How to Make Paratha? [Ultimate Guide]

Introduction: Asian foods are full of flavor and spice, but they can be a little intimidating to make. However, if you want to try your hand at Indian cooking this weekend, we have just the thing for you! A recipe for paratha is a type of flatbread that can be made from whole-wheat flour or refined and delicious spices.

A type of Asian flatbread, paratha is a traditional food that can be enjoyed with just about any meal. If you are looking for something different this weekend to try out in your kitchen, why not give this traditional recipe a shot? If you know how to make paratha?

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Parathas are a common breakfast food throughout Pakistan and India and they are also the main flour is provided below. Enjoy!

What is a Paratha?

A type of flatbread that is popular in Asia especially in India and Pakistan, parathas are a traditional and delicious dish. They are made by baking whole-wheat flour or refined flour with various spices over butter oiled on the top of the dough before cooking. If prepared correctly, parathas can be both flavorful and crispy.

What are the main ingredients needed to make it?

The main ingredients needed to make a Paratha are

  • Whole-wheat flour or refined flour
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Oil/ghee for spreading over the dough before cooking

How long does it take to make?

Parathas can be made in less than half-hour as long you have all the correct ingredients.

What ingredients are needed?

The main ingredient that is needed to make a paratha is flour. Whole-wheat flour or refined flour will both work and it all depends on your preferred taste. To add flavor, various spices such as

What are the major steps involved in making it?

To make paratha, there are two main steps involved.

  1. First, the dough needs to be kneaded until it is elastic and soft. This will require time and effort as if you do not knead the dough long enough, your bread could end up being chewy.
  2. Second, after the dough is ready, simply spread oil on it.

Enjoy your new Pakistan Paratha dish!

Parathas are a delicious and flavorful dish that can be enjoyed with just about any meal. If you give this paratha recipe an attempt, we know that you will love the result! ***

Some Question About Paratha To Ask

Why paratha is bad for health?

Answer: Paratha is very bad for health and paratha takes a lot of time to cook because paratha is made from a combination of water, oil and flour that’s why paratha contains extra calories. Paratha can be risky for diabetes patients. Parathas are not good for your health and parathas contain sugar sometimes due to which parathas are not good for health.

Is paratha healthy?

Answer: paratha is healthy in the case of less oil it contains more whole wheat.

Are aloo parathas good for health?

Aloo paratha is good for health paratha is best for breakfast or lunch parathas are rich in calories, paratha can be risky for diabetes patient paratha can be good for health but paratha should be made from whole wheat flour.

Are parathas good for cholesterol?

Answer: Parathas are not good for cholesterol because they contain reassure. if you make parathas from wheat flour it will be very bad for health because parathas contain extra calories parathas are very oily.

What dishes go well with paratha?

Answer: paratha’s go well with curries like dhall curry, buttermilk.

What are the different types of paratha?

Answer: paratha has different types like tandoori paratha, dhaba paratha, lacha paratha etc.

What are the side effects of eating more than two prathas/rotis per day?

Answer: You will feel bored of eating the same thing every day, no flavor in the food. and it is a heavy meal that can cause gastric problems if you are not used to eat roti daily.

It can cause the following problems

  • It can cause high cholesterol
  • It can cause obesity
  • It can cause constipation

You have to eat paratha in limit or it will cause problems.

What is the difference between a whole wheat and white flour paratha?

Answer: The major difference is that whole wheat flour rotis are healthier than white flour rotis as they contain all the nutrients of the grain which full-wheat does not.

In fact, according to an Indian study published in “The British Journal of Nutrition,” researchers determined that a traditional, homemade bread made with brown rice has more antioxidants than store bought chapattis (whole wheat flatbreads). That’s because heat processing often removes these healthful compounds from grains.

What’s the difference between roti and paratha?

Answer: The main difference between roti and paratha is that a roti is cooked on both sides, while a paratha is cooked on one side only.

What are the calories in aloo (potato) paratha?

