Is Coleman Tent Good Quality? [DEALs Inside]

Is Coleman Tent Good Quality? The tent has a solid structure thanks to the fiberglass poles that come with the tent. The tent also comes with a rainfly and a set of stakes. The stakes are the standard thin metal stakes, and I have read a few reviews who complained that they are too thin and bend. You can buy other, more solid types of stakes.

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Is Coleman Tent Good Quality? Why Coleman Montana tent?

The tent has excellent ventilation thanks to the vented cool airport and the privacy vent window. The top of the extensions on the two sides of the dome of the tent are made of mesh, which not only allows you to look at the stars when you take off the rainfly from the tent, but it also provides excellent ventilation.

Does Coleman Montana contains rainfly function?

Yes! Coleman Montana 8 contains the rainfly feature. The rainfly covers the top of the tent, and it reaches over the door and the windows of the tent. This protects against the rain that might fall straight down from the sky, but thanks to the high quality material of the tent, you won’t have problems with side rain either.

Is it waterproof?

Just to be on the safe side, it might be a good idea to apply a bottle of Nikwax to the inner wall of the tent. The floor is thick and waterproof and has a great bathtub design. Just to be on the safe side you can lay down a tarp on the floor before you set up the tent.

The tent is not hard to set up, however, there are no instructions included on how to set it up, which is a bit of a problem. If you have never set up a tent of this size, you might lack the experience needed to set it up quickly. I advise you to set up the tent at least once before you take it into the wild.

The tent has no gear loft, which is a minor design flaw. A gear loft allows you to store a few items over your head in the tent when you sleep. You can store these next to your mattress as well, so it is not a big flaw by any means. The tent can fit in two queen-sized mattresses.

Coleman Montana Tent Pros 

The Coleman Montana is an eight-person waterproof tent designed for families.  It has a modified dome structure. The modified dome structure means that the tent has an extension on each side.

The rainfly reaches over the edge of the tent on each end, forming a covered porch over the door. The porch is big enough for two people to sit under it with their chairs and have a nice chat. The Coleman Montana comes with an electrical access port that allows you to recharge your devices. The tent also has excellent ventilation thanks to the cool airport and the privacy vent window.

Coleman Montana Tent Cons

The best family tents all have multiple rooms, or at least they have a plastic wall that can be installed so that you can make multiple rooms out of the tent. These rooms will allow the children and the parents to have separate bedrooms, and enjoy a bit of privacy.

The Coleman Montana has none of these, it is a single room tent. The rent, unfortunately, has no gear loft, which is not a major problem, I would rather call it an inconvenience.


The Coleman Montana Eight Person Tent is a well designed family tent, that has plenty of great features, like the vent windows, the cool airport and I love the porch that allows you to sit under it and enjoy the company of your loved ones safe from the weather.

The electric access port can also come in handy. The waterproofing of the tent is very good, you won’t have problems with leaking water if you put the rainfly on.

The Coleman Montana would be perfect if it had removable plastic walls that would allow you to divide the inside of the tent into multiple rooms. Even without those, the Coleman Montana is a solid, good family tent. I Hope, you got your answer to the “Is Coleman Tent Good Quality?” question. If you have any further questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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