A Comprehensive Guide To Wearable Technology [2021 Updated]

 In recent years, new technologies have made it possible to have very complex tech gadgets that are so small that you can wear them on your wrist or put them in your pocket. There are many such gadgets or devices on the market that can help you improve your fitness, monitor your health, and improve your athletic performance.

There are also gadgets that allow you to track important people or possessions, monitor your baby’s safety, and even train your pets. And, of course, there are some wearable technology devices that are really just for fun.

Wearable technology includes tech gadgets like fitness trackers, wearable cameras, smart watches, heart rate monitors, and GPS tracking devices, etc.

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In this article, I’m going to show you how you can take advantage of wearable technology to meet your needs and improve your lifestyle. You’ll learn about the most common applications for this type of technology. This is a rather long article. Please bear with me. 

Wearable Technology for Health

When it comes to your health, technology is a great way to monitor conditions that can become life-threatening. There are many wearable technology devices that can provide you with accurate and consistent monitoring.

For example, many people experience problems with blood pressure – either too high or too low. If you have blood pressure fluctuations, it’s important to have the proper device for keeping track of it.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Today’s blood pressure monitors are high tech and will help you keep good records of your regular blood pressure readings. For example, the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple and Android is a sleek device that’s easy to use and transport.

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With this device, you can take your blood pressure quickly and easily. The device syncs to your smartphone and you use the phone to start the measurements, record readings, and look at data over time.

When it’s time to head to the doctor, you can bring your smartphone to share your blood pressure readings since your last appointment. You can even send them directly to your doctor if you prefer.

If it’s important to know the oxygen saturation of your blood, the iHealth PO3 Pulse Oximeter for iPhone can help you take regular measurements and use your smartphone to record all of your readings.

With this device, you can also share your information instantly with friends or family members – an important feature if you have a life-threatening situation with low oxygen.

If you have multiple health conditions that are important to monitor, you can benefit from the Health ID Emergency Medical ID Bracelet with Smartphone Access. Many people wear health alert bracelets, but they have limited space to share information.

This bracelet is worn just as you would wear any medical ID bracelet, but it has the power to share information digitally and through your smartphone. That means you can share information about many illnesses, medications, or other health conditions.

You can also use it to record your blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol. While this is important for first responders who will have instant access to your health data, you can also use it at regular doctor’s appointments to share information since your previous appointment.

The Health ID Emergency Medical ID Card with Smartphone Access works in the same way, but is a card that you can carry in your wallet. You tap the bracelet or card to any smartphone and the medical records will instantly be pulled up.

Having health information at the touch of a button or the tap of a screen can be lifesaving. If you’re not able to verbalize what is happening, emergency responders will be able to find out exactly what is going on.

But there are other devices that help you have information in a moment that helps protect your health. For example, if you have very fair skin, you know that too much sun can be dangerous. But it’s important to get some sun in order to make vitamin D.

There are monitors designed to help you know how much exposure you have to UV light so that you can make the best decisions about how long to stay in the sun. The SunFriend Personal UV Monitor, Black is a device that does just that.

This device is worn on your wrist. You customize it based on your skin tone and how sensitive you are to the sun. Then the LED lights on the face of the monitor will begin to light up once you’ve had the safe amount of sun for you that day.

After that, you can choose to cover up or get into the shade. You’ll be able to get enough sunlight for your health needs, but not so much that you put your skin in danger of damage.

If you struggle with bad posture and back pain, you’ll appreciate the Lumo Lift – Posture and Activity Tracker. This device is worn on your lower back and it will vibrate when you’re not sitting with proper posture.

It will also track your activity and keep up with how much time you spend sitting and how many steps you walk each day. This is a simple device that can help you to get in the habit of standing in a posture that supports your back more effectively.

This is just a sampling of the many devices available to improve your health and wellness. If you have a specific condition, you should consider finding a wearable technology device that will help you keep track of it and benefit your health.

There are thousands of Wearable tech devices on the market. We’ve carefully researched and reviewed some of the best ones, which include fitness trackers, wearable cameras, smart watches, heart rate monitors, sleep monitors, GPS tracking devices, and more.  

Wearable Technology for Fitness & Wellness

One of the areas where you’ll find the most wearable technology is that of fitness. Most people want to look and feel their best, but it can be hard to develop healthy habits of exercise, good sleep, and good nutrition.

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Wearable technology offers some support to help motivate you to incorporate healthy habits. You can find personalized coaching, competitions, and trackers that simply help you stay on top of your goals.

One of the most popular devices on the market is the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband. This is a small tracking device that you wear on your wrist. It’s very slim and doesn’t stand out.

