What is Tailor’s Bunion Causes & Treatments

Bunions refer to the abnormal growth of bones around the area where your big and small toes meet your foot. A regular bunion is found on the big toe, and a tailor’s bunion on the small one. A tailor’s bunions are similar to regular bunions but grow in different places. The typical bunions are found below the … Read more

Can Shoes Correct Bunions?

Bunions are a common foot deformity that can be painful and difficult to treat. While there are many surgical options to correct bunions, many people are looking for nonsurgical treatments. Can Shoes Correct Bunions? One nonsurgical treatment option is the use of shoes to correct bunions. Shoes that are designed to correct bunions can provide … Read more

5 Tips for Truckers New to the Game

The United States has a considerable shortage of truckers new to the game. This shortage has driven wages up for professional haulers, which has inspired a new cadre of fresh faces to join the industry.  New truckers can find it challenging to adapt to life on the road and even harder to find jobs efficiently. … Read more