Aloo Parathas are made from all purpose flour, oil, curd/yogurt. Most people make it with refined flour some use whole wheat flour but if you want to eat healthy then avoid grilled food because they contain harmful trans fats also avoid too much oil because it contains more calories than other foods

Can you make parathas without ghee?

Answer: You can make parathas without ghee, but you’ll have to perform some magic. But you have to prepare some oil in a pan without heating it and then add the dough just like that. Lay each piece of dough flat on the hot griddle for a moment before flipping them over so they are cooked on one side.

What does the name ‘paratha’ mean?

Answer:- Paratha is a type of Pakistan flatbread that can be made from whole-wheat flour or refined flour and cooked on one side only, with ghee or oil spread over the dough before cooking.

How do I make a good quality paratha?

Answer: – The first and most important is to use good quality flour (Maida). Maida is refined wheat or rice flour. I don’t advise you to make it with Atta because Atta contains 6 times more proteins than Maida and it will be hard for the stomach to digest all this protein.

What is the difference between parotta and paratha?

Paratha is one thing, and a parotta is different. Paratha is something fried in oil, with loads of onions and spices, whereas a parotta is something with layers baked together, usually eaten at breakfast time.

Is paratha better than naan?

Answer:- No it is not because both have a lot of calories. Naan is usually served with mutton curry or chicken but paratha can be had with any type of curry or even as a meal itself. Paratha has lots more calories than naan, so you should eat less in order to lose weight later.

How to store paratha?

Answer:- Once the paratha is fried, it is better to eat immediately. If not have it for breakfast or at daytime snack. However, if you want to store that paratha for the next day’s breakfast, then you need to place it in a freezer pack and refrigerate (not freeze) it can be kept like this for up.

Which is healthier roti or paratha?

Answer:- Paratha is one of the healthiest foods in any cuisine. It contains a lot of carbohydrates, which are used by our body as a source of energy.

What is the difference between chapatti, roti, and paratha?

Answer:- The main difference between roti and paratha is that a roti is cooked on both sides, while a paratha is cooked on one side only. A chapatti consists of only one layer of dough, whereas a paratha has two layers. Chapattis are often eaten with dal (lentils) or curries-they can be made thinner than parathas so they are usually served for breakfast because they take less time to cook. Thicker parathas are more common at dinner time.

What are some cheap recipes for a large crowd?

Answer: The best option for a crowd is to compile a few of the different recipes that you like, combine them all into one buffet table and let everyone serve themselves. This saves time and energy because you can pre-cook your main dishes in bulk and use food warmers or chafing dishes to keep everything nice and hot

What are some easy food ideas that I can bring to a picnic?

Answer: Tacos and sandwiches are both excellent options for picnics because they do not need any utensils but they also do not disintegrate easily if they get soaked from other

Paratha FAQs

What is filled paratha?

Parathas can be stuffed with any savory filling such as paneer, potatoes, onion chutney, etc.
Some people also put veggies like cabbage which adds diversity. There are even desserts that can be stuffed into tacos which you can try out at home by following the recipe.

Is paratha better than rice?

It is true that paratha has more nutritional value than rice because wheat contains protein, vitamins and minerals but depending upon the way in which it is prepared each of these can be retained.
Rice doesn’t give you any carbohydrates or fiber like paratha does!  Paratha stays for a longer time compared to rice and

What are the ideal spices to add to paratha?

For making paratha, mint leaves, green chilies and fresh lime juice are what you need to have along with the spices that you use. If you want to add more spice in your dish then add ginger powder along with these three ingredients. You can also get a tangy taste by adding some fresh lemon juice into it.  

Is there any difference between stuffed paratha and aloo paratha?

Answer: An aloo paratha contains a stuffing of mashed potatoes while a paneer paratha contains paneer.
Aloo is the Hindi word for potato, so an aloo paratha is just called a stuffed paratha if it does not contain potatoes. A delicious veg option too.


Now you know how to make paratha! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help and happy for your feedback in the comments section below.

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