Incredibly Annoying Things That Most Neighbors Do [Top 6]

Annoying Things That Most Neighbors Do? No matter you live in an apartment, condominium, or a traditional house, you are bound to have a neighbor or two that you just cannot stand. Just as having a great neighbor can make your life better and things a little easier, in the same way, a neighbor who is intrusive, and loud can make your life a living hell.

We know that nobody is perfect in this world and we need to be a little patient with others and communicate what we really think about their actions. That is why what we can do instead is to become good neighbors ourselves and let the universe take care of the rest.

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The Most Incredibly Annoying Things That Most Neighbors Do [TOP 6]

Following are some of the most annoying habits of next-door neighbors that drive people really crazy.

1. Frequent Loud Fighting

This is probably the most reported complaint about neighbors. You just cannot help but listen to the loud noises and cursing that comes from the wall next door and you do not want to seem like a jerk either by telling them to turn it down a notch.

This annoying habit of your neighbors can really affect your peace of mind and consequently the quality of your life in your own house.

2. Parking In Your Space

Parking in someone else’s space is considered really inconsiderate and when someone violates this boundary it tends to feel really crappy. Nothing can be more inconvenient than neighbors parking in front of your house without telling you in advance.  

Occasionally when your neighbor has some guests over, they will ask them to park in your space without even asking you for permission first. This is another way neighbors tend to make each other cranky and the fights ensue.

3. Not Taking Out the Trash Properly

This is also among the worst things that a neighbor can do. Taking your trash out and putting it near or inside someone else’s house is inexcusable. Another thing that might fall in this category is when your neighbor has a pet and it does its business inside your house or a shared space in your community and they refuse to clean it up.

This can really push people to their limits since nobody wants to be the one to clean someone else’s garbage except when the other person is physically incapable of doing that by him or herself.

4. Leaving Notes Instead of Communicating

Everyone hates neighbors who clearly have a problem with you but they are not mature enough to talk it out and they prefer leaving notes over face-to-face communication.

This really shows how passive-aggressive and toxic they are. It is not possible to reach a settlement unless both parties communicate their point of view clearly and leaving notes can never help you find the solutions that you are looking for.

5. Violating Your Privacy

It is not a bad thing to have your neighbors over for a little chat or a drink. In fact, it shows that you value their company and like them as your neighbor.

What makes things awkward, however, is when your neighbor refuses to leave your house even after you have given them plenty of signals that it is time to go.

A neighbor that is constantly in your business and gives unsolicited advice about your house maintenance and other general stuff can really make you crazy and frustrated.

6. Constantly Receiving Their Parcels

This can also be a pain in your ass at times. You are just sitting and chilling in your house when someone rings your bell and upon investigating you find out that it is a parcel for your next-door neighbors and you have no choice but to take it and deliver it to them upon their arrival.

This adds unnecessary anxiety to your day and wastes so much of your time and energy.

Final Words

So, these are some of the most annoying things that neighbors do and that you hate most about them. You can communicate these with them in a polite way and see if they can come around and change their ways a little.

If they still don’t and things are becoming unbearable, then you can contact the respective authorities and subdue them with their help.

And finally, if you think you are indulging in any one or more of these actions, we suggest you apologize to your neighbors and try to be better so that both you and your neighbors could enjoy a better time together.      

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