How to Boil Water When Camping? [4 Different Hacks]

There are many reasons why you’d need to boil water when camping. If it is cold outside, then hot water can help you make delicious morning coffee. Also, boiled water is essential for making different kinds of meals when camping. Do you know? How to Boil Water When Camping?

Another use of boiling water is for making it safe to drink. You can boil the water to easily filter out impurities from it. This will make the water that you have found in the wilderness much safer to drink for you and your family.

When it comes to boiling water when camping, there are many eco-friendly ways you can go about it.

In this article, we are going to share with you the best ways to heat up water when camping.

Let’s get straight to it

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Hack #1. Boil Water with a Portable Stove

  • Portable Stoves are an essential camping item that you need to get no matter what. These stoves don’t weigh a lot and they are safe to use. Camping Stove products don’t cost much.
  • You can buy a portable stove and light it up using a cigarette lighter.
  • You can use these portable stoves for boiling water and for making meals when camping. These stoves are great and reliable, just like solar water heating bags and bucket heaters.
  • You can boil a cup of water or make cups of coffee using a portable stove. 

Hack #2. Start a Campfire

  • If you are planning in starting a campfire, you can use that to boil the water. This method requires a little more effort but gives you hot water fast.
  • You need a stainless steel bucket for that. You need to put the water inside the bucket and then place it near the campfire.
  • You need to get a stainless steel guard for the bucket that you are placing near the campfire. It will protect the bucket from getting damaged by heat.
  • You can use a ghillie kettle as well if you have that at your disposal. This method is not recommended for car camping. So, when you want to bring your water to the boiling point, a real campfire can go a long way for you. 

Hack #3. Use a Bucket Heater

  • You can use bucket heaters to bring your water to a rolling boil. If you want to heat an of water for showering or doing the dishes, using a bucket heater would be an ideal choice that.
  • Bucket heaters don’t need a fuel canister to work. You need to plug them into a power outlet. If you have purchased a portable heater, you can use that as the power source. If you are wondering how to boil water in a tent when camping, then we recommend this method for you.
  • Once the water heats up, you can collect the water boiled into a different bucket if you want to. This method works for boiling water for a small pot as well as for boiling a large amount of water. It doesn’t require you to use open fire so using a bucket heater is a lot safer as well.

Hack #4. Get Solar Water Heating Bags

  • You can also get solar water heating bags if you want to boil water in a safe and reliable way. You need to get durable and effective bags that let you easily boil water with the heat of the sun.
  • This method is recommended for boiling small amounts of water for personal use. The efficiency of solar water heating bags is affected by external conditions. So, unless you are sure that there is going to be a lot of sunlight outside, you should not go for these bags.
  • But if you are planning on camping in a space where there is a lot of heat, you can get these solar water heating bags.

Final Words

Camping is fun, there is no doubt about it. But you can’t get into it half prepared. You need to make sure that you know how to boil water when camping, without hassle. There are a lot of methods that you can use to heat the water during your camping trip. We have talked about the best methods here in this article.

So, make sure to follow the above-mentioned ways to boil water quickly when camping.

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