The Importance Of A Soft Toss Machine In 2021 [Indepth Guide]

Every sport has its requirement of practicing to be professional. For baseball, you have many techniques to improve even when you are a pitcher or a batter.

The point is:

“What will you do to speed up the improvement?”

Maybe you are thinking to practice and train hard to do everything fluently. However, a smart person will look for a tool or machine that helps them in practice.

And, today we want to share with you the importance of a soft toss machine, a soulmate in every of your baseball training.

As long as you use a soft toss machine, you will realize its essential role for baseball players. It helps you save your time, increase the intensity, correct your technique, etc.

Thus, let’s check the information below and gain a perspective of a soft toss machine.

Best Soft Toss Machines [Top 5 Comparison]

Top Rated
Jugs Toss Machine
Jugs Toss Machine
  • Baseball or softball tossing machine designed to improve hand-eye coordination
  • Holds up to 14 baseballs or 10 softballs; tosses one ball every 5 seconds
  • Internal rechargeable battery runs continuously for up to 8 hours
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Editor Choice
Personal Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine w/48 Small Balls (Golf Ball Size) for Baseball or Softball Tra
Personal Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine w/48 Small Balls (Golf Ball Size) for Baseball or Softball Tra
  • 60 ball capacity with auto-feed (includes 4 dozen practice balls)
  • 4 adjustable speed settings (simulating 15-95 mph) including soft toss
  • Throws left-handed & right-handed curveballs, fastballs & soft toss
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SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Baseball Pitching and Fielding MachineSKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Baseball Pitching and Fielding Machine
  • Works on both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game
  • Builds visual acuity and hitting accuracy
  • Automatically tosses regulation baseballs and practice balls every 8 seconds
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Heater Sports Power Alley 11Heater Sports Power Alley 11″ Softball Pitching Machine
  • Features. throws 11 in softballs at variable speeds up to 40 mph. adjustable pitch height.
  • Tubular steel legs with rubber tips. fully enclosed wheel. uses standard a/c power.
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Louisville Slugger Apex Soft Toss/Tee Training SystemLouisville Slugger Apex Soft Toss/Tee Training System
  • Department name: unisex-adult
  • Included components: 1 soft toss and tee
  • Material type: plastic aluminum
  • Sport type: baseball softball tennis
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What Can We Get From Using A Soft Toss Machine?

There are many benefits found during the process of using a soft toss machine. If you are a new user, you should check them to take advantage of all the beneficial features it has.

1 For baseball training

As walking around the baseball course, it is easy to find out some baseball players use a soft toss machine.

You probably wonder:

“Why do they need to use this machine?”

Practice alone:

The reason is simple as a batter cannot practice by himself, so he needs a partner to throw balls. In case that he practices alone, so what could he do to practice? Of course, the answer is to use a soft toss machine.

All the team can save time as they can practice without any help from others. You can use it to practice at home or anywhere you want. What’s a convenience!

Time- and effort-saving

As you know, every time a batter hits a ball, it will fly out of his range. The more power you use for hitting, the more distance it will pass. It means you need to put a lot of effort into picking them.

Thus, if you use a soft toss machine with a net that can stop the ball flight, you can save time of picking balls.

It also indicates that as long as you use this machine to practice, you are trying more hard than other players.

Improve technique for batter

For batter/hitter position, technique is vital. A person with good technique can increase his accuracy in hitting a ball.

Therefore, most players want to use a soft toss machine in practice to self-assess the technique. If you have a coach, he can observe your movements consecutively and determine your weakness to improve the technique.

In the case of playing alone, you can use a camera to record video. The repeat of the process also helps you realize your mistakes easily.

Get a comfortable feeling when you hit a ball.

Some people are not familiar with the feeling of hitting a ball, so they cannot maximize the performance.

It happens in some situations. For example, when you have a new bat, you need time to get used to hitting with it.

You can practice without a soft toss machine, but it is hard to get the exact feeling you want. That’s why a soft toss machine is the perfect option at this moment.

You have to repeat the hitting move many times, so it just takes a little time to have a good feeling of hitting a ball.

2. For relaxation

Despite playing baseball for any purpose, one of them is always relaxation.

Hitting a ball helps you reduce the stress after a day of working hard. Some people consider it as an effective method to relax whenever they are sad, or they are under consideration for something.

In conclusion, a soft toss machine is necessary to have as it brings consecutive feelings of satisfaction. The effect of hitting balls repeatedly help you get rid of the stress and unwind your soul. It shares the same mechanism with a method of sheep counting.

3. For health improvement

There are a lot of things to say about it, but we only mention the primary ones.

Whenever you exercise, your health is better by improving blood circulation, supporting for other diseases such as heart attack, stroke, etc.

Playing baseball with a soft toss machine also gives you health benefits. Because of consecutive excercises, this machine helps burn calories well, improve the muscle, increase concentration ability, and gain other physical and mental meditations.

How To Get A Good Soft Toss Machine?

We will not show an in-depth buying guide because there are many instructions on the Internet.

These guides give you a list of the top best soft toss machines and some tips in choosing a suitable one. Some reviews are useful as the author experiences products truly, but some are not good.

Therefore, to save your time in investigating, we recommend using reviews from Gondeee, a reliable sport-review website.

They bring to you the right perspective of soft toss machines, the best products in the market, pros and cons, etc. All the information will benefit you and help you choose the most suitable one.


As long as you play baseball or some sports like softball, a soft toss machine is necessary as it brings great experience.

The purpose of checking this article is to remind yourself about the conveniences this machine brings. It’s hard to show all the benefits you can have from using it, so it’s better if you can experience one. Hopefully, you can gain useful information from this topic. After all, if you wonder which soft toss machine is the best for yourself, you can find some related posts in Gondeee. They have a lot of reviews about it as their recommended products will not make you disappointed.

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