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Coleman Instant Screened Shelters In 2021 [Updated Review]

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Coleman offers 3 Instant Screened Shelters (a.k.a. screen houses or screened canopies) of different shapes and sizes for use in the backyard, at the BBQ, picnic, campsite, sporting events, or wherever you want some reliable protection from the sun, pesky mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps and other flying insects. All 3 screen house models feature easy setup, a removable screen wall to keep insects out, and a heavy-duty 150D canopy with *SPF 50+ UV Guard sun protection.

Note: SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, is the numerical rating of how well a sunscreen will protect skin from UVB rays, the kind of sun ray that causes sunburn or skin damages. SPF 50+ denotes that the product is capable of blocking 98% of UVB rays. For a more detailed explanation please visit: FDA: SPF Sun Protection, and Wikipedia: Sunscreen.

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The 3 Coleman Instant Screened Shelter Models are:

  • Coleman 12 x 10 Hexagonal Instant Screened Shelter, model number 2000004413
  • Coleman 15 x 13 Hexagonal Instant Screened Shelter, model number 2000004414
  • Coleman 10 x 10 Square Instant Screened Shelter, model number 2000004415

Please Note: These screened shelters are not intended to be used during heavy rain, hail, snow or other inclement weather. Excess water build-up can cause the frame system to become unstable, and possibly collapse, causing injuries.

Common Features for All 3 Models:

  • 28mm one-piece steel frame for quick and easy setup
  • Telescoping poles with ergonomically-designed comfort grips
  • 150D canopy with SPF 50+ UV Guard sun protection
  • Removable no-see-um mesh walls for full insect protection
  • Two large T-doors, entry from back and front – Loops keep doors open, zippers keep them shut
  • Wheeled carry bag

Screen House Setup:

Like Coleman Instant Tents, these instant screened shelters are designed for quick and easy setup. There’s no assembly required (everything is pre-assembled). Just snap the pre-attached poles into place and have it up. According to Coleman, it can be set up in under 3 minutes. Yes, that’s possible–as verified and confirmed by customers/users from the Amazon marketplace. You can find out more by looking up some of Amazon’s customer reviews.

Setup Instruction Manuals:

  • Model 2000004413
  • Model 2000004414
  • Model 2000004415


Model number200000441320000044142000004415
Approx. price$185$145$115
12 ft. x 10 ft.15 ft. x 13 ft.10 ft. x 10 ft.
Floor area120 sq. ft.195 sq. ft.100 sq. ft.
Center height8 ft. 4 in.7 ft. 4 in.7 ft.
Weight52 pounds25 pounds15 pounds
150D Poly
150D Poly
150D Poly
50+ UV GuardYesYesYes
No-see-um mesh wallsYesYesYes
One-piece steel frameYesYesYes
Wheeled carry bagYesYesYes
Pros1. Easy setup.
2. Good space utilization due to vertical walls.
3. Nearly 100% of floor space is under shade due to vertical walls.
4. Effectively keeps insects out.
1. Easy setup.
2. Effectively keeps insects out.
1. Easy setup.
2. Effectively keeps insects out.
3. Inexpensive.
Cons1. Heavy.
2. Tall shelter – may require 2 persons to put up.
3. Cost of ownership is quite high.
1. Space utilization is quite poor due to sloping mesh walls.
2. Only about 75% of floor area is under the shade due to sloping walls.
1. Space utilization is quite poor due to sloping mesh walls.
2. Only about 75% of floor area is under the shade due to sloping walls.

Useful Tips for Coleman Screened Shelter Users:

  1. Select a level site clear of rocks, branches, and other hard or sharp objects, to install your shelter.
  2. Do not set up your shelter under trees because of potential lightning strikes or falling tree limbs in inclement weather.
  3. Keep clear of overhead power lines.
  4. Secure with all stakes and guy lines provided to prevent property damage or personal injury.
  5. For best results in windy conditions, position narrow end of shelter into the wind.
  6. Under certain conditions such as cold weather, high humidity, etc., condensation will form on the inside of your shelter. Condensation is caused by water vapor from your breath, perspiration, or any wet
    clothing inside the shelter.
  7. Tree limbs, tree sap, bird droppings, or moisture steadily dripping off tree limbs can cause damage to the shelter fabric and its coating resulting in leaks or loss of flame-resistant properties.
  8. Never store shelter, even for a short period of time, without drying it thoroughly and brushing off caked dirt. Do not pack stakes inside your shelter. Use a separate storage bag.
  10. DO NOT use gas or flame sources under or near your screened shelter.

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