a flatter scoop lacrosse stick while the attack player should use a stick with a narrower throat which will help in more accurate shots.

For the advanced player, there is no recommendation, and they use lacrosse sticks with which they are comfortable as these players are playing the game for a reasonable amount of time.


The best lacrosse stick is a bit costlier compared to those used by the beginner. But the quality of the beginner lacrosse stick is average.


There are four different positions in which a player plays the game and has been a designer specifically for each of the playing positions.

As each position has its importance so once you select the lacrosse stick according to her position on the team.


there are three attackers in a team called a first home second home and third home. They are the goal scorers.

The first home is responsible for scoring, they are located in front of the goal; the responsibility of the second home player is to start the ball from every angle while the third home player is responsible for changing the defense to attack positions.

They are hence throwing a small feature of the attacker. So the lacrosse stick of the attacker should be designed that helps them to throw the ball from different angles and helps them to score the goal.

Therefore, it is recommended that the attacker should pick lacrosse sticks with pitched heads, which allows them to have more control for catching and then throwing the balls.

Another critical design factor is that there should be a maximum distance between the shaft and the scoop.


The midfielder consists of three wings each wing has its functionality. Attack wing – They are responsible for the transaction of the ball from defense to attack.

They should have the speed and capability to collect the ball and pass it. Centre wing – they have a dual functionality of defense and attack. So they must have both speed and patience.

Defense wing

they are responsible for bringing the ball back to the attack area. The defenders should have speed, excellent control, and patience.

Therefore, the lacrosse stick should be suitable for this functionality.

The stiff head stick should be used by the defender also the woman lacrosse stick for the defender should have a low flex point, deeper sidewall, more surface area, and gripper pocket, Which makes it easy for handling the ball and give better passes which is very important in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are girls and women’s lacrosse sticks the same?

Lacrosse is a sport that is traditionally divided by gender. Men’s lacrosse is a full-contact sport, while women’s lacrosse is a non-contact sport. As a result, the equipment used by each gender is different. The most notable difference is the stick. Are girls and women’s lacrosse sticks the same?

The answer is no. Girls’ and women’s lacrosse sticks are not the same. The main difference between the two is the length of the stick. A girl’s lacrosse stick must be between 35 and 43 inches long. A woman’s lacrosse stick must be between 40 and 52 inches long. In addition, the head of a girl’s lacrosse stick is smaller than that of a woman’s lacrosse stick.

Are girl’s lacrosse sticks different sizes?

There is a common misconception that girls lacrosse sticks are different sizes than boys’ lacrosse sticks. This is not the case. The only difference between boys’ and girls lacrosse sticks is the length.

Boys lacrosse sticks must be a minimum of 52 inches and no more than 72 inches. Girls lacrosse sticks must be a minimum of 40 inches and no more than 52 inches. Other than that, there are no size differences between boys and girls lacrosse sticks.

Why do girls’ lacrosse sticks have no pockets?

Lacrosse is a sport with a long and varied history. The game was originally played by Native Americans as a way to settle disputes and was known as “the little brother of war”.

Lacrosse was later adopted by Europeans and became popular in the United States in the late 1800s. The game is played with two teams of 10 players each, using sticks with netted pockets to catch and throw the ball.

The game of lacrosse is very different for men and women. One of the biggest differences is that women’s lacrosse sticks do not have pockets, while men’s do.

There are several reasons for this. First, the pocket on a lacrosse stick can be used to cradle the ball, which gives the player more control over it. This can be an advantage in a game where speed and accuracy are important.

What’s the difference between women’s and men’s lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a sport with two different variations: men’s lacrosse and women’s lacrosse. Though both sports are similar in many ways, there are also several key differences between the two.

One of the most significant differences between men’s and women’s lacrosse is the size of the playing field. In women’s lacrosse, the field is significantly smaller than in men’s lacrosse. This difference in size can impact the speed and tempo of the game, as well as the number of players on each team.

Another key difference between these two sports is the equipment that is used. In men’s lacrosse, players are allowed to wear protective gear, including pads for their elbows and shoulders, as well as a helmet.


As lacrosse grows in popularity in North America and Europe, women have the opportunity to play lacrosse professionally.

The fact that women’s lacrosse rules differ from men’s might be the reason for the difference in recognition between the two styles of play.

Some have ventured that until the rules are the same, women’s lacrosse will not receive the same status afforded to men’s lacrosse. There is no evidence that the rules will change in the future. That’s it for Best Lacrosse Women’s & Girl’s lacrosse sticks.

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