6 Fun Facts About Eyelashes That You Need to Know

Fun Facts About Eyelashes: Long eyelashes are the dream of almost every woman out there. The size, shape, and design of these lashes are very important for a killer makeup look. This is the reason why so many people work really hard to grow better lashes using both natural and synthetic products.

There are so many cool things about lashes that people know nothing about and in this article, we will take you through some of these fun facts. We are pretty sure you will find this new information both fascinating as well as useful.

Here are six fun facts about eyelashes that will blow your mind

1. They Provide Protection

The lashes on your eyes protect these from things like dust, sweat, water, and other small particles that can harm your eyes. People with longer eyelashes have low chances of developing eye-related conditions. The eyelashes keep the pollutants away and allow you to have great eyesight for a long time.

2. They Have Several Growth Phases

Mainly your lashes grow in three phases. The first one is called the Anagen Period. In this period the active growth of lashes happens and they come out from the hair follicles.

Then comes the Catagen Period where the lashes start transitioning and taking a certain shape. The last phase is known as Telogen Phase. This is the resting period of the lashes. Generally, 90% of your lashes are in the active growth period where they grow on a daily basis at a rate of about 1.6mm.

It normally takes about 5 months for the lashes to complete all these stages of growth. The use of false lashes can sometimes escalate the decay process.

3. The Longest Recorded Eyelash

So far, the longest eyelash recorded is measured 8 inches or 20.5cm. They belong to a woman in China named You Jian Xia. The record was set in 2016 and so far, no one has been able to come even close to it.

The normal human eyelash is only about 10 millimeters or about half an inch long which is insane when you compare the number with the highest recorded value.

3. Tiny Mites Reside in Your Lashes

Before you freak out, let us assure you that these mites are totally harmless. In fact, they are pretty important for the health of your lashes and eyes in general.

These little creatures are called Demodex and they remove dirt and debris from your eye hair follicles. If not for these mites, your hair follicle of lashes can actually get blocked and that often leads to infections and eyesores.

4. Eyelashes Fall Out Daily

The eyelash growth cycle is very short as compared to the hair in your head or other parts of the body. Usually, it only takes about 150 days for your eyelashes to regenerate. Your lashes actually fall on a daily basis after completing their growth cycle. Most people typically lose about one to five lashes on a daily basis.

5. Your Diet Affects the Lashes Growth

What you eat can affect the way your eyelashes look and feel. If you consume more vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, your lashes will grow longer and look healthier.

This is the reason why so many manufactures have developed oral remedies for making your lashes grow faster and better. You can use things like SugarBear lash serum and provide your body with the right type of nutrients to make your lashes grow better.

Final Words

These are some of the most exciting fun facts about lashes that you should know. Your lashes are so much important for your looks and overall health. This is why you need to make sure they stay in great shape.

If you are in the habit of pulling out lash hair, or you sleep with makeup especially mascara on your lashes, we suggest you stop at once otherwise you will have to face the consequences.

It is no fun wearing expensive and irritating false lashes since they can never replace the real ones. We hope you have found this information interesting and worth your time. We wish you the very best in your journey to grow stronger and better-looking lashes.

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