Useful Apps For Smart Blinds

Using voice-activated controls is becoming more popular to control window treatments. While some consumers may be skeptical of these useful apps for smart blinds, they offer many benefits. If you’ve ever wondered how you can manage your blinds, consider installing a set of smart blinds like those from Treaty Oak Shade Company to automate your daily routine.

You can control your blinds by using your voice, too! You’ll be surprised by how convenient this can be!

5 Useful Apps For Smart Blinds

1. PowerView(r) Hub

If you’re using a smart home system to control your blinds and shades, the PowerView(r) Hub will make the process much easier. After downloading the app, connect the hub to your home WiFi network. Once connected, you can pair your shades or blinds with the hub, control the brightness level, and more. All of these functions can be accessed by tapping or swiping on your smartphone or tablet.

The PowerView(r) Motorisation system includes wall-mounted remotes and easy-to-use remotes. This system is fully compatible with smart-home systems, including Alexa, so that you can operate your blinds and shades from anywhere.

You can also create custom Scenes and schedule them to run throughout the day. And thanks to its app, you can even control your shades with an Apple device. Android devices are also compatible with PowerView(r) Motorisation.

2. Current Products E-Wand

The E-Wand for smart blinds is a battery-powered device that converts manual blinds with wands into automated systems. It’s the most popular automation kit on Amazon. It replaces the regular wand with a sleek, battery-powered remote control that lets you operate your blinds from anywhere in the room. In addition, the device includes a heat sensor and grouping options for multiple blinds.

The E Wand comes with a mountable remote control and has three automation modes: fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. The semi-automatic mode automatically opens half the blinds and allows some light into the room.

The E-Wand runs on alkaline batteries, making it a convenient and easy-to-install device. However, while the system has two main types of controls – remote control and a wand – it can’t connect with smart speakers, which is not ideal for all applications.

3. Sunsa Wand

With the Sunsa Wand for smart blinds, you can easily control your window treatments through your smartphone. The wand works with both horizontal and vertical blinds. It can also control mini blinds.

Users can schedule when they want to open the blinds. They can even set the temperature of the room. And the wand is also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. Once installed, the Sunsa Wand is simple to operate and works with various blinds.

The Sunsa Wand is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo. If you’d like to buy one, the crowdfunding campaign ends on September 28. There are some awesome perks for backers of the project, including three tips and adapters.

And if you’re still unsure whether to purchase one or several, read on to learn more about the device’s benefits. In addition to the Sunsa Wand, there are several other benefits of buying one for your home.

4. Clever(tm) Tilt 2

Smart blinds can be hard to install, but a few simple tricks can make them work just fine. Most solutions use batteries or an outlet. Batteries don’t draw as much power as you think, and the motor only runs when you pull the slats up or down.

Lastly, a smart blind is a smart home accessory. You can choose one that works with Alexa or Google Assistant and has an app that allows you to control your shades from anywhere.

Soma makes two different motorized blinds. The Tilt 2 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and connects to your smart home hub via Bluetooth or Ethernet. It can also be programmed to open and close itself automatically and respond to voice commands.

In addition, the Tilt 2 is Bluetooth controlled, so you won’t need to buy a separate hub for this feature. But if you’d like to integrate Soma with Google Assistant, you’ll need to purchase the Soma Connect bridge.

5. Pebble Surface

The Pebble Remote is a sleek handheld control that lets you control up to six different window treatments. Its arrow controls are easy to use, and its stylish design makes it easy to spot in any room.

Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, the Pebble Remote features scene controllers and allows you to create and save your favorite scenes. In addition to remote control and scene controller, the Pebble Surface is a wall-mounted option.

The Pebble Remote controls up to six shades and is available in two colors. The Pebble Scene Controller includes a display screen that lets you choose which shades to raise or lower and can be paired with the Pebble Remote for even easier control.


The remote’s colors match the face of the Pebble Surface, so they blend in well with the decor of any room. In addition to the Pebble Remote, the Pebble Surface is compatible with the Handheld Pebble Remote and comes in a neutral color.

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