Do I Really Need A Tooth Filling? 5 Signs

Do I Really Need A Tooth Filling? A tooth filling is the type of dental treatment that involves removing the decayed part of your teeth, cleaning it with water, and then using some filling such as silver, gold, or porcelain into the cavity to restore the tooth. All these things are done while keeping your tooth numb under aesthetic to keep the process painless.

You might need tooth filling for a number of reasons and that is what this article is about. If you are not sure whether you should get your tooth filled or not then read through the following section to find out the answer.

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Do I Really Need A Tooth Filling? 5 Signs To Watch

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why you need to get your teeth filled.

1. Toothache

This is the most obvious sign you should consider getting your tooth filled. More often than not toothaches are caused by cavities that need to be filled as soon as possible.

A feeling of cold and hot sensation while eating is also an indicator of potential cavities that need filling treatment. Apart from that, if you find chewing, painful and excruciating this is another sign you need your teeth fille.

2. Crazed-Lines

These vertical lines appear on the top of your teeth and cause your teeth’ colour to darken. This condition is caused by excessive pressure on your teeth and though it doesn’t feel that painful, it can make your teeth look bad and weaken their structure.

If you notice these lines at the front of your teeth then visit your dentists at once to get them fixed before it speeds up the decaying process of your teeth.

3. Flossing String Wear & Tear

Cavities tend to tear the flossing string and you need to pay attention to the flossing string while cleaning your teeth. If you notice the string is struggling to come out and when it does it is all messed up, it is an indication that that part of your teeth needs to be filled.

Paying attention to this simple aspect can save you from serious future dental conditions.

4. Food Stays Stuck

Do you always end up hurting your teeth with a toothpick any time you eat something? Another main indication that you need to get your teeth filled is that food especially meat sticks inside your teeth every time.

The food sticks inside the teeth cavities and you feel frustrated because you cannot pinpoint exactly where that cavity is and you end up hurting other teeth as well by using toothpicks excessively.

This can be avoided if you notice this sign early and report it to your dentist and get your tooth cavities filled.

5. Fractured Tooth

Have you recently been in an accident which caused one or more of your teeth to break down? If you know that for sure and you feel pain every time you eat or drink, contact your dentist at once.

Ignoring getting your fractured teeth fixed can lead to your teeth root getting damaged as well and you might have to go through the long and frustrating process of the dental implant.

A Bonus Point: Visible Dark Spots on Your Teeth

Notice if there are any brown or blackish spots on your teeth. They usually appear before cavities are formed on your teeth and if you notice these spots early, you can prevent cavities from forming with little filling treatment.

These spots are accompanied by bad breath, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, and pains in your teeth. If you notice these symptoms then you surely need to see your dentist and get it fixed soon.

Final Words

So, if you notice one or more of the above signs in your teeth, we urge you to visit dentists In Chattanooga or at your nearby clinic. If you choose to ignore these symptoms, it can escalate the decaying process of your tooth.

Tartar and plaque can build up in the cavities which weakens the teeth and once that is done, even a little stress on your teeth can cause fracture or disintegration.

We sincerely hope you pay attention to these alarming signs and make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to get the right treatment before it’s too late.

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