What is Southwestern Decorating Style?

What is Southwestern Decorating Style Overview: Bold or dull, vintage or contemporary, rich or simple, vintage rugs add timeless classic style to your home. From traditional to modern, contemporary to antique, there is a variety of rugs for any room in your house.

From high-end rugs featuring silk and other luxurious fabrics to low-cost rugs inspired by the American Indian lifestyle, vintage rugs are a great way to kick back and relax with style. The great thing about Southwestern decorating style is that they’re easy to find, easy to love, and easy to use.

What is southwestern decorating style?

Southwestern decorating style is a popular trend that many people are adopting in their homes. The secret ingredient of this style is the use of color and patterns, which create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for any home. It’s characterized by earthy colors such as browns, yellows, oranges, and deep reds with dark wood furniture pieces to give it an aged look.

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Whether you choose to display rugs with other vintage furnishings or create a focal piece on their own, vintage rugs and other artwork can pull together a look that’s unique to your home and your personality.

For example, some people love rugs featuring Native American patterns because of their bold, earthy colors and interesting patterns. Using this type of art along with southwestern accessories, such as pottery, can create a truly unique look that’s not over the top but makes a bold statement.

Why Rug Styles?

You can use vintage rugs in your interior decoration to create interesting effects without being too stylized. Sharp geometric lines, bold colors, and handmade works with imperfection are all common traits of vintage rugs that make them great for creating an interesting interior design.

For example, one interesting effect that’s popular among vintage rugs is a geometric pattern that has four different colors within it. Rather than using solid colors, you can use alternating shades of red and black or white and black. This creates a very unique and intriguing pattern that’s perfect for southwestern, American Indian, and Native art styles.

However, you don’t have to use a vintage rug to complete a southwestern, American Indian, or Native theme. Many times, contemporary art pieces and southwestern themes look best when they’re combined.

Using both vintage rugs and other modern designs will give you a look that’s not overdone. Instead of using bright colors, such as reds, oranges, and yellow, use soft pastels and greens for accent colors that complement southwestern, American Indian, and Native designs.

In addition to the styles that they come in, another thing to think about when choosing vintage rugs is whether or not you want to use real or synthetic materials. While real materials can create a more authentic look, synthetic fabrics tend to be less durable.

If you’d prefer a rug that’s made entirely from real or natural materials, then you should definitely consider hand knotted rugs. They’re often made from wool fibers, which are long lasting and easy to clean. Hand knotted rugs are also often machine washable, which is important if you have pets or children at home who may shed.


When choosing a rug style to buy vintage rugs online, it’s also important to think about color. With so many different colors available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Neutral shades are often popular for vintage rugs, especially because the rug styles weren’t designed to specifically accent certain colors. For example, instead of choosing a black and white rug to go with a light blue bedroom, choose a cream and chocolate color for a masculine room. The same goes for using reds, blues, and greens in a more feminine setting.

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