Abandoned Places Near Me? Find 11 Abandoned Locations In The World

Many places in the world once used to be occupied or even crowded by the residents of the native place. Do you look for the Abandoned Places Near Me?

With time and people moving from here and there, abandoning places became common. Some buildings and theatres have been abandoned near you for a variety of reasons.

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Here is a list of the top 11 places that have been abandoned with time.

The Nearest Abandoned Places In The World Around You

1. Pripyat, Ukraine

After the massive explosion at reactor number 4 at the Chernobyl power plant, the town was completely evacuated.

Most of its population experienced headaches, nausea, and dizziness. The threat of poisoning due to the radiation led to creating an exclusion zone of 18 miles. The city today looks exactly similar like it was left.

2. Akarma, Abkhazia

Abkhazia used to be a destination for holidays with busy railway lines and transport. However, the conflicts between people led to the abandonment of this place.

Once filled with residents and coal mines, it remains deserted today. It serves as a tourist attraction for people, but the wide streets and the architecture remind of the glory the town once had.

3. Craco, Italy

It is a town situated in Southern Italy. There was a significant population here, and a university was also situated at its height.

But the history of Craco is filled with troubles, like the spreading of a plague in the 1600s and a series of natural disasters. All of these lead to the town’s abandonment, and today it is being used as a film set for movies.

4. Maunsell Forts, England

These forts were built during World War II for defense against Germany. While some forts succumbed in the rivers, others remain standing intact in the estuaries of river Thames & Mersey.

5. Aral Sea ship graveyard

The Aral Sea once was one of the largest lakes in the world, but the size is shrinking with passing time.

Today, the Sea is only 10% of its original size, and what is left now is a huge graveyard of sunken ships.

6. Aniva Lighthouse, Russia

Many lighthouses are abandoned in the world, but Eniva lighthouse has a dramatic setting. Once widely used, now it is a nesting place for birds.

7. Kyiv metro tunnels, Ukraine

The metro tunnels contain very long-abandoned areas underneath the city. The metro tunnels’ construction started in the 90s but never got completed.

8. The village of death, India

The village Kulandhar, situated in Rajasthan, lies abandoned by the people due to its bizarre history.

Decades ago, the people of the village started disappearing and were never seen after that. It now stands as a constant reminder of its past events.

9. Kolmanskop, Namibia

The town used to be a mining destination. People started living here for the massive diamond industry, but the mines’ lifespan was short, and soon, the city was abandoned due to the natural disasters of the desert.

The town today is covered in knee-deep sand but can be visited even today with a permit.

These are some of the most talked-about nearby abandoned places in the world.

They used to be beautiful and lively once, but time took a toll on them, and today they are nothing but an eerie remainder of the history.

10. San-Zhi Taiwan 

These futuristic pods were constructed in 1978 funded by the Taiwan Government to serve as a summer villa for the rich and elite. But as quickly as the construction started, it ended even quicker due to lack of funding and drainage of capital.

Subsequently, the company responsible for the construction went bankrupt, and the project came crumbling down.

The other reason behind the halt in the construction process was the superstition surrounding the piece of land on which it was being built and fatal accidents, which were becoming more common than ever.

11. Angkor Wat, Cambodia 

This was the capital of the Khmer Empire found in the 9th-13th centuries. As the Thai armies tried and won in gaining control over the place, the citizen fled off eventually.

The Hindu decoration was replaced with Buddhist carving, transforming it into a Buddhist Shrine. The Buddhist monks preserve the place after its abandonment from 1431 to the 80s.

These are some of the most magnificent ramshackle you’ll witness in your life and great example of how a touch of nature can make a place look so divine even when it was left by humans to rot and succumb to nature and foliage surrounding it.

How To Locate The Closest Abandoned Buildings And Places?

The above recommendations for abandoned places are great but what if you cannot afford to travel in situations such as COVID-19?

You can find closeby cool abandoned places to explore by using EasyNearMe’s locator which is totally free for everyone to use. Simply, click on their Google Map to see the location close to you.

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