Does Sales Videos Work?

Does Sales Videos Work Overview

While brands continue to use SMS integration and email marketing techniques, video has recently achieved enormous popularity.

If you work on a sales team, you’ve probably seen that 70% of prospects utilize videos to assist them in making purchasing decisions. As a result, one thing is clear: sales videos have become an essential component of any sensible business’s sales marketing approach.

Video sales work, and you should invest your time making it either by yourself or using sales video maker services; here are five reasons.

5 Reasons Why Sales Videos Work

1. Video is More Remembered Than Text

Many sales representatives use email marketing or SMS messaging; how often would you see a sales representative send you a video. 

Many people would rather watch the Harry Potter movie than read its novel. 

2. It Builds Trust in Customers

Consumers frequently want to know what they are buying and from whom they are buying it, and they may occasionally only buy from brands with which they are familiar. 

Successful Companies utilize video commercials in campaigns to convey to customers what their firm does, what makes it distinctive, their personality, the benefits of using their product, and its expertise in the area. 

When your customers and audience feel like they are a part of your brand and are familiar with it, they are more likely to purchase your offers and spend more money on your products and services. 

3. Video Ads Show Great ROI

The only downside of video ads is that they are hard and time-consuming to create; there are a lot of sales video maker services that can help you with that, consider that as funding that can yield high returns. 

According to a report by video marketers, 76 percent of them reported that videos helped them increase their sales. A video on your landing page may boost growth by 80%. In addition, 83 percent of businesses revealed that video ads as investments yield a great return. 

4. It Can be Both Visual and Informative

Because videos are simpler to digest, presenting the advertising as text is less attractive than showing them as video.

Videos may offer far more information than static picture advertising, which can significantly benefit your marketing. 

If you try to squeeze everything you want your audience to know about your brand into a single page, you will lose their interest and attention since it is not aesthetically appealing and is difficult to grasp. 

An advertisement can include information such as your company’s goal, the product or service you provide, the costs, and how you can take advantage of those offers. 

It is significantly more effective to include this type of information in video commercials than to ask your viewers to read all of that information in the body of an image ad.

5. Videos Ads are Timely

During this pandemic, with the rising of video streaming platforms, like TikTok and YouTube. Video consumption is rising at a fast rate. 

According to YouTube, there is a hundred percent increase in mobile video consumption every year. 

At this age, almost everyone owns a phone. As mobile users grow, so will your video audience and prospective customers.


Right now is the time to invest your time in video marketing; if you want to build video ads that can get you ahead of the competition, you can do it yourself or use other people’s services for your brand. 

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