Which Bunion Splint is Best? [2023 Guide]

Best Bunion Splint

Which Bunion Splint is Best? The choice of Bunion Splint depends on your foot and the type of bunion you have. The shape of a bunion is determined by the shape of your feet, which are determined by genetics. There are two types of bunions: structural (also called “congenital”) and functional (also called “acquired”). Functional … Read more

Can Shoes Correct Bunions?

Can Shoes Correct Bunions

Bunions are a common foot deformity that can be painful and difficult to treat. While there are many surgical options to correct bunions, many people are looking for nonsurgical treatments. Can Shoes Correct Bunions? One nonsurgical treatment option is the use of shoes to correct bunions. Shoes that are designed to correct bunions can provide … Read more