Best Elliptical Trainer For Small Spaces [Top 3 Review]

Overview: Looking for the best elliptical trainer for small spaces in the home for an effective low-impact workout but don’t want to spend big bucks? One of the following three machines may be the right one for you. Don’t be misled by the word “cheap”; it has nothing to do with quality. What I’m trying to say here is: low cost of ownership, or simply, affordable.

Guess what? A lot of elliptical trainers on the market can cost you several hundred or even several thousand dollars each to buy! But the 3 models which I’ve carefully researched will only cost you $100-$250 each…and yes, they work and they are all very popular. But please don’t try to compare any of them with a 1000-dollar machine. Get what I mean? 

What a lot of users also like about it is that it has no impact on the hips and ankles so it’s perfect for those who have arthritis or other joint problems. If you have a lot of weight to lose, this one can help take the strain off your joints.

Instant Saving For Elliptical Trainers [Deals]

It has a large and easy-to-read LCD that shows you how many calories you burn. Your time and speed are also monitored. This information comes in handy when you want to vary your workout.

Elliptical Trainer For Small Spaces [Top 3 Picks]

If you’re looking for an elliptical trainer that won’t take up a lot of space, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the top three picks for elliptical trainers and the Horizon Fitness Treadmill Troubleshooting tips that are perfect for small spaces.

1. Exerpeutic 1000Xl Elliptical [For Heavy Person]

The Exerpeutic 1000XI machine has stationary handlebars that allow you to focus your energy on your lower body alone. The pedals on this elliptical are large and ribbed so that keeps your feet from slipping while you’re exercising.

  • This machine can accommodate up to three hundred pounds of the user’s weight. Balance isn’t a problem with this machine because it doesn’t rock back and forth like some of the other bad models.
  • It also monitors your heart rate by using the pulse pads located on the stationary handles. This elliptical is a bit on the heavier side at eighty one pounds in weight, but it has transportation wheels that make it easy to move it from one room to another so lifting it won’t be an issue.
  • The wheels also enable you to slide it into a corner if you’re not using it. It’s also a relatively quiet machine so you can watch TV or listen to music while you’re exercising. This Exerpeutic model doesn’t have the jerky or bouncy motions that some other poorly designed low-cost ellipticals. It comes with dual directions so you can move the pedals either backward or forward and the pedals move smoothly in both directions.
  • The elliptical also doesn’t have a rubber smell like other models do. The pedals on this elliptical are made of plastic and only the handles are rubber, making them easier to grip. The stride length for the machine is 13 inches and the pedals are large without being so big that your feet slide around when you use them. There’s no way to adjust the stride length.
  • As you become more comfortable on the elliptical, you can increase the tension to give your body a better workout. This elliptical has 8 levels of tension and you can increase or decrease as you choose.
  • Some assembly is required but the instructions are thorough and easy to follow. The tools you’ll need to put the elliptical together are even included in the box. The LCD display needs two AA batteries to work.

2. Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer [Best Selling]

The Stamina In-Motion model number is 55-1610. It doesn’t look like an elliptical trainer? But it is, though it looks more like a “stepper”. You’ll be surprised to see how much people love this little fella (Hint: read customers’ reviews at Amazon).

Because it’s a foot only style elliptical, it fits under desks and inside closets easily.

An electronic monitor on the front of the trainer helps to track calories, the amount of strides you take and the exercise time that you spend on the machine. The trainer is made of sturdy steel so it’s long lasting.

The pedals are non-slick, making it simpler to walk off weight without worrying about slipping while you’re on the trainer. Some assembly is required, but it’s easy to put together. Supports user’s weight up to 250 lbs.

Because the trainer is lightweight, small and portable, you can move it anywhere you want it to go and use it in any room. It’s perfect for use in front of the TV or computer when you’re watching movies or shows and want to get some exercise in your schedule.

This trainer gives your lower body a great cardio workout which has some heart healthy benefits. The machine does have adjustable tension so that you can vary the intensity of your workout.

You can also change your routine as you get more comfortable with the exercise. This keeps you from hitting an exercise plateau. You can also change up your routine a little with the pedals.

You can choose to move the pedals forward or backward which gives you a little bit of variety with your exercise and helps your workout not to become boring. This elliptical trainer has a low impact design which is great for those who have arthritis in the leg joints or other joint problems.

The design protects your knees, your ankles and the back from pain or injuries while working out. It also works well for those who are going through rehabilitation. The trainer is gentle on healing injuries and aches.

This trainer is also very quiet. It’s small and lightweight body doesn’t make noise or squeak as you use it. It’s also very sturdy for a machine of its height and weight. There are also a variety of colors you can get. You can buy the machine in black, green, orange, or pink. If you’d prefer not to stand on the trainer, it’s also great to use for any kind of sitting exercise.

You can use both the forward and backward pedal options when using the elliptical trainer. Be sure that you pull the chair close enough to trainer so you’re not putting too much strain on your leg muscles as you work the pedals.

The trainer doesn’t come with a handle so you have to maintain your balance on it. However, keeping your balance is fairly easy because it’s so small. Not having any handles on the trainer also helps to build and strengthen your core muscles because they stay tensed as you keep your balance. If you want a handle, there is an adjustable one sold separately.

3. Sunny Air Walk Trainer [Editor Choice]

The Sunny Air Walk elliptical trainer (model# SF-E902) comes with the promise of no impact cardio. This means that exercising on this machine won’t cause your knees or your ankles to hurt. It also won’t cause other joint pain.

This is especially important for those with arthritis or weak joints. It also keeps strain off of the lower back. The machine weighs about thirty eight pounds and the maximum weight that it can hold is 220 pounds.

Because the trainer has moving handlebars, it allows you to get a full body workout without having to use any small weights as you walk. This trainer also has some nice features. It comes with a comfortable abdominal support pad that a lot of exercise machines don’t come with.

The pad is adjustable, but if you don’t want it, you can also remove it easily. By leaving off the abdominal support pad, you can increase your range of motion. The machine is well constructed and sturdy. It comes with an instruction manual that’s easy to understand. The elliptical is also fairly easy to set up, and the needed tools come with the machine’s purchase.

You won’t notice a lot of noise when you’re using this one either so you don’t have to worry about it drowning out a conversation or any music you might be listening to.

This elliptical is very compact and lightweight, making it easy to slide it from one room to another. It’s great for home or office use because when you’re not on it, you can push it to a corner and pull it back out when you’re ready for it again.

The machine is also foldable if you remove the locking pin. This allows you to slide the elliptical into a closet or under a bed for storage. The trainer has a small computer that provides calorie count, the total distance you walked and the amount of time you exercised.

Not all three show up at once, you have to choose which one you’d like to see while you exercise. It doesn’t have a heart rate monitor. Although the trainer doesn’t need anything for you to work it, the computer needs two AA batteries to run.

The elliptical also works more than just your arms and legs. It has a slight twisting motion to it when you use it so it also works your waist and abs without putting too much pressure on your hips. The stride of this elliptical is about 14 inches and the foot pedals have a textured grip so you don’t slip while exercising. Supports maximum user weight of 220 lbs.


In conclusion, the three best elliptical trainers for small spaces are the Exerpeutic 1000Xl Elliptical, Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer, and Sunny Air Walk Trainer. All three of these trainers are great for people who have limited space in their homes. They are all affordable and have great features that will help you get a great workout.

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