6 Useful RV Toilet Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

RV Toilet Maintenance Tips: When maintaining your RV, toilet maintenance is one of the first things that you need. An RV toilet is one of the most frequently used items in your RV. You need to make sure that you maintain it properly if you want it to stay functional for a long period of time.

RV toilet cleaning and maintenance are quite simple. You don’t need to go through a lot of struggle for maintaining the RV toilet. There are some basic maintenance essentials that you can keep in your mind to make your RV toilet stay in its best shape.

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Here are 6 useful RV toilet maintenance tips that you need to know

1. Use the Right Chemicals

There is special kind of chemicals that you can buy from the market to clean the RV toilet. Since RV toilets are made with slightly different materials than standard toilets, you can’t use the standard chemicals on these toilets as they are going to ruin the material.You can get an RV toilet chemical that helps break down the solid waste and keep the odors away.

2. Use the Right Toilet Paper

You can buy dissolvable toilet paper and use it with your RV toilet. These toilet papers don’t create waste and since they get dissolved, you won’t have to face problems such as toilet blockages.

The dissolvable toilet papers take all the nasty odors with them and get dumped in the waste tank. This way, the bathroom space remains odor-free, and you won’t have to use any kind of air freshener to get rid of the odor.

3. Don’t Forget to Dump the Tank

RV toilets work with a closed holding tank. You need to empty the tank regularly because if you don’t do that, it can affect the performance of the RV toilet.

So, make a schedule to dump the tank regularly and make sure to stick to it no matter what. You need to wash the tank now and then as well. This will help prolong the life of the RV toilet. You can look for the best RV toilet products for your RV to find the one with easy-to-dump tanks.

4. Turn off the Bathroom Vent Before Flushing

If you have installed a vent in your RV’s bathroom space, don’t turn it on when flushing. Make sure that the vent is turned off before you flush the toilet. If you leave the vent turned on, it will make the odor get mixed up in the air. The odor is likely to spread to the entire RV in this case.

5. Clean the Toilet Regularly

You need to clean the RV toilet regularly, along with the rest of your RV. The idea of cleaning the RV toilet might come off as something that you are not particularly excited about, it is still something that you must do. If you don’t clean the toilet, the odor won’t go away, and it can make the bathroom space a haven for germs.

You can use a non-invasive chemical for cleaning the RV toilet as it doesn’t affect the material of the toilet. You don’t need to put a lot of effort into cleaning the toilet as you can do it quite easily as compared with a traditional toilet. 

6. Don’t do Rough Treatment

When cleaning the RV toilet, you might feel tempted to overdo it in the hopes of thoroughly cleaning it. There is no need to be aggressive with cleaning an RV toilet. These toilets are not as rugged as standard toilets, and they won’t be able to withstand rough treatment.

Instead, you can clean the RV toilets gently to get the same results. These toilets are made this way because a heavy-built would put pressure on the RV.

End Notes

There are different designs and shapes of RV toilets that you can find out there. Some of these products come with maintenance tips that you might need to keep in mind. The RV toilet maintenance tips that we have talked about here work for all RV toilet brands as they are the most common things you need to do to keep the RV toilet clean.

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