What are Storage Beds? Ultimate Guide


Do you know what are storage beds? Storage beds are a type of bed that has built-in compartments. These compartments, usually under the mattress, can be used to store items such as clothes and linens. Storage beds are common in small rooms with limited space; many people do not have separate closets or dressers for their clothing.

Beds come in a variety of styles and configurations. Some include a pullout sofa for additional sleeping space when needed; others have built-in seating areas that can be used to sit down while still having plenty of room for storage under the bed when not used as seats or sofas.

The term “Murphy Bed” is often used interchangeably with “storage bed,” though technically, both refer only to designs with Murphy mechanisms (which allow them to fold up against walls).

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The Compartments Can Be Accessed By Lifting the Mattress

You can easily access the compartments by lifting the mattress. To remove the mattress, pull it, lift it, and slide it out of its storage space. To put back your mattress, just reverse this process.

Make sure to put your bed back together in order: First, place your frame on top of your box spring (if you have one), then place your mattress into its compartment to secure it. Make sure that both sides are secured properly before proceeding further!

There Are Two Main Types of Storage Beds

There are two main types of storage beds: the box spring storage bed and the built-in storage bed. The most common type is a box spring storage bed, which typically has drawers under the mattress. A built-in storage bed has a single piece of wood that serves as a footboard and supports drawers or cabinets underneath. 

While both types can be useful for storing items under your bed (sheets, blankets, pillows), they’re not necessarily interchangeable. If you want to replace your current box spring with something more stylish or practical, it might not be compatible with your existing frame!

1. simple box spring with a wooden frame and small drawers

The first is a simple box spring with a wooden frame and small drawers that you can pull out from under the bed.

You can buy a box spring and wooden frame separately, or a whole bed with the box spring and wooden frame already built. With this option, you’ll have to add the drawers yourself if you want them.

It’s also possible to buy just a box spring already built, but not with drawers. This way, the bed is easier to make (and cheaper), but it won’t have any storage space under it.

2. large drawers

The second type has large drawers instead of just small ones. The second type has large drawers instead of just small ones. These are great for storing clothes, books, and other larger items that won’t fit in the standard-size drawers of a traditional bed frame. They’re also very useful if you have children who need somewhere to store their toys at night or when they go to bed early.

The best storage beds are available with either side-opening or front-opening drawers. The latter option is better for some people because it means less time moving around when getting dressed in the morning; however, if you prefer not to see the contents of your storage bed all at once, then the side opening will better suit your needs.


Storage beds are a great solution if you live in a small apartment. They provide extra space without taking up any floor area at all. You can keep everything organized while still having a comfortable place to sleep.

Storage beds have the added benefit of storing more than just your clothes and other personal belongings; they can also be used as extra seating during parties or as an extra workspace during homework time. If your family has kids who like to play with toys, having them stored safely in one place will free the floors from clutter and mess.

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