5 Health Risks Of Eating Too Much Sour Patch Kid

Health Risks Of Eating Too Much Sour Overview: Sour Patch Kid is one of the sweetest and most flavorful gummy bear treats out there. This candy is most popular among kids but they are not the only ones that love this sugar-coated delicious sweet.

However, the excess of sour patch kid can have plenty of adverse effects on a person’s health and these will be the main focus of this article. The main ingredients of these candies are sugar, inverted sugar, citric acid, corn starch, and artificial flavors. This makes the sour patch candies so energy-dense and that can lead to various medical complications.

Following are some of the major health risks of consuming sour patch kids recklessly

Bad Teeth and Over Oral Health

The artificial colors that are used to make sour patch candies look pleasant, destroy the enamel of your teeth. If you consume these in excess your teeth grow weaker and weaker until they start to fall.

Citric acid also affects your tongue and can produce infections. The sweet and sour candies have low pH levels which are quite destructive for your gums. Regular consumption does not give your teeth the time to heal and that overtime can do permanent damage to your oral health.

Weight Gain

Sour Patch candies are calorie dense. A single serving of these contains about 150 calories and if you keep eating these without stopping, you will soon have to face weight gain issues.

More weight leads to further issues like cardiovascular complications, and back problems. So, eat sour patch kids in moderation for your better physical health.

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Increased Heart Health Risks

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death in most nations of the world. And sour patch kid ingredients increase the chances of that happening to you.

High sugar consumption leads to obesity, high triglyceride, and irregular blood pressure levels. All of these symptoms can lead directly to heart problems. The amount of added sugar you consume can affect your risks of developing heart diseases greatly and that is why you need to keep your consumption of sour patch kids to a minimum.

Increases Cellular Aging Process

Sugar-rich candies like sour patch kids drain vitality from your body. Sugar can affect telomeres that surround the chromosomes and stop them from deteriorating.

Weaker telomeres cause your cells to age faster and you feel weak both physically and mentally as a result. Thus, eating candies that contain a high amount of sugar can make you prone to premature cell aging. This also affects your immunity ad general physical health.

By eating such candies on a consistent basis, your body becomes prone to conditions like increased heart rates, type two diabetes, and stomach-related issues.

Loss of Energy

The thing about sugar-coated candies is that they give you a temporary boost of energy, but that phase is over in a matter of minutes and then you start to feel a little bit lazy and exhausted.

Your sugar levels start dropping soon after the candy wears out and this irregularity takes a toll on your entire body. Thus, eating sour patch kids and other similar sugar-filled candies makes you less active both physically and mentally.

This especially affects children who are quite young and who cannot digest this higher cocreation of sugar at this tender age.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the major health risks associated with sour patch kids that you need to know. These candies are only good for you if you consume them in small amounts. After having one serving, it is better to brush your teeth thoroughly so that acids and other artificial components of the candy don’t stay stick to your teeth and trigger decay.

All these health risks of sour patch kids are totally real and they are backed by science and extensive research. We hope this article has helped you realize the gruesome effects of eating sweet and sour candies. We urge you to only go for such products that have more natural ingredients and lower sugar levels to avoid facing any major health risks.           

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