How To Troubleshoot Horizon Fitness Treadmill? [Complete Guide]

Fitness is an important part of every person’s life. Treadmills are a great way to stay in shape and improve your health. However, even the best equipment needs occasional maintenance and repair Treadmills. This article will teach you how to troubleshoot any problem with your Horizon Treadmill so that you can get back on track!

Have a problem (or some problems) with your Horizon treadmill? Do you want to troubleshoot your horizon treadmill?

How To Troubleshoot Horizon Fitness Treadmill?

Here, you can find several tips to help troubleshoot/rectify your problem (problems). Some of them may work for you but no guarantee.

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Safety Key:

Symptom : Console only displays dashes in the display window – Slot style key.

Possible cause #1: Safety key or reed switch is positioned incorrectly or safety key has failed.

Troubleshoot/Repair :
1. Verify that the safety key is in position and that it is secure.
2. Manually adjust the position of the reed switch trigger and/or the plastic tab on the console shell.
3. Replace the safety key if the plastic tab is broken replace the console shell.

Possible cause #2 : Failed reed switch.

Troubleshoot/Repair :
1. Short the switch connector on the upper board by using a flat blade screwdriver or by placing a jumper switch on the connector.
2. Engage reed switch manually to ensure its function
3. If the upper board still displays dashes then replace upper board. Otherwise replace reed switch.

Symptom : Console only displays dashes in the display window – Magnet style key.

Possible cause #1 : Safety key is positioned incorrectly or has failed.

Troubleshoot/Repair :
1. Remove safety key and reapply.
2. Test magnet.
3. Replace safety key.

Possible cause #2 : Failed reed switch.

Troubleshoot/Repair :
1. Short the switch connector on the upper board by using a flat blade screwdriver or by placing a jumper switch on the connector.
2. If the upper board still displays dashes then replace upper board. Otherwise replace reed switch.


Symptom : The elevation function is not working properly

Troubleshoot/Repair :
1. Double check that all connections are secure, especially the console cable. Unplug and reconnect the console cable to verify.
2. Unplug the treadmill from the wall outlet. Wait 60 seconds, allowing the lower board to discharge built-up energy.
3. Remove motor cover.
4. Verify that there are no lights lit on the lower circuit board.
5. Verify that all wires are securely and correctly placed on the lower circuit board, especially the large wire harness on the top of the circuit board with 12 different colored wires coming out of it.

Tip: Don’t forget to review the Advantages and Disadvantages according to Spine-Health to select the right and affordable treadmill for you in 2021.

Console Keys:

Symptom : All or some of the keys on the console do not work.

Troubleshoot/Repair : Massage Keypads
1. Unplug treadmill from wall outlet.
2. While standing on both side rails, firmly massage over all keys in a circular motion.
3. Plug in the treadmill and recheck console keys.

Troubleshoot/Repair : Upper Board Ribbon Cable Connections
1. Unplug treadmill from wall outlet. Wait 60 seconds, allowing lower board to discharge built up energy.
2. Remove screws that hold the console electronics to the console housing (picture below).

console housing

3. From the top of the console, gently lift the console faceplate and electronics from the console housing.
4. Verify that the ribbon cable (picture below) connections are properly and securely in place. The ribbon cable is a thin clear cable with white stripes that connects to the bottom of the upper board. The ribbon cable should fit snugly into place.

Troubleshoot/Repair : If only the quick keys are not working
The 2007 treadmills have a two-touch speed and incline function.
Press the quick speed key that you want and then the Enter or Confirm button to select that speed or incline.

Heart Rate Monitor:

Symptom : Can’t acquire/read heart rate.

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Troubleshoot/Repair :
1. Good contact with the grip is essential. Before taking pulse, stop walking and step on side rails and place hands on contacts.

2. Try gripping the handlebar contacts over the top, with your thumb next to your index finger instead of gripping it with your thumb under the handlebars.
3. Contact heart rate grips are not intended for continuous reading. Rather, try holding the grips for 10-20 seconds at a time for an accurate reading.
4. Static electricity can damage the heart rate grip receiver and/or grips and cause either an “HR” or no reading at all.

Symptom : Excessive static electricity/erratic heart rate readings.

Troubleshoot/Repair – Eliminate Static:
1. Stay away from nylon clothing. Wear cotton clothing to reduce static on the body.
2. Use an anti-static spray on clothing and/or around treadmill.
3. Try a different pair of shoes. Some shoes seem to add to static shocks.
4. Use humidifier to increase humidity in the air.
5. Place a rubber mat under the treadmill to reduce the static carried from the carpet. They are typically found at department stores or treadmill specialty stores.

