Why Beagles are the Worst Dogs? [Legit Guide]

Why Beagles are the Worst Dogs Overview: One of the most frequently asked questions about Beagles is why do they have such bad behavior. The short answer to this question is that Beagles have a genetic predisposition towards behavioral problems, and they carry it over to their offspring. Just like in humans, you have genes that can be passed on from generation to generation. So your Beagle may be born with all the bad habits you can imagine, but it’s your Beagle’s luck or genetics that makes those Beagles into bad dogs.

Problems of behavior

Like many other dogs, Beagles are prone to inherited problems of behavior. Just like some people inherit bad habits, so do some Beagles. It is in their DNA and in their psychology that causes them to misbehave. They just inherited those bad habits. They were born that way.

Genetic traits

There are genetic traits as well as behavioral traits that cause Beagles to be such a nuisance. They can be very dominant and tend to be very demanding when it comes to attention. Also, beagles have an insatiable appetite for love and attention why beagles are the worst dogs. If they aren’t getting it at home, they will go looking elsewhere, and that can result in a lot of misbehavior. All of these behaviors are passed down through the Beagle gene pool.

Destructive behavior

Another trait beagles have that can lead to destructive behavior is digging. They are born diggers. Some will actually bury their feces for a good reason, but others will let it go on until there is hardly any left, and then they will try to find more why beagles are the worst dogs. They will even dig under and around your furniture. Often, your Beagle will be plain destructive as in him will throw things around and make a mess.

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Challenging to get rid of beagles

It can be challenging to get rid of beagles if you own one because they are so ingrained with bad behavior. You have to be willing to work with them. A beagle will never change regardless of what you do why beagles are the worst dogs. The key to fixing this problem is to enforce rules at home and get your dog to obey them.

Reasons that Beagles are the worst dogs

One of the main reasons that Beagles are the worst dogs is that they are inherited. Beagles are passed down from parents, and just like humans, they inherit a certain amount of bad traits why beagles are the worst dogs. Also, beagles are prone to several diseases and can suffer from severe problems if not taken care of.


Another reason that beagles are so bad-tempered is that they are not used to being alone. Beagles were meant to be pack animals; they are bred to live with people. If you don’t want to be alone, you should probably get a beagle instead of a mutt.

Short attention span

Beagles also have a short attention span. This can be a big problem if you have more than one why beagles are the worst dogs. Beagles need lots of exercise to stay active. Also, beagles like to chew things and steal things. You have to keep your Beagle away from potential thieves and dire situations.

High prey drive

Beagles have a high prey drive. They are supposed to kill prey that is bigger than themselves to prove their dominance. This means that if you own more than one Beagle, it is best to put a leash on them while hunting or have another dog control them when they are out in the yard. This makes them realize that they are better than the prey animals that they are hunting. This is an excellent trait to have in a Beagle.

Lustful look in their eyes

Beagles are born with a lustful look in their eyes. This is something that you will notice straight away why beagles are the worst dogs. There isn’t much that you can do about this trait as the Beagle is inherited. This is one of the reasons that people love beagles, but they aren’t good pets. This is also one of the reasons that Beagles are such a terrible problem to have.

One of the reasons that Beagles are the worst dogs?

They are extremely lazy. All beagles want is to please their owners. If you don’t teach your Beagle that you are the boss and they will get the rug pulled out from under them, then you have a problem. I’m sure you can see how much work it takes to train a beagle properly.


Beagles have a lot of inherited bad traits that can’t be helped. You have to accept the bad that comes with your Beagle. If you want a happy and healthy beagle, you must have patience and be willing to change your lifestyle. Beagles will learn to adjust if you change your routine. Now that you understand the why, you should be ready to start your Beagle breeding.

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