Lg Bp730 4k Upscaling Smart 3d Blu Ray Player With Built In Wi-Fi

LG BP730 4K Upscaling Smart 3D Blu-ray PlayerIf you’re in the market for an updated Blu-Ray player, you’ll want to consider the newer 4K upscaling models. For a Blu-Ray player that’s also HD compatible, the LG BP730 has what you need.

This model is part of the Smart TV technology, which means it can do more than previous models. It also means that buyers get more entertainment content right at their fingertips.

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You can watch movies or television shows or download your favorite videos. But you can also check out the latest apps and play popular games. With the easy to use Magic Remote, your searches will be streamlined.

The remote is smart enough to recognize hand gestures. So all you have to do is indicate what it is that you want and the remote takes care of it. If you want the Magic Remote that also comes with Voice Control, then you’ll have to buy that one as an accessory.

Most users did find the voice control was helpful whenever they misplaced the remote because they could still command the player. It can be annoying when there’s something on that you want to watch but there are other people in the room.

You can hear their conversations, their laughter – and they often want to talk to you. Not only does the sound of the television get their attention and cause interruptions to you, but it can also break their concentration if others are trying to socialize or work.

The solution to this dilemma is to use headphones. Thanks to the LG remote app, you can get the audio from whatever you’re watching transferred to your smartphone.

Pop in your headphones and you can enjoy your entertainment privately. This player lets buyers watch 3D content in Full HD – but it also does more. If you have discs that aren’t quite that level, the player uses the upscaling technology to raise the quality of the content.

It also plays music CDs. If you have a home network connection, you can use the built-in Wi-Fi to effortlessly browse the Internet. You’ll be able to do most of what you normally do online right from your player.

By connecting your other devices such as your smartphone, you’ll be able to use the device to send as well as receive content from your television if you have this player.

It’s capable of 2D conversion and does have HDMI output. It works great with any of the newer televisions on the market. Although you do need to upload the firmware when you get it home, the setup is still quick and easy.


  • Easy access to thousands of movies, customizable apps and videos as well as browsing the web right at the click of a remote.
  • Wirelessly send the audio from your TV to your smartphone so you can hear the TV without disturbing those around you.
  • Perfect for playing all your 3D or 2D Blu-Ray and DVD movies.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity allows you take advantage of Internet access from any available Wi-Fi connection in its range.
  • Selecting features is as easy as the wave of your hand with the Magic Remote Control.
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