7 Key Characteristics of a Good Moving Company That You Need to Look Out For

Good Moving Company Overview: Choosing the best moving company involves considering a variety of factors and if done right, it can make the whole thing easier and safer for you. Moving is, without a doubt, a stressful task which demands a lot of focus and accuracy.

If you choose to do it yourself, chances are you will not be able to do the job as well as a professional moving company. This puts both your physical health and the integrity of your stuff at risk. Not everyone is skilled or has the equipment to pack anything and move the bulkier stuff in an efficient way.

This is why you need to hire a moving company and we are going to show you what you need to look out for before sealing the deal. Following are some key things to consider when hiring any moving service for your residential or commercial move.

1. They Have Great Reviews and Ratings

You can visit the website of any local moving service and read the comments there. This will give you a pretty clear idea about whether you should choose these people for your move or not.

Some moving companies are also rated by google and you can also see the rating from there to get a clearer idea.

2. Licensed Companies are More Reliable

A license shows that the relevant authorities have acknowledged a certain moving company and you can trust them without any worry. Make sure the moving company you have picked is registered and has a valid USDOT number from the department of transportation.

This usually helps you decide quickly and you feel quite confident in the abilities of the moving company that possesses such licenses.

3. Packing and Moving Supplies

A great moving service will take a look around your house and will tell you exactly how much packing supplies you need and how they plan on moving the bulkier stuff with zero risks.

They know how to pack the delicate stuff using furniture pads, and bubble wraps and have the right tools to carry this stuff outside the house. This way a moving company can do your packing and loading in a way that saves your time and ensures your stuff stays protected.

4. Storage Service

Though you might not need to use the storage of a moving company, it is still a good idea to ask if they provide this service or not. A moving service with a storage facility is usually well established since it shows that they can take care of every aspect of your moving.

So, ask if they have the storage option available for you and how much will it cost, to find out whether they offer it or not and decide accordingly.

5. Customer Care

One thing that helps a lot to make you feel relaxed while moving is knowing that the people you have hired listen to your every need and respond in a way that removes your every doubt completely.

A small local moving business with great customer care service will answer your every query in detail and you will be quite satisfied from the moment you contact them for the first time to get a quote until the moving is done.

6. They Provide Inventory

Every professional mover will be glad to make a list of every small and large item that they are going to put in their truck. Offering an inventory shows that the company you have picked is trustworthy and reliable.

This also gives you peace of mind knowing that you are able to account for everything upon arrival at your new location.

When you are moving to a new place, you might also need the services of an electrician. You need to know how to hire a good electrician that sets up the electricity system around your new place.  

7. They Have Insurance

A company that has the necessary insurance will mean that you will be fully compensated if you suffer any loss and no blame will fall upon you in case someone gets injured while moving.

Consider insurances such as worker’s compensation insurance, commercial property insurance, and CGL, etc. This ensures you do not end up with a risky company and put your moving process in unreliable hands.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the main things to look out for in a moving company for your commercial or residential relocation. Hiring such services can make your move quicker, more productive, and risk-free. They know their stuff and have the necessary experience to come up with quick solutions regarding your every moving issue.

We hope you are able to use this information the best possible way and to find the most trustworthy moving company for yourself as soon as possible.   

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