10 Best Skin Lightening Cream Reviews 2022 (Top Picks)

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You must be quite careful when it comes to skincare because it is a sensitive part of your body. And especially now when the harmful environmental elements are much stronger than ever, you need to make special arrangements to protect your skin from unhealthy environmental effects and today we discussed 10 the best skin lightening creams to avoid these environmental effects. 

Skincare issues like dark Spots, hyperpigmentation, or simple an uneven skin tone are quite common these days. Although there is an aging factor to it, still there are things that you can do to take better care of your skin against these skincare issues.

You want to reduce the appearance of dark spots and blemishes, but you don’t know which cream is best.

There are hundreds of different skin lightening creams available online. You can’t possibly try them all!

Read our 10 Best Skin Lightening Cream Reviews to find the cream that works for you!

What is Skin Lightening?

Skin lightening is a treatment routine meant to treat issues like Dark Skin, even skin tone, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, reducing scars, slowing down rapid aging and most importantly, making your skin look Lighter, Fresher and Younger.

What is the Cheap Skin Lightening Cream in 2022?

This Skin lightening creams are your best bet for a Non-Medicated solution to your general skincare issues. You don’t have to look for surgeries to get a lightened Skin, these skin lightening creams would take care of everything for you.

3 Best Skin Lightening Cream Reviews [DEALs]

Keeping that in mind, we have gathered together a list of our Top 10 Best Skin Lightening Products that you can use to achieve lighter skin in no time. These skin-lightening creams are well-tested and have great user reviews on Amazon.

10 Best Creams For Skin Lightening 2022

So, here is our recommendation for the Top 10 Skin Lightening Creams in 2022.

1. Dermalogica Pure Bright TRX C-12 Serum (Best Skin Lightening Serum)

Overview: If you don’t have a great formula as you find in most skin-lightening creams to treat your dark skin spots, then Dermalogica PowerBright Serum is the best solution for you. Dermalogica Pure Bright has no fragrance and easily be applied to the skin. You won’t even feel it on your skin.

Dermalogica Pure Powerbright TRX C 12 Serum

Dermalogica Pure Bright Cream contains C-12 which is used to treat large dark skin spots. Although you do need to make it a permanent part of your skincare routine regime. It’d take a little longer than about two weeks for it to have a total effect.

Dermalogica Pure Bright TRX C-12 Serum Review

Dermalogica Pure serum can also be used for exfoliation. It contains algae, Oligopeptides, and Zinc Glycinate that are the best cure for hyperpigmentation. Also, there is very little concentration of raw harmful chemicals hydroquinone which means it has very little side effects.

Considering its basic features and other benefits, we’d say it would be a pretty decent solution to your skin lightning problems. Especially the price that it comes in, you won’t find a similar product with the same benefits under this price tag.  

2. L’Oreal Skin Perfect Cream (Skin Lightening Cream For Indian Skin)

Overview: L’Oreal Paris Skin perfect is a Multi-Action Skin Lightning product that comes with great skincare benefits. This cream claims to give tangible results in less than four weeks which seems pretty reasonable. It comes in a classy packaging and that is just the start.

L’Oreal Skin Perfect Cream

L’Oreal Skin Perfect Cream Review

This Skin Whitening Cream is made with the latest 3X Vitamin formula. This is just a fancy term which means that this cream contains 3 Vitamins, C, E and B# which are all great skin whitening agents. It doesn’t matter if it is about achieving glowing skin or getting rid of blemishes and dark spots, this cream can take care of all of that for you. With its unique fast performing formula, you can expect quick results in less time.

To briefly review, this cream is a great choice for you if you want a simple solution to your skin hyperpigmentation problem. This has everything you’d need to get a lighter and brighter skin tone. We assure you that if you buy this best skin whitening cream, you’d be making a good choice.

3. Ponds White Beauty Fairness (Best Lightening Cream For Dark Skin)

Overview: Great for Removing Dark Spots, Ponds white beauty is what you need if you are looking for a glowing and clear complexion. This cream is specifically designed to give you a spot-free skin that makes you stand out in a crowd.

Pond’s Flawless White Skin Lightening Cream

Ponds White Beauty Fairness Cream Review

This cream contains vitamins B3 and a unique Anti-Spot Formula that work together to give a clear skin. Not just that, this cream also protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays. Also, it is a great moisturizing agent so if you are looking for a simple solution to all your skin related problems then this is the product for you.

