Sony Strdh550 5 2 Channel 4k Av Receiver 2021 [Indepth Review]

Sony strdh550 5 2 channel 4k av receiver

Overview: The Sony STRDH550 might look small, but this AV receiver can deliver entertainment – enhanced unlike other models. It has 5.2 channels and packs 725 watts. You can use your iPhone or your iPod with it thanks to the HDMI inputs. You get four of these on this model along with analog connections and digital inputs. With this many inputs, you can add other devices. You can connect your Sony PlayStation or your Blu-Ray device.

The system has a USB port centrally located on the front of the receiver for users to be able to hook up a smartphone or whatever. This feature also gives users the option to share content such as music or images and project it onto their television.

The system has upscaling at its best, but for this ability, you will need a 4K television. The upscaling feature means that your content will be given to you with clear, crisp sound. When you get ready to use the system for the first time, it has auto calibration for perfect sound every time. It also offers high resolution playback as much as 48K, 16-bit PCM.

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By using the pass-through, you don’t have to power up everything with the system. This feature allows consumers to use only the device that they want on such as their Blu-Ray player. As the 4K technology continues to grow in popularity, the ability to pass through makes a difference in whether you’ll need to upgrade or not. Because this model already has that, you won’t need to upgrade.

The sound is top of the line because of the DSP technology. This feature lets viewers hear the sounds with more depth and a variety of levels. You’ll be able to hear the difference in each audio presentation. The system has night mode, pure direct, auto and direct tuning and auto standby. It also has sleep timer and pass-through ability when off. The setup is fast because of the Digital Cinema Auto Calibration.

All users have to do is make sure that everything is connected. Once it’s connected, you simply use the remote to go through the easy to follow directions. It only takes minutes to have it up and running. This system doesn’t allow Bluetooth and doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi. The lack of Wi-Fi means that you can’t stream music. However, it can be used with MP3 or WAV.

Regardless of not having Wi-Fi or Bluetooth ability, this is a good, dependable entry-level model for people who don’t like a lot of extras. Like other models, you’ll also need to purchase the HDMI cable as a separate accessory.


  • 5.2 Ch. 725W A/V Receiver (145 W x 7 at 6 ohms, 1 kHz, THD 0.9%)
  • Enhanced use via On Screen Display and streamlined remote
  • Supports high-res file (192k, 24-bit) playback via USB

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