Troubleshoot/Repair – Improper Grounding
There may be an improper grounding of the heart rate receiver. Inspect the heart rate receiver to insure that grounding wire is attached.

Running Belt:

Symptom : My running belt does not move.

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1. Check cables or loose wires.
2. Double check that all connections are secure, especially the console cable. Unplug and reconnect the console cable to verify.
3. Make sure the console cable is not pinched or damaged in any way.
4. Turn the power off, unplug the power cable and wait 60 seconds. Remove the motor cover. Wait until all red LED lights have gone off on the motor control board before proceeding. Next, verify that none of the wires connected to the lower board are loose or disconnected.
5. Check running belt and deck — A worn belt and deck can contribute to premature motor and motor control board failure. Please refer to your owner manual to see when it’s time to change your belt and deck.


Symptom : No console display.

Troubleshoot/Repair: Power Source
1. Verify that the power cord is securely plugged into the wall outlet.
2. Verify that the treadmill switch is turned on. If the red light on the switch is on, refer to no console display below.
3. If red switch light is on refer no console display below. If switch light is not lit, contact Horizon Fitness Tech Support at 1-800-244-4192.

Troubleshoot/Repair: Crimped Power Cable
1. Unplug treadmill from wall outlet. Wait 60 seconds, allowing lower board to discharge built up energy.
2. Check power cord for pinches or crimps.
3. If power cord is pinched or crimped, call Horizon Fitness Tech Support at 1-800-244-4192 for a replacement.

Troubleshoot/Repair: Appropriate Circuit
Verify that the treadmill is on a dedicated 20-amp circuit. CONTACT AN ELECTRICIAN TO VERIFY IF NECESSARY.

Troubleshoot/Repair: Tripped Circuit Breaker
1. Find the power control box for outlet and verify that specified circuit has not been tripped.
2. If the circuit breaker is tripped, reset breaker and try machine again. If breaker trips again, contact Horizon Fitness Tech Support at 1-800-244-4192

Running Belt:

Symptom : Running belt is loose, drifting or slipping.

Refer to your treadmill owner’s manual for instructions on how to adjust the treadmill’s running belt or click here to view the video.


The message “LUBE” or “LUBE BELT” scrolls across the console display window. The treadmill will not operate while the message is displayed.

1. Temporarily suspend the message for five miles by holding the STOP key for five seconds.
2. Click here for video instructions on how to lubricate your machine properly.
3. Reset the console by pressing the STOP and SPEED “+” or “^” for five seconds.

Running Speed:

Symptom : Treadmill will stop and reset or running speed is erratic.

Troubleshoot/Repair – Power Source:
1. Verify that the treadmill is plugged directly into the wall, not into an extension cord, surge protector or power strip.
CORRECTIVE ACTION: If the treadmill is plugged into an extension cord, surge protector, or power strip, plug the machine directly into the wall.
2. Verify that the treadmill is on a dedicated 20-amp circuit. CONTACT AN ELECTRICIAN TO VERIFY IF NECESSARY.
3. Verify circuit is not sharing power with appliances, computers, TV’s, etc.
CORRECTIVE ACTION: The treadmill should be plugged into a 20-amp dedicated circuit by itself. Sharing circuits can cause pre-mature failure on inner components.

Troubleshoot/Repair – Console Wiring
1. Unplug treadmill from wall outlet. Wait 60 seconds, allowing lower board to discharge built up energy.
2. Remove screws that hold the console electronics to the console housing (picture below).

console housing

3. From the top of the console, gently lift the console faceplate and electronics from the console housing.
4. Check that the console cable (picture below – a gray or black cable with a 12 pin connection) is securely attached to the console circuit board.
5. Replace the console faceplate and replace the screws that hold the console electronics to the console housing.
6. Locate the 12 pin, male-female (picture below) connection between the console and mast. Make sure the connection is secure.

12 pin, male-female

7. Remove motor cover (picture below). Verify that there are no lights lit on the lower circuit board.

motor cover

8. Check that the 12-pin console wiring is securely connected to the circuit board.
9. Replace the motor cover.
10. Plug treadmill in and check status.

Bonus Tip: If your problem persists, please get in touch with Horizon Fitness Tech Support, toll-free, at 1-800-244-4192. They are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time.


We hope that we were able to help you troubleshoot your Horizon Fitness Treadmill. If not, have a look at our other blog post on how to fix the most common treadmill problems, or contact us if you need more assistance.

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