Overall, it would be a great choice for you if you are looking for a skin whitening cream that can also take care of the Hyperpigmentation as well as The Dark Spots issue. You’d make a decent choice if you buy this product. Ponds White Beauty is your best bet for a radiant and spot-free skin.

4. Porcelain Skin Whitening Hydroquinone Serum (Best Skin Lightener Serum)

Overview: Porcelain Skin Whitening Serum is best suited for people who have over sensitive skin. It is a perfect solution for ladies looking for an oil-free and Non-Greasy Solution to their hyperpigmentation problem. Aside from that, this serum is also suited for reducing dark spots and other basic skincare issues.

Porcelain Skin Whitening Hydroquinone Serum

Porcelain Skin Whitening Hydroquinone Serum Review

It contains about 2% Hydroquinone which means it has little or no side effects. This is one of those skin lightning solutions that are verified and have great user reviews. Although it might take a little bit longer to have a full effect but still, you can expect long-term results from it in less than 6 weeks. Also, there are uncomfortable, artificial fragrances or other harmful chemicals like paraben.

To briefly review, it is a pretty decent serum that has great skin lightening as well as anti-aging effects. It contains Kojic Acid and glycolic acid as its main ingredients. It also has a small concentration of licorice root that makes your skin look young and fresh. We’d say it’d be a good addition to your skincare routine. It’s a good best tattoo removing cream alternative but consult with your doctor before you try it out.

5. La Roche Posay Melad Pigment Control (Best Skin Lightening Serum 2022)

Overview: This award-winning Pigmentclar serum would be an interesting addition to your skincare routine. It is a serum, not a cream but with the same anti-hyperpigmentation effects. No matter how tough the dark spots on your skin are, it can take them right off in no time.

La Roche Posay Melad Pigment Control Cream

It is a multifunctional product. Means you can use it for exfoliation as well.

La Roche Posay Melad Pigment Control Review

This serum is easy on the skin and have little to no side effects. It comes with Lipo-Hydraulic Acid, ferulic Acid and some other anti-hyperpigmentation compounds that work together to fight off dark spots.

Of all the products being released by La Roche Psay, this one has the best user reviews. It has been tested by skin specialists and recommended by many dermatologists. This cream gets rid of dark spots and gives you a natural skin tone. There are hardly any other skin whitening creams that work this well.

It’d be a fine addition to your skin Skincare products. It is recommended and has great user reviews so you’d be making a fine choice if you decide on buying this product.   

6. Whitening Lab Skin Lightening/Anti-Aging Cream (Cheapest Skin Lightening Cream 2022)

Overview: Whitening lab, as the name suggests is solely meant for skin lightning use. It has been in the market for a long time now and the reason for it making in our list is simple, it is just that good. It has great user reviews on Amazon and is probably the best quality skin lightening cream that you can get within this price range.

Whitening Lab Skin Lightening Anti Aging Cream

Whitening Lab Skin Lightening/Anti-Aging Cream Review

It contains natural ingredients including Green Tea extracts as well as and Vitamin C that is great for evening out uneven skin tone. It is a pure organic formula with little or no side effects. Other ingredients include Aloe Vera, jojoba oil and safflower oil. If you are looking for an organic solution for a Glowing Skin tone then this is the product for you.

It comes in great packaging and the price is affordable. It also claims quick results but after thorough research, we believe that it varies from certain skin to skin types. Overall, it is a great solution to your hyperpigmentation problem. It also has great anti-aging effects who you’d be having a pretty fair deal if you plan on buying this skin lightening cream.

7. Eucerin Anti-Pigment (Best Skin Lightener)

Overview: This product is perfect for highly sensitive skins. It has a unique formula that doesn’t include any bleaching agent like skin bleaching creams. Eucerin Anti-Pigment Skin Lightning cream is easy on the skin and gives a great feel.

Eucerin Anti Pigment Skin Lightening Cream

This product is the best all in one skincare solution to your skin related problems. Whether it is dark spots that you are worried about or premature skin aging, this cream has all the ingredients that can take care of all of that for you.

Eucerin Anti-Pigment Review

It also has UV filters that protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun. This skin whitening cream promises SPF30 protection and the users have also found it to be a great skin moisturizer.

This cream has B-Resorcinol as the main anti-hyperpigmentation agent. It also contains compounds that have reasonable Skincare implementation and feel great when applied on the skin. It’d be a great choice for people having a highly sensitive skin who are looking for a solution to their skin dark spots problem. 

