Choosing the Best Defibrillator: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Do you know how to choose the best defibrillator? In 2018, 17,500 Australians died due to coronary heart disease. Out of the decedents, 7,300 suffered a heart attack. Death is not always predictable and is not inevitable, but in some cases, with the right knowledge and equipment, it can be prevented. 

An AED or automated external defibrillator is an excellent piece of first aid equipment for any workplace, home, or community organization. It has emerged as an essential part of the Chain of Survival as it has proven to significantly increase survival rates by helping individuals having a sudden cardiac arrest. 

However, with so many AED options available, like Defibs Direct in  Australia, it has become challenging to compare and pick the right one. If planning to buy a defibrillator, consider these factors: 

Choosing the Best Defibrillator

1. Consider the Brand 

It’s imperative to know that defibrillators are not cheap, so it’s essential to buy the best one for the first time. 

You must stick to brands that are well-recognised and popular in the market. A reputed brand ensures after-sales warranty and support, gives confidence in their build quality and construction and provides a constant supply of consumables. 

If you miss considering this factor and choose any no-name branded AED provider, the chances are that they may soon go out of business. And when they do, you won’t be able to source your AED consumables like batteries anymore. Thus, you’ll end up having an obsolete AED. 

2. Convenience In Use

The ease or convenience of using the AED unit is a crucial factor of consideration. Although every AED model is similar, they come with small differences, specifically when it comes to their ease of operation. 

These small or negligible differences can significantly impact how easily the user can operate the defibrillator model. If there’s an emergency, you’ll need your defibrillator to be quick and easy to operate. 

You must consider the AED’s front layout and check whether it’s logical or not. Also, check and compare the colour, location, size of the shock, and on/off buttons. You must ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Are the buttons back-lit to enable seamless low-light operation?
  • Do I have to attach pads right before use, or are they pre-connected?
  • Is there any easy-to-follow diagram on the unit’s front? 
  • Are there any visual and verbal prompts and guidance offered by the unit? If so, what are they?
  • How convenient is it to activate the pediatric mode?  

Once you are satisfied with the answers to these questions, you can move on to the next consideration. 

3. Availability of Training Options

Whether you’ll get access to training for your specific unit or not is a crucial consideration to be made while buying a defibrillator. It’s all good when you purchase an AED for your workplace, but it’s equally essential for your staff to be well-trained to use the specific defibrillator. 

As mentioned above, every AED model comes with unique features that affect its use. The best way for individuals to become well-acquainted is via AED training with an AED trainer unit. 

4. Consumables 

You must consider the consumables while purchasing an AED. There are two primary consumables for an AED: pads and batteries. The difference in the price of batteries and pads can impact the operating costs of a Defibs Direct in Australia. 

The shelf-life of the pads and batteries is directly linked to their price, which varies from unit to unit. 

5. Inclusions 

The level of inclusions is something you must consider while buying an AED. You must check the items included in the different AED packages. A few brands sell AEDs with minimal items, so you may have to purchase additional accessories. 

It’s best to go with the retailer that offers these accessories in a comprehensive package. 

So, with these five crucial factors, you can easily choose the best model defibrillator for your workplace or home. So, get one for your needs today! 

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