Mountain Biking Jersey: 6 Things To Consider When Buying [A Review]

Mountain Biking (MB) is truly a daring sport, and it requires a great deal of practice and preparation before one gets into this tough hobby. You need to be physically strong, and your bike must be in a good shape if you want to do well.

Another important thing that you can do to make things a little comfortable and smooth is to own a Custom MTB Jersey Australia. These apparels are made keeping in mind the movements a person makes while biking and gives you much needed flexibility.

There are various manufacturers out there who claim to produce high-quality and durable MTB jerseys but don’t fall for any of them. Following are some of the main things you should consider while choosing a service for ordering custom-made Mountain Biking jerseys.

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1. Fabric Quality and Durability

There are a few things you can notice which indicate whether a certain piece of clothing is of good fabric quality or not. Pay attention to the fabric colour to see if is uniform or not. Try to stretch your MTB jersey to measure flexibility.

Another thing to look out for is the chamois pad. If you find that the pad is soft and flexible, this jersey might be the one for you. Never try to choose a certain clothing material from just looking at the picture, instead, ask if the company can show you some sample of the jersey in that material to get a better idea.

2. Jersey’s Art Design

You can either come up with your own design or you can ask the manufacturers if they can provide this service to you. If you already know what you want your jersey to look like make sure to prepare the design as carefully as possible and always aim for high-resolution art files to give to the company you have picked.

The low-quality file will result in blurry print on your jersey which is just not worth it.

3. Turnaround Timing

Always ask this question to the jersey company that in how much time they can prepare the whole thing? If your order is pretty big, you might want to visit three or more companies to compare which one can give you the lowest turnaround time.

Asking this question allows you to know exactly when you will get your order and it also motivates the manufacturer to complete the order in the given time if they want more business from you.

4. Minimum Order Size

This is another useful thing to consider when ordering custom-made MTB jerseys. If you like a certain custom jersey maker but their minimum order size is not under your price range, you can soon start looking for someone else before sealing the deal.

There are some companies out there that do not have any minimum order requirements and you can find these easily if you looked the right way.

5. Experience and Variety

Make sure the company you are about to choose to have enough experience in the business. The longer a company has been in business, the better they will be able to answer your queries and deal with your concerns.

Also ask if they can provide other accessories like gloves, jackets, cycling pants, etc with some discount and you can try to incorporate these in the deal to save some money.

6. Shirt Sizes for Each Person

If you are ordering custom-made MTB jerseys for an upcoming event or some club, make sure to ask each member about their sizes. Know things like chest, waist, and hips, etc measurements and give all this information to the manufacturer at the time of confirming the order.

Each person varies in physique and size, and it does not make sense to ask the company to make a certain number of small, medium, and large shirts which might not even fit some people.

Final Words

Follow the above guidelines while ordering custom MTB jerseys and we assure you the results will meet your expectations. Approaching this important task randomly can result in shirts that both look bad and feel uncomfortable upon wearing and not to mention the time and money that you will be wasting.

We hope this article has made the process of ordering custom-made jerseys a bit easier for you and we wish you the very best in your upcoming mountain bike events and competitions.     

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