8. Biotique Bio Dandelion Skin Lightening Serum (Skin Lightening Serum)

Overview: Biotique Bio Dandelion Serum is the best choice if you are looking for a natural solution to your skin lightning problem. It contains entirely natural ingredients which may take long to have a total effect but the results would be long-lasting.

Biotique Bio Dandelion Skin Lightening Serum

Biotique Bio Dandelion Skin Lightening Serum Review

It has no preservatives or chemical additives to its shelf life is longer than other skin lightening serums. It contains ingredients like Bihidana, Jaiphal, Badam, Himalayan water and some other pretty effective natural ingredients that can make the process go much easier than with any other skin lightening serum. Besides its features, it is still probably one of the most affordable solutions to your skin lightning problem. It evens skin tone and restores its natural beauty.

Skin specialists recommend this serum because of its greater concentration of natural ingredients. And as mentioned before, it might take longer than other skincare treatments but once you have made it a part of your skincare routine then you’d astounded at the results.   

9. Eve Lom (Top Rated Skin Lightening Cream)

Overview: Eve Lom Skin Brightening Cream is your one solution to Dark spots and Skin Lightening. It helps even the skin tone and also moisturizes it so it stays fresh throughout the day. It is a great skin brightening solution that comes with the least amount of side effects.

Eve Lom Skin Lightening Cream

Eve Lom Skin Brightening Cream Review

It contains a reasonable concentration of Dermapep that reduces pigments and dark spots. Most skin brightening creams come with Kojic and Arbutin to fight off pigmentation. Dermapep is a fairly new addition to skincare product ingredients and is proven to be much more powerful than connectional ingredients. It also contains Sodium Hyaluronate and allantoin that help rejuvenate your skin and make it look much younger and fresher.

Overall, it is a great skin lightening product with amazing anti-aging as well as skin lightening effects. There are no many products that you can get within the same price range that offer such a level of features.   

10. Revitol Skin Brightener ( Skin Lightening Cream For Indian Skin)

Overview: If you are looking for an all in one solution for things like uneven skin tone, dark spots, wrinkles and Skin Lightning then this product would be the best for you. Revitol Skin Lightening cream is made by the company with the same name which is quite famous in the skin cosmetics industry.

Revitol Skin Brightener cream

Revitol Skin Brightener Review

It is made with natural herbal extracts so you can expect pretty decent long term effects from it. It also has Allanation that is a great moisturizing agent. This cream has lumiskin as its main ingredient which is known for its great Anti-Oxidant properties and is also the ingredient having great Skin Lightning effects. It also has some pretty amazing ingredients like shea Butter. We’d say it really is a full package when it comes to treating basic skin lightning problems.

It comes in great packaging that is easily portable. The skin lightening formula is tested and verified also recommended by many dermatologists. So, you’d be making a pretty decent choice if you plan on buying this Skin Lightening cream.  

Best Skin Lightening Cream (FAQs)

What is the Top Skin Lightening Cream in 2022?

There is no correct answer to this question. Each Skin Lightening Cream has its advantages and drawbacks. It is pretty hard to make a decision which in fact, mainly depends on your preference.

Still, if you are looking for a suggestion then I’d suggest going for Eve Lom or Revitol as these two products have the most promising user reviews on Amazon So far.

Are Skin Lightening Creams Safe to use?

Like any other commercially manufactured skincare product, Skin Lightening Creams might also have specific side effects. But creams having a greater concentration of natural ingredients have little to no side effects. So you need to look out for such skin-lightening creams.

The products mentioned on our list are all well-tested and have great reviews on Amazon. So, you can try these out if safety is your primary concern.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition in which specific areas of your skin appear much darker than others. Dark spots on the skin are referred to as Hyperpigmentation.

What is the Solution to Hyperpigmentation?

Skin Lightening Creams are the best Non-Medicated Solution to Hyperpigmentation.
When used regularly, these creams act as a protective shield around your skin that protects it from harmful environmental effects. These creams reduce dark spots and even scars and help you achieve a lighter skin tone in no time


Finding the best skin-lightening cream reviews that works can be quite hard. Especially when you have so many options to choose from.

If you are still finding it hard to decide, then we suggest going through our list and the buyer’s guide. This should help narrow down your choices.

For more relevant skin care product reviews, stay tuned with stans tips.

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