4 Common Lawn Sprinkler Issues Every Homeowner Should Know

During the springtime, you may find that your sprinklers need to be fixed more effectively than you would like them to. These Lawn Sprinkler Issues may include clogged sprinkler heads, ineffective head heights, and even leaking sprinklers.

You have a lawn sprinkler system, but you don’t know how to fix it when something goes wrong. Sprinkler systems can be expensive, and most people don’t know how to fix them.

Read this article to learn how you can easily fix common sprinkler issues!

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4 Lawn Sprinkler Issues in 2023

1. Damaged Sprinkler Heads

Keeping your lawn healthy means identifying and fixing damaged sprinkler heads. Damaged heads can cause mist, ponding water, and brown spots on the grass. They can also affect the overall spray pattern of the system.

There are several causes of broken sprinkler heads, including lawnmowers, cars, edging tools, and lawn traffic. Once you identify a problem, you can repair the head yourself or hire a lawn irrigation professional from Omni Sprinkler to help.

If you notice that not all lawn areas receive water from your sprinkler heads, you should inspect the heads for any cracks or tears. If you see holes, you can repair them by removing the broken head and repairing the holes.

Debris can also collect around a sprinkler head, disrupting the spray pattern. It’s essential to clean out debris from around the head before attempting to replace it.

2. Ineffective Head Height

Having a lawn sprinkler is a great way to keep your lawn green, but you’ll need to take steps to ensure it is working correctly. Common lawn sprinkler problems include broken heads, clogged filters, and water pipe leaks. 

Broken heads may not be the most crucial lawn sprinkler problem, but it’s still worth considering. Broken sprinkler heads may not be able to reach the areas of your lawn that you need to water, and they could be spraying into your driveway or sidewalk. Replace those outdated sprinkler heads if necessary.

Other common lawn sprinkler problems include water pipe leaks and sprinkler head misalignment. If you have a water pipe leak, you’ll want to check your main sprinkler valve and see if it’s working correctly. If it is, you can use the valve’s flow control stem to turn down the pressure.

3. Leaking Sprinklers

Identifying leaks in your sprinkler system can help you protect your lawn. They can seriously harm your landscape and can increase your water bill. If you see leaks, it’s essential to get them repaired quickly.

Your irrigation system may leak if your water bill increases unexpectedly. If you cannot identify the leak’s cause, consider hiring a specialist.

Leaks in your irrigation system can cause damage to your lawn, garden, and home. Additionally, they can waste a lot of water, which will cost your family a lot of money.

You should always check your water meter regularly to ensure you use the proper water. If you use more than you should, your water company may raise its rates.

4. Springtime Damage to Sprinkler Heads

During springtime, it’s essential to perform regular inspections of your lawn’s sprinkler heads. If left unchecked, these components can break, cause water waste, and lead to lawn damage.

The first step in preparing your sprinkler system for spring is to clear out the debris that accumulates during winter. If you’re unsure how to perform this task, consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

Final Words

You will need to remove the sprinkler nozzle to access the head assembly. This will ensure that the sprinkler heads are adequately spaced. You may also need to trim shrubs to prevent obstructions.

After removing the nozzle, you can reinsert it into the desired setting. Once you’ve done this, you can check the water pressure to ensure that the water is running cleanly.

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