It tracks your steps, the distance you run or walk, the number of calories you’ve burned and your minutes of activity throughout the day. And this little device will even monitor how much sleep you get – and even your sleep quality.

It also has a silent alarm that vibrates to wake you up in the morning so that you don’t wake your sleeping partner. You can also set daily goals and the small LED lights will help you see if you’re closing in on those targets throughout the day.

You can sync the Fitbit to your smartphone so that you can track your information, set goals, and see your progress over time. This is one of the most popular devices, but there are several others on the market with similar features – though each one has its own unique style and purpose.

For example, the Garmin Vivofit will allow you to add a heart rate monitor to your tracker so that you can make sure you’re in the target zone for burning fat and getting in shape.

It also will prompt you to move throughout the day. The screen has a “Move Bar” that will light up when you’ve been inactive for an hour. If you walk for a few minutes, the light will reset for another hour.

These little chunks of activity add up to a lot of steps and improved fitness. The Vivofit also looks at your data and gives you a personal fitness goal each day so that you can make progress and feel more motivated.

If, in addition to your activity levels, you want to keep up with your oxygen levels and your heart rate, the Withings Pulse O2 Activity, Sleep, and Heart Rate + SPO2 Tracker for iOS and Android is a great choice.

This device can be worn on your wrist – or you can clip it to your belt or pocket. It will track your steps, the distance that you walk or run, and the calories you burn. It will also track vital information.

To monitor your heart rate and your oxygen levels, all you have to do is push your finger on the back of the device. You’ll hold it there for a couple of seconds and your pulse will display your levels of oxygen.

This is important if you have health conditions that require you to monitor these numbers. But if you’re interested in improving your fitness and endurance, this information is also very helpful.

Athletes, in particular, use this information for training. This device doesn’t require you to have a strap on your chest or any other type of equipment. And it will sync the information right to your smartphone.

The Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor also tracks your activity levels and sleep. But what makes this device different is its sleek display. It has a round face like a watch with 12 tiny LED lights.

The more active you are throughout the day, the more lights will glow. You can also use it as a watch that tells time if you choose. The face is usually worn on the wrist, but you can also purchase a pendant or clip to wear it in different ways.

While we usually think of adults wearing activity trackers, children (and even pets) can get it on the action. With the LeapFrog LeapBand, your child is able to wear an activity tracker that motivates him to move.

This is an interactive device that has over 50 activities that challenge your little one to move. For example, he might be asked to move like a specific animal or learn a new dance.

Kids can also collect activity points throughout the day that they can use to take care of their digital pet. For example, they can give their pet a bath or toy with points they’ve earned.

This device also helps kids learn how to tell time and has lessons about nutrition and healthy habits. As a parent, you can set limits on the device that keep kids from playing in the middle of the night or when they’re at school.

And this device is made to take the wear and tear that kids will place on it. The screen is protected by more than one layer to prevent it from cracking and shattering.

If you’re worried that your dog isn’t getting enough activity throughout the day, the Whistle Activity Monitor for Dogs can help you to see what’s going on and help your dog develop healthier habits – with your help.

This little device attaches to your dog’s collar and will track her activity. It will help you see how much exercise she gets as well as how much time she spends inactive.

With this information, you can begin to set health goals for your pet by increasing activity levels a little at a time. This will sync with your smart device to allow you to log your dog’s nutrition, medication, and set new goals.

And even if you’re not home, you can take a look at your pet’s activity levels. This device is designed to be water-resistant and can handle the dirt and grime that’s common for pet devices.

The Tractive Motion Pet Activity Tracker is another device that helps you keep track of your dog’s activity levels. This device will place your pet’s activity level into one of three categories – lazy, active, or dynamic.

Over time, you can see how much activity your dog is getting and work to increase it a little at a time if needed. This gadget also monitor’s your pet’s temperature and the brightness of her environment.

While most people use this device for dogs, it’s small enough to use for cats. If your feline is overweight, you can monitor how much activity she’s getting and work to help her exercise more and achieve better fitness.

There are thousands of Wearable tech devices on the market. We’ve carefully researched and reviewed some of the best ones, which include fitness trackers, wearable cameras, smart watches, heart rate monitors, sleep monitors, GPS tracking devices, and more.  

Wearable Technology for Fun and Sports

Wearable technology is especially interesting when it comes to fun and sports. There are many different ways you can use technology to enhance adventures and improve your performance.

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Golfers probably benefit most from wearable technology devices. There are several items on the market that work to analyze your golf swing and help you improve your game.

For example, the SwingTIP golf Swing Analysis and Coaching System attach to your golf club and syncs to your smart device. It measures several variables about your swing and then helps you see what you’re doing well and where you can improve.

