How Often Should I Put Lotion on a New Tattoo?

When caring for a new tattoo you will need to add lotion to your tattoo anywhere from 3 – 5 times a day.

After getting your new ink the tattoo artist will generally let you know that your healing period, though it varies per person it will be anywhere from 7-14 days on average and that you will have to closely monitor, constantly clean, and moisturize your new tattoo after removing the wrapping after a couple of hours to 2 days depending on the size of the tattoo and time you got it done.

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We recommend you pay close attention to the post tattoo care instructions your tattoo artist provides for specifics.

Are their specific times I should moisturize my new tattoo?

If your tattoo is being cleaned a minimum of 3 times daily, it really depends on your sleep schedule and daily life. However here are a few scenarios in which you will need to clean and moisturize your tattoo using the different best tattoo removing creams.

After waking up – while you are asleep and comfortable cruising through dreamland your body becomes dehydrated due to sweating and the moisture diffusing out of your body through your skin and as you breathe.

The second /midday cleaning – this should be done after a few hours when you notice that the tattoo is starting to dry out again and only after thoroughly cleaning it so that the moisturizer used earlier that day along with all other unwanted bacteria are removed and not trapped in this open wound beneath a layer of lotion.

Before bed – you should also again clean and remoisturize your tattoo the same way you did during the second cleaning.

As needed – aside from these key times/scenarios you are also encouraged to clean and moisturize as needed. As we all know no two people even among twins are the same in every aspect of their lives, some people sleep and wake earlier than others, some people have hectic days filled with sweating or work in environments that we would not exactly consider to be clean.

As it relates to the latter it is recommended to add a minimum of 2 or 3 extra cleanings since these individuals are at a higher risk of getting infections which would intern ruin their safe tattooing experience and possibly the healed product.

Why Should I Keep My New Tattoo Moisturized

Whether you ask the professionals or individuals with tattoos they will always say “It is extremely important to keep your new tattoo moisturized.”

This is because your skin is currently in the process of healing this open wound, a process that in the absence of adequate moisture can causes; burning, itching, dry scabs that may fall away with ink and finally makes this open wound more susceptible to bacterial infections such as streptococcus and staphylococcus.

The itching mentioned above gives a strong urge to scratch that is nearly impossible to ignore. This along with the deep dry scabbing and excess cracking caused by the dry skin can greatly impact the appearance of the healed tat.

Why Should I Avoid Over-Moisturizing?

As stated earlier it is important to moisturize, however it is just as important to not OVER-MOISTURIZE. There are a couple reasons why you should avoid over-moisturizing such as;

Moisturizing not only rejuvenates dry skin, but it also produces a thin protective layer over the tattoo. this thin layer can be a double-edged sword. Your artist will tell you to clean the area daily with anti-bacterial soap before each moisturizing. Because if the tattooed area is not thoroughly cleaned and properly dried with the paper towel before being moisturized it bacteria may be trapped in this wound increasing the risk of getting an infection.

If too much moisture is added to the tattooed area too frequently the scabs, be they big or small will absorb this excess moisture making the surface of your tattoo gooey and easily pulled or ripped off with the slightest of contacts.

What Moisturizers Should I Uses On My New Tattoo?

You will always be told to keep your tattoo moisturized as it heals but may not necessarily be told what moisturizers or other products to use.

Other than specially made tattoo aftercare moisturizers, Unscented lotions made with primarily natural ingredients should be used!

A few examples of these lotions/ moisturizers include; Aveeno, Eucerin, Lubriderm, Pure Coco Butter, Shea Butter, Aquaphor, Tattoo Goo and Hustle butter as well as many other over the counter moisturizers and tattoo aftercare products most if not all of which are available at most convenient stores or through online retailers.

Fragrant lotions contain various chemicals and considering we are working with an open wound these chemicals may cause intense burning and extreme irritation. So, no matter how pleasant they smell I guarantee that when it comes to your new and healing tattoos, they are far from pleasant.

A few moisturizers that should be avoided are; Aloe Vera Gel and A&D ointment should be avoided. This is because the oil in these products have often extract ink from your new tattoo.

A few others to be wary of while they are many times recommended by tattoo artists, over 30% of the people who use these products. As a result, it not recommended by certified dermatologists and also don’t forget to read the best dragonhawk tattoo machine review recommended by experts.


You should moisturize your new tattoo a minimum of 3 times a day; when you wake up, midday and finally before going to bed, with added cleanings being added. When needed and only after thoroughly cleaning, drying it with non-fuzzy paper towel and only with a specified tattoo aftercare products or unscented moisturizers.

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