It also has built-in coaching to help you make adjustments and get solid practice. The Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer is a similar device, but instead of attaching to your clubs, this device clips to your golf glove.

There are also small devices you can use for golf by clipping them to your waistband or sliding them into your pocket. Rather than analyzing your swing, these actually work to analyze your entire golf game using GPS technology.

The GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System is one such device. It helps you see your distances, your fairway accuracy, and how well you putt at the hole. You can also share information with friends or even a golf pro who is working with you on your game.

Zepp also makes swing analyzers for baseball and tennis. These devices attach to your racket or your bat and collect information about your swing. This can then be analyzed to help you improve your game.

If you’re a basketball player or coach, you’ll love the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball. This device looks like a standard basketball and plays like one, too. But the entire time you use it, it’s collecting information about your activity.

It can be used indoors or outdoors and will measure your shot speed, accuracy, and ball handling. It will also provide you with instant feedback and has more than 50 built-in drills and competitions designed to help improve your play.

This is not so much a toy as it is a training device that can be used to improve your game. It can track information for up to 5 players at a time and is perfect for coaches who want to work with multiple players.

If you love outdoor adventure, a wearable camera may be the perfect technology for you. It’s hard to capture true adventure with a standard digital camera or smartphone. There can be too much motion – or conditions, such as water – that can ruin those devices.

But with a device designed to be worn in motion, you can capture anything from skiing to kayaking to surfing. For example, with the GoPro Hero3, you can wear or hold your camera – or attach it to just about any object.

It can take video or still photos that rival professionals. You’ll have automatic image stabilization so that your video isn’t too jumpy and the camera is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rain or splashes ruining the device.

There are waterproof cases you can put the camera in to ensure it doesn’t get wet. The camera will sync with your smartphone or tablet so that you can control it remotely and replay videos immediately.

The Sony HDRAS100V/W Video Camera is another similar device made to be splash proof and easily attached to a tripod or mount of your choice. You can attach your camera to handlebars, a vehicle, a boat, or any other device – you’ll just have to order the proper mount.

And if you’re on a tight budget, you might want the Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Video Camera to capture your activities. This is an economical choice that still provides you with high quality video in a wide variety of settings.

Smart watches are also devices that can add an element of fun and function to your life. These are watches that connect directly to your smartphone and allow you to get many features from your wrist, rather than having to dig out your phone from your pocket or purse.

Some smart watches only allow you to see your calls and messages and choose which ones to respond to – but you still have to use your phone to talk. For example, the Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android will sync with your phone and allow you to interact with it.

It also has a built-in music player and allows you to download apps to turn it into an activity tracker. You can also customize the face to give you the features and the look that you like best.

Other devices are more advanced and let you make and receive calls right from your wrist. For example, the Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch allows you to connect to your Samsung smartphone.

It allows you to make and receive calls and text messages. You can also use it as a camera for both still photos and videos. Just about anything you can do with your phone, you can do with the watch – but with some added features.

This smartwatch also lets you use it as an activity tracker and it has a heart rate sensor that’s built right into it. This is the kind of technology that was only found in movies a few years ago, but which is now a reality.

These can be very beneficial if you’re in a work environment and you need to keep track of important messages and calls, but don’t want to have your phone out in front of you.

The watch connects to your phone through Bluetooth technology, so there aren’t any cords to worry about. Your phone needs to be near you, but it doesn’t have to be right next to you for the devices to work.

Smartwatches are functional, but can also be fun for anyone who loves to have the latest gadget or gizmo to add to his collection. These can make great gifts for anyone in your life that loves technology.

Wearable Technology for Tracking and Safety

There are many reasons that a tracking device might make sense for you. Whether you want to keep track of a person, a pet, or a particular object, there is a tracking device that matches your needs.

There are also devices that specifically help you monitor a loved one for safety reasons. You can even find wearable technology devices that help you train your pet so that he’ll be safe around the family.

Most tracking devices require you to purchase the device as well as a subscription service for the use of satellites or cell service required for the device to operate.

It’s important to consider the cost of the subscription service along with the gadget. You may find an inexpensive device, but find that the monthly cost is a lot greater than that of a more expensive device.

One device is the PocketFinder Outdoor Personal GPS Locator. This small device can be attached to the clothing of your child, teenager, or even senior citizen.

At the touch of a button, you can see exactly where the locator is on a map. You can also set it to send alerts to your smartphone when the tracker is outside of specific areas or if the device is traveling higher than a specific speed.

This can give you peace of mind if you have a teenage driver or you have a loved one suffering from dementia or who has special needs. The Trax Personal GPS Tracker (Blue) is a similar device that can track whatever you desire.

This device syncs with any smartphone so that you can create personalized settings. In many countries, you’ll get two years of free service with this device, which can be a great value.

The Spy Spot Real Time Mini Portable GPS Tracker (model TT8850) is another small tracking device. This can be used to track people, but it can also be added to a vehicle to keep track of it.

In particular, many people use this tracker to keep track of fleet vehicles that are used for work. With this device, you’ll always be able to tell where your vehicles are and ensure their safety.

This device has a user-friendly interface that allows you to know in real time where an important person or belonging is at any given moment. This can connect to a smartphone or even a computer to get information.

If you’re always losing things, you’ll want to look at tracking tag devices. One of the most common systems is the LassoTag iBeacon. This is a small tag you can attach to just about any object you tend to lose – such as your keys, remote controls, backpacks, or purses.

The device connects to your smartphone through an app. And you can connect up to six tags with the app, so you can keep track of many items at one time. You’ll be able to find your item’s location and you can also set the app to alert you when you get too far away from your item.

This is perfect for the items that just seem to get away from you – especially if you have kids. With this device, you’ll never have to worry about lost keys again and you can be sure that you keep track of your purse and other valuable items.

If there’s a senior in your life who wants to live independently, but you worry about whether or not he is healthy or taking his medication, there are wearable technology items that can come to the rescue.

For example, the Lively Activity Sensors for Living Independently is a system that allows you to know if your senior is going through her typical routine. You’ll be able to verify that she’s taken her medication, eaten regularly, and you’ll be alerted to unusual activity – such as a fall or lack of movement over an extended period of time.

You can also share photos and messages through the device. It uses cell service to transmit information, so you’ll have a monthly fee. But that fee is well worth the peace of mind.

Speaking of peace of mind, not many people worry more than a new parent. When you have a tiny infant, you worry that anything could go wrong and there are real risks for issues such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness Ribbon Mouse Pad.

There are many baby monitors on the market, but modern technology allows even more monitoring with wearable sensors. For example, the Levana Oma Portable Baby Movement Monitor that clips on, allows you to get instantly informed if your baby has stopped breathing.

The small sensor clips to your baby’s diaper and presses right up against his abdomen. It can measure tiny movements from breathing and if more than 15 seconds go by with no movement, the sensor will vibrate to help stimulate movement.

After 20 seconds of no movement, you’ll get an audible alert that tells you it’s time to check on your baby. This is a wireless device and will work well in any area where your baby sleeps.

You can also purchase systems that include audiovisual monitoring along with the movement sensor. This is an incredible advance in baby monitoring that will allow you to get a better night’s sleep while your baby is resting.

If you have children who are just learning to swim or don’t swim but will be around water, the iSwimband is a device that can prevent drowning. Of course you need to watch your child in the water, but most drowning actually occurs among children who are being supervised.

This device gives you that extra level of protection. You can set it to alarm you when it gets wet at all for non-swimmers or if it’s underwater for more than a specific period of time for those who are still learning.

If you have several children to monitor, you can connect more than one band to your smartphone or tablet and monitor everyone at one time. This can really help you to have peace of mind whether you’re at the beach or a backyard pool.

Pets are often furry family members that can get out of the yard and escape into surrounding areas. There are several wearable devices that are specifically designed to help keep track of pets so that you don’t lose them.

For example, the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker can be added to your dog’s or cat’s collar and allow you to keep tabs on them at all times. You can create an invisible perimeter and set alerts to tell you that your pet has wandered too far away.

If you come home and notice that your pet is missing from the house or backyard, you can easily look at your smart device to determine exactly where she is.

And if you have a dog that needs to be trained in order to be safe around the family, you can also use find wearable training devices. These are usually collars that use vibration, tone, or electric stimulation to help train your dog.

The Garmin Delta Dog Training Collar is one such device. This comes with the collar and a handheld device that works within a half mile of the collar. You can program the controller for different dogs and use it to apply the correction to your dog while training her.

As you can see, wearable technology provides solutions for many different situations. Whether you want to keep track of someone or something you love, you want to capture your adventures on video, or you want to improve your health or athletic performance – there’s a device for you.

Wearable technology provides you with convenience, custom choices, portability, and in many cases peace of mind. Manufacturers are continually releasing wearable tech with more advanced features at a very affordable cost to consumers.

There are thousands of Wearable tech devices on the market. We’ve carefully researched and reviewed some of the best ones, which include fitness trackers, wearable cameras, smart watches, heart rate monitors, sleep monitors, GPS tracking devices